Russian translations

"Artifice of Absorption", tr. into Russian by Patrick Henry, Alexei Parshchikov and Mark Shatunovsky,  in Contemporary Poetry (Sovremennaia Poeziia); issue 2 (1 June 2007) and issue 3 (1 September 2007): intropart onepart two

Russian translation by Ian Probstein (2010-2014):
Netslova 15 August 2013 [Net Word Art]: “The Measure,” “In Place of a Preface a Preface,” “Sunset Sail,” “In a Restless World Like This Is,” “Broken English,” “Lost in Drowned Bliss,” “The Honor of Virtue,” “Unready, Unwilling, Unable”
Oblaka (Clouds) (Talin, Estonia) with note by Ian Probstein
SET ONE: From The Sophist (1987): Why I Am Not a Christian; from With Strings (2001) Total Valor, From Talk Alone You Don’t Get a Poem, The Manufacture of Negative Experience, The Smell of Cheap Cigars, It’s Always Fair Measure, My God Has an Attitude Problem, In Particular
SET TWO: From Girly Man (2005): The Ballad of the Giry Man, Further Color Notes, Questionnaire, Bridges Freeze Before Roads, Fantasy on Nightmare on Elm Street, "And if then...", Likeness, Slap Me Five Cleo Mark’s History.
SET THREE: "All the Whiskey in Heaven" and from Recalculating (2013): Loneliness in Linden, Recalculating
Russian Gulliver: "Sign Under Test" intro essay early version, "Beyond the Valley of the Sophist," "The Impunity of Garden Flowers," and "Ruminative Ablution"
The Journal of POets [Zhurnal POetov]: "Strike!" in #6 (38) & "Chimera" and "Whose Language" in # 9 (41)
Okno [Window]: "Thank You for Saying Thank you," "Poem," "Verdi and Postmodernism," "Human Abstract" in #10 (November 13)
Innostrannya Literatura [Foreign Literature]: "War Stories," in #6 (June)
New Literary Observer (Novie Literaturnoie Obozreniye) 110 (April): – "Introductory essay by Probstein,"Introjective Verse," 11 poems: "The Kiwi Bird in the Kiwi Tree," "How to Disappear," "Gertrude and Ludwig's Bogus Adventure," "Thinking I think I think," "But Pharaoh Did Not Listen to Moses," "The Throat," "Anaffirmation," "Low Regrets," "These Horses Do Not Move Up and Down," "Why We Ask you Not to Touch," and "Make It Snappy & That’s Fina"
SHO (Kiev, March 6, 2014): “A Theory’s Evolution"
45 Параллель 8 (284) [The 45 Parallel 8 (284)]  2014
“Force of Feeling,” “The Poet from Another  Planet,” “The Beauty of Brevity, the Bananas of Antibes,” “Harsh Light,” “Free Turn” (from Rough Trades, 1991), “The Boy Soprano,” “Your Ad Here,” “I Counted Seven,” “Peanut Butter and Jellyfish,” “Little Orphan Anagram,” “This Us Is Only” (from With Strings, 2001); “Two Stones with One Bird,” “Do not Desensitize,” “Later,” “And Aenigma Was His Name, O!” “Irreconcilable Disrepair,” “Sea Drift,” “There Was a Young Woman of White Church,” “A Long Time Till Yesterday,” “Catullus 85”  (From Recalculating, 2013), “Fare Thee Well” (From new poems, 2013). "Fear of Flipping,” "Memories" “Today’s Not Opposite Day,” “Mr. Matisse in San Diego,” “Self-Help,” “Why I Don't Mediate,” “Every True Religion is Bound to Fall,” “On Election Day,” “Pompeii,” “Why I am not a Buddhist,” “Drambuie,” “Song of the Wandering Poet ,” “Me and My Pharaoh”
Man on Earth: Rowing With One Oar,” “Beyond the Valley of the Sophist,” “A Flame in Your Heart,” “Castor Oil,” “Sign Under Test”, “Manifest Aversions, Conceptual Conundrums, & Implausibly Deniable Links,” Death on a Pale Horse,” “Charon’s Boat,” “Fare Thee Well.” [Man on Earth] 5 (2014): 114-125.
Семь искусств [Seven arts] 12 (58), Dec. 2014: “This Line,” “Dear Mr. Fanelli,” “Fold,” Blown Wind, Ku(na)hay, The Importance of Being Bob (with “The Source Poem,”), The Moment Is You, Today Is the Last Day of Your Life ’til Now, “Synchronicity All Over Again,” “Trouble Near Me”: “Were You There?”, “Sometimes It Causes Me to Tremble,” “Deep These Wounds & Red,” “Trouble Is Near Me,” “Before You Go,” “In Utopia,” “The Lie of Art,” “Autobiography of an Ex-Kike,” “Fado”
[Minsk School, a literary almanac] 3 (December 4, 2014): “Fold,” “DEA%R FR~IEN%D,” “All Set,” “The Sixties, with Apologies,” “Death on a Pale Horse,” “If You Say Something, See Something” (Fro
m Recalculating 2013); “Catachresis, My Love” (From New Poems). Print. 434–448.
“Truth in the Body of Falsehood”: A conversation with Charles Bernstein. Gefter (11 September 2015).
Translations of the poems by Charles Bernstein: "Report from Liberty Street", "Talk to Me", "The poem is loading," "Dea%r Fr~ien%d",  "The Sixties, with Apologies", "Time Served," "Sorrow where is no pain", " Song Dynasty".  Gefter 11 September 2015.