What's your next show after this? What's that? Huh. Huh. Huh. Huh. Uh, no but that's, uh, you're looking for art that has children in it? Babies. Do you think summer or fall would be a better time to spring a book? That's a good idea. That's a good idea. Are you sure you don't wanna see the Internet for a little while? Seriously, I mean, it'll take it'll take, uh...I have I have bad news for you though--the only real real porn place that I've found are gay. Yeah. What does that mean? What does that mean? This? Did they catch the guy? So, anyway, so in terms of porn the I pulled down some pictures but it's mostly it's mostly this guy that I've been working for surfs the Internet and has come up with all these--hey, how do you like that? How do you like that? Fuckin' A! You should translate that into sales, right? I love it, yeah. How do you like your Microsoft Windows little Brian Eno thing? Oh you don't use the Brian Eno? So, this is not from your brother, right? Anyway, let me just finish about the porn. Because the first time anybody ever sees the Internet the first thing they say to me is "Where's the porn?" and I have and I would say, oh, um I don't know. So I did this major porn search for het porn and all it is like these terribly like cheesy sites where you have to pay--there's like nothing out there, very very little. But the guy that I work for, Douglas--I was saying this to him--he's like he's gay he's like well I know all the gay sites so I was, like, OK, well at least give me the gay sites you know, they're not they're not real interesting in in so terms of porn I don't have uh much to show you. I guess it's out there if you want to pay you can get really raunch stuff. OK, I pay twenty five dollars a month and my service is unlimited. I have a different I have a different server. So here. If I just open this up all it is is a local phone call and I pay twenty five dollars a month and that's it. Right? And that's all. MSN is probably gonna end up charging you a little bit more. They'll probably charge you hourly. Ah, come on now. Well, this Broadway net that I have as a server is right across the street and they're usually really good. Sometimes they're not picking up but...here we go. They're really good. It's a really cheap modem. It's a one hundred thirty nine dollar modem. It's the modem. It's a piece of shit but, it works, you know, it works. OK, so OK. This is the same thing you did--you log on, right? And you you double click on your Microsoft on your Inter Internet Explorer icon which looks like this. I have Internet Explorer. Microsoft Internet Explorer. Where is it? Internet Explorer. Here it is. OK? So what you do is you just double click on it. Now I'm gonna I'm gonna use an identical program--it's called just Netscape but you have Internet Explorer and once you the thing is open, just double click on it, right? And so you I'll use the identical thing here. This is my this is the one I I like to use better than the Internet Explorer called Netscape and you can use Netscape too. OK. and then so now, you know, you can do things like Netsearch--search for something just click on here. And if you want to just just get going--actually I can probably open Explorer to show you just to show you, uh...OK same thing, this is what it looks like, right? OK so so we go um...here they have open search open...search OK? This is or Internet searches and they say please use new location so you go OK? We'll go to a new location. OK. art net web yeah well their URL is, I know it, you just go http www art art net dot web. OK or if you wanted to if you wanted to find you know that the it's world wide web, that's the address, or if you wanted to find it, you could to you know Lycos you could go art net web. And here it is. Here it is. Here I just found an art net web OK? So, you see what I'm saying? There's there's millions of...OK so that's how you find it I'm just telling you how you find it. Do you understand that? You get it? You just just go to your search--go to Internet search and in any of them just enter what word you want and then hit search and it does it for you. And you go OK, here it is. OK. I'm just trying to connect. Stop connection because it a.... There's all this stuff art net. There's art net web, see? It's coming in. We've just got to wait for the images to come in. It's slow. It's gonna get better but you've got to wait. Um, if we did the same thing in Nestscape, I think Netscape's better. You go www art net web com. The images just came in. See now this is waiting for it to come in now which is two different browsers but we're we're either way we're waiting. See? Oh, this is interesting...we've got one here and we've got a different one here, huh, I guess it keeps changing. You know, we'll just stick on...oh look it's shifting again. That's pretty cool, that's nice. See this isn't this isn't doing it. See, Netscape's better, it does shit like this. You should probably get yourself a...OK, see? So what do you want to look at? OK. Index: high or low? Let's see, we'll go high. I guess we click on week just like that now it's...let's scroll down...the Guggenheim Museum...yeah, where is that? Did you see Richard's show. So, I mean there was just a review that hangs out that's kind of nice. I mean so Richard review of Richard's stuff but it's not a review. Opening this week. Art galleries, so let's go to galleries. Now this is pretty good. Yeah, formerly John. See this is pretty good. See a little description. I don't know, somebody who wrote there. Monique Prieto. Maybe there's something