While I am delighted to appear

here today as part of EBR's ars electronica issue, it

pushes me a bit from my normal routine, as a dogged

promoter of a leading competitor to computer media:


technology. B-O-O-K technology is at the cutting edge of alphabetic hyperspace. It's remarkable versatility is unrivaled,

its rugged state-of-the art packaging is everywhere

imitated but never excelled. Consider also its

astounding portability, its unequaled unit cost, and

the remarkable ease of its user interface - almost

no training or tutorial costs needed to access its

materials. At the same time, B-O-O-K techhnology

provides an unbelievably high level of graphic

resolution, without the need for GIF, ZIP

and other decoding programs and devices.

& remember:

there's an alphabet inside!

Since it's development just a few thousand years ago,

human beings have been astounded by the versatility and range of alphabetic systems, the revolutionary technology that makes

B-O-O-K storage and retrieval possible.

& there is never a charge for alphabet software:

Every book comes bundled with ready to read

Roman 7.0.