about her. Look at that! And that's it, but that's nice. That's a nice painting. It shows you the thing. Where. Huh. Watch this. Watch this, man. Save this image as and I can grab image man and throw it onto my desktop, right? I just grabbed it. Now I can do something like I can open up Photoshop and you can do this.This is really cool. I have to open another program. And I've got it on my desktop. Here it is. Any image on the web is grabable I got this fucker now. Yeah, so I can do anything I want with it I can I can you know I can go like that and I can take take you know this shape and I can...with one color. You know you know I can go I can put some text on it if I want. Yeah, you know just just the same kind of thing some kind of shit you do but my point is is that any image on the web is grabable, OK? Nothing is you know. See this is really nice, man. They did a really good job here I think. Let's find out what map is. Oh look at this! This is really cool. This is really good. Do they actually have you guys on here Mercer? You go OK, well that's Mercer. Isn't that nice? They give you a whole fucking map. Isn't that great? Isn't that really cool? Let's go back. Let's go back and see what buzz is. Buzz for Monique Prieto. Oh, man and you can you can you can write your own review. Yeah. Prieto. P-R-I-E-T-O. Your name. Uh, John Gams. Good. OK, give me a fucking cool press release. Go go go. Just say something about her paintings. Just just give me, uh, just say something--I haven't seen the show. Uh huh. I don't know, I haven't seen the show. Intriguing. Prieto's work is intriguing in a way that catches you totally by surprise. Just for I had to be an abstract painting I was shocked to walk into this grand gallery space and see something totally new. Not, not new in the sense of new new but something more subtle, subtle, perhaps a recombination of the once familiar. Let let let give me give me one more real real hard line give me a spin line on her stuff. See this show and reevaluate your long standing ideas about ancient medium. OK, and now it's gonna close and and we'll we'll see if it shows up. Great. OK and now we'll go back and let's see if it's shown up. Go back here go buzz and reload. Oh man, how come it hasn't shown up? Yeah, but it should happen automatically it's a CGI script. Anyway, um, anyway I think they they real really seem to do a good job here. Let's see about Cheryl's. Let's see if they got Cheryl's. Fun, isn't it? That's pretty pretty neet. Let's see what they say about Cheryl's. They've really done a lot of work here. Installation projects let's see the buzz. Best artist in the world. That's my sister-in-law! Colleen is married to Colleen is married to Cheryl's brother in Chicago. That kills me, man. That kills me! This is good, man! This is really good! What if if . Oh, I'm in this show this Carter Kustera--he's so dumb. Pretty interesting, huh? There's another great site The Thing. This is this is kind of fun because they're they're, uh...you can get a picture directly this picture that snaps a photograph of of The uh Thing right now. When ever you call it in it snaps a picture of the office up there. That' nice, huh? A picture of the Empire State Building and, uh, it's always different. It's always growing and changing and every time if you snapped another picture if we did another picture it would it would probably move to the right but that's, you know, a live picture. It's really beautiful, isn't it? I'm gonna save this image as I'm gonna say empire state gif. Kinda cool, huh? And then here they have sort of art stuff. I don't know if you want to look at any of these artists. This one is pretty nice.  This one? Yeah. I don't...Oh, look it's downloading a sound it's downloading a sound file. You want to see any of these other artists? OK. OK, we'll do that. We'll do that. John, sell my work! Wah! I'll uh. Here's the manuscript. Actually actually it's. Well let me let me print it out let me print you out a fresh one here it's all here. Well I, no, not really but look at that, it's pretty amazing isn't it? It's 600 pages. Oh, because you don't have Quark and I'll just I'll bring it down. Tell Karen hi. Tell her about our conversation. I'll see you later. Actually yeah I'm gonn HREF="#"> Men's room. Yeah, there are some cute guys in there. See you later. See you later, all right? Yes I am. I think she's adorable! What, um...How's the baby? How's Max? You like him, huh? Yeah, is he cute? Oh I know, Scott told you. You like that? Yeah, but I mean, you know, you think Scott should be teaching him the rules of the stock market or do you think he should be teaching him about great literature? About literature but neither do I. Yeah, so it you know it's cute that he can recite the stock market but I tell ya I'd never I'd never teach that stuff to my kid. What did they say? Uh, yeah. Whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So. Are the kids gonna be there? Is Margie bringing the baby? Oh it's for Margie too. All right. All right. I thought you didn't like kids. You're happy to be a great grandfather? Unfortunately you're gonna be living...Hey gramps--can you hold a sec? I'll see you then. Bye. Love ya. Hello? Yes. Hey, hey how ya doin'? Good, what's up? Oh right, right. OK, um, I will be here after three. Um, so if you want to just stop by definitely and pick it all up. OK. Bye. Uncle Geoff. Hey down and dirty master! Great. Great. What's up? Too much time, huh? Is it taking you a lot of time? OK, so we'll think about the fall then. Are you having trouble with it, buddy? OK. I don't I really want you to enjoy it. I'm really I'm into totally not into that. Geoff, I want you to feel comfortable with it. It's not about a major...Nobody called me. That's what I was calling you about. No. Yeah, so what? I mean he's A.G. will pay. Things are going up, pal. Is that much more than it was in the old days? Yeah yeah yeah. I've heard I've heard that it's extremely expensive but but hey, listen, he's gonna foot the bill on that. I mean six thousand bucks is nothing to this guy. O.K., so listen, I really don't want to put a pressure cooker on you. Right. OK. Well, I mean, you're into you're into, um, reading through it and stuff and you're enjoying it. Yeah, no that's perfect. I mean I want you to enjoy this thing. I I certainly don't want this to be a drag for you like like you dread opening this fucking thing. I mean it was a weird review, um, yeah yeah, rough and weird, you know, yeah yeah yeah. yeah yeah no I think, uh, I think she's really happy and, uh, I mean I mean everybody would like a completely glowing review, but you're happy to have a review. That's rare in this world, uh you know really, it's very rare in this artworld uh, to have, uh, what Raphael Rubinstein did for to Sean. That's rare, you know, it's usually kissy-kissy stuff. Speaking about kissy-kissy, I'm going to see Perloff in about 45 minutes for lunch and that should be fun. I was with Bruce last night. We went to an absinthe party. Um, my friend has a birth a birthday every year and every year he brews absinthe. And it gets better every year. Last this this time it was actually fairly drinkable. It's usually horrible stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah he's using he's got a nineteenth century recipe that he that he uses. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know and you drip some sugar into it, you know, the very typical, uh, stuff. Um, I don't know I didn't drink enough of it to really know. Um, but...yeah, yeah, well, um, it was it was you know, actually really interesting interesting thing for us to do and hang out and... My friend Boog, I've know him since eighth grade. Uh...Bruce and uh, he is always up for a good party Bruce--he's a he's a partymeister. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah the kid was cute, everything's good, man, everything is everything is like really groovy. Live it up. Yeah, I think she'll be interested. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna giver her the article the Art a fresh copy of that Art In America and I'll say here read this this is all about the book we're doing and if you're interested in blurbing it, you know. Yeah, I'll send one out to her. Yeah OK. Well anyways I I'd never heard from those guys uh, he called you he never called me about the pricing. No it's fine, I'm glad, I mean it's just six thousand bucks big deal. Right. Right. Right. To you we were thinking maybe maybe some time in the summer. OK, maybe we'll just have the party then for for in September. Yeah, oh listen, I'm I'm oh listen whenever it comes...I want to tell you I'm really grateful. I I think it's going to be a fun project and I I hope you have a lot of fun looking at it ‘cause it's gonna take you a lot of time to look at it. Yeah, it's easy. It's light reading. It's real light, you know, you just it's not too taxing on the brain. It's it's less interesting but it's sort of intriguing also. There are a lot of very weird words, you know, one thing just to keep in mind when looking through the damn thing, like you picked up one thing that had it was a fraction of a sentence and it had a a closed paragraph, a close parentheses. That belongs what I'm doing is I'm just taking sentences and I just keep chopping them up. And so if it's got a closed parentheses, it's it's it's intended. Or if sometimes there'll be one one quotation mark because I just chopped up the sentence which is interesting because you start to wonder hey where's the other one. It does, and they keep reappearing, yeah. All right, well, hey listen, as long as you're having fun with it, you know. Yeah right and OK and listen the point is, you know, just, you know, it's a big, it's a great amount of work so just dig in and have fun. I'm a little concerned that you're not gonna have fun. OK. Great. All right. It's beautiful I'm gonna go up to MOMA, I'm actually headed up to MOMA to meet Marjorie. And, uh, we're gonna have lunch at the member's club up there. She is a member and she says she's gonna take me out for lunch too. So, there you go. Oh, that's a good question, what could I lay on her, jeez. Well, I'm... I wish I had one of Bill's little books. Did you send her one of Bill's little books? Yeah. I I it's it's at my house, it's not at my office. Ah, I'll give her the goddamned Art In America. When are you coming down to New York? Oh, it's the uh uh Artists Space thing. Oh my god! Thrills in the big city. That's good. That's good. We like we like that. Did you tell A.G. the story? How's he doing, good? Alright, listen, I've got to roll up to see Perloffsky and uh, OK, will do and actually I'll give you a call and let you know how it all goes. Call me when you're in the city, will ya? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great and if I'm not here, slip it under the door. Um um um um um um um um that's it. See ya. How ya doin'? I was in yesterday looking for a pair of size 11 brown penniless. Uh huh. Right, I spoke to you. You were gonna do a search for them. OK two six zero four oh eight one. That's right. OK. Thanks. Bye. Away we go. Testing. Testing.