And the circular area will be clickable. Got it. OK. Isn't Sun Ra cool. This is a recording from a club about 1971. I like this stuff of his better than the more conventional work. OK, so. Fourteen. Hang on. Is this it? OK? How's that look? OK. Yeah, open up yeah, same thing. OK. So let me just close some of these windows here on the machine clean. OK, what's next? OK. OK. OK. Good. What's next? OK. OK. OK. You wanna fill the screen pretty much. We can really we can really make that nice and big. Twenty four points, right? I mean we don't want to go any bigger cause we haven't been using anything any bigger. Twenty four. It looks good, huh? OK. Listen to the sound quality of this. Isn't this just awful? Like like it was recorded on a cassette. A real cheapo CD but it's good stuff. But that was recorded that that was from 1915. This is 1970. That looks nice. It's great, huh? We want now in blue, a fake link? OK, yeah, let's stick in one like that. I think we should do something like that. Yeah. I fooled myself before, when I was clicking through? Yeah, it was it was pretty good. Yeah, why not? That's good. It's fun. It's going from the end here to the end here. It's pretty well centered. Yeah well it means link. This is just really good music. Hello? Hey, how ya doin'? Yeah, I'm with Connie. What's up? Sure. OK get get Bets OK? She's she's been down at Diane and Lois's for too long. OK? OK I'll I'll be here. OK. So what's next? When is it? It could be in the beginning. It's, like, like maybe I don't know. Let's let's find out. It's after this, right? Here it is. OK. We can do that all in one fell swoop. OK, what's next? And yellow? We'll we'll do the yellow in a minute... OK. Which one? Move it? Alright? OK. Good. OK. OK? It smells like meat cooking. OK. What's next? Oh, this is the end. OK. let me remove this link now. Do you know where it's going to go to next in the sequence? Dot html. OK, um, OK so you wanna draw it or see what those lines look like. You like this better? You think? Well, we'll see what it looks like tomorrow on the... You like it better? OK. I think so too. I think it's stronger. OK. Done deal. OK, so let's go now and and and look at the whole thing and do corrections, you know, make things line up and all that jazz. OK, here we go. Let's look at it once. Make sure everything's in the right order. I just wanted to make sure. Now we can go back and make everything correct and the way it should be. I just I just wanted to make sure... It's a great piece. I really like it too. And it goes right to seduction which is really cool really... gorgeous. Nice, nice work. I think it looks really really good. It's so cool. The color thing is starting to make sense. The yellows and the grays. I love this piece. OK. OK we can do that. Let's let's finish up today with what we let's make this piece good and get it on the web. No! OK. It looks good. OK, so. Placement. You want to lower? It seems to be hugging the top. I think it can use a little more space, personally. Yeah. I mean this is what we're just going to have to do now. I mean we're just gonna have to go through things and... Let's see what that looks like. You like that? You want it a little lower? OK. Next so the next one. That's good. OK. That that Sun Ra stuff was when he was completely cosmic and out of it. OK, so now go from here to here. That's nice. OK. This is fine, I think this is the big page. What? Watch them watch what do you what do you want to replace the first line? You want to replace the first line? OK. Oh. OK. OK? Nice. I like it much better. It's perfect. Well, yeah, if they make something, yeah. That's great and it's perfect the way it is and you end up right there. It's gotta go down. So good. OK. That's good. I think they should I think they should go down. They're up too high. This is a good one, Connie. I like this. I think it's really nice. That's better. See because your cursor your hand ends right in there. It's just where it should be. OK this is good. It's good. It's gotta go down. So we go from here to here. OK, so run through it again. Here you go. And we have until noon today, right? So why don't we try to put the sound on this one up today. We'll load up a track and and and get a short clip and put it up. End here. Uh. Testing. Testing. Here we go. Back again for more fun. How we lookin? OK. OK. Not a big deal. Nothing is a big deal. No big deal here. No I got so many great new CDs this week. I buy them. This is really a nice disc. I I get them every every I mean I spend most of my free time shopping for CDs. I spend a an enormous amount of time and any spare cash I have looking for records and CDs. It's like it's like an addiction of mine. Yeah. OK, so let's start. Yeah. I like it too. How is that sixteen? Let's try it see how it looks. No. Bigger. OK. Yeah that looks right, isn't it? OK? No big deal. OK? Does that look right to you? How many? Alright. Yeah he wrote us a nice note. OK. So, reload reload this. Well, what happened there? OK? OK so that's it. OK, let's then try to get some sound on it. OK. Let me find my sound icon here. OK? OK we're done with? This thing chews up a lot of memory. I don't want to keep a lot of stuff open. OK. SoundEdit. Can you find your CD? It's in there. It's it's no right yes yeah it's one of the boxes. OK. To bar document display. Document. What track is it? Why is it converting it at such a big rate. Shit. I just set the preferences and now they're screwed up. Alright. Anyway, no big deal. Because, well, maybe I don't know because it seems to be going converting really slow and then I saw here that it says 16 44 and we have to have terribly low quality on the web or for anybody to download this stuff. No then I want? Uh, yeah, that's 16 bit forty four CD rate but.. it'd be great, I don't know, actually it's going pretty quickly I I think it may be converting it may be converting. Yes. Yes. Yeah, we can't be doing anything while this is converting. Testing again. Testing again. Jeez. OK. Testing again. Testing again. And again. And again. OK, I'm just printing this piece. Here we go. OK. We've got to finish we've only got a half hour to work so we gotta finish this up. I'll be here. I think I'm going to listen to Marjorie lecture I think at 4:30 and that's about the only thing I have going. Why don't you you wanna come back a little later? What what are you doing? At EAI? You wanna call me or... Where you going after EAI? Where are you going after EAI? OK, I'll call ya. What are you just going to French tonight? Alright, um, yeah maybe I'll I'll I'll take her over to your studio then before I go up to Marjorie's? Something like that? OK? OK. Got them all in there. OK. OK, here comes the big one. Two hundred and five. We'll have to get that thing down. I'm just moving everything from our machine into John's, uh, into the machine in Massachusetts right now yeah. OK I'll just call you later. OK? Let's see. See you later, OK? I'll call you later. The files are teeny. The image files are like amazingly tiny. This is great. I mean all the image files are have just been minuscule. Seven K. I mean it's insane. They're insanely small. Uh, the pictures. That's what holds you up on the web. You see, we've got to the idea is to keep things moving quick I would say if somebody doesn't, uh, you know, I if somebody I I I don't hang out at a site where images are taking a long time to download. Nobody's gonna hang out. Nobody, you know, at this point and it's gonna be this way for a while. It's not getting any better any time soon. So... I know. See everything's... I'm telling it. We'll see. We'll see if whether it will actually do it in real time. Look at this file. Oh, it's it's gonna go amazingly quick. So small the file sizes are just great! You get you're getting your bang for your buck. Two bites a file I mean they're insanely small they're wonderful. This is what we like. It's the biggest one yet. Seventeen. That's nothing. This is great. I mean, it's all so primitive and ridiculous right now this web stuff and like I said, it's gonna be this way for a while I mean. Yeah. I know. We'll laugh at this, I mean, in in a few years we're gonna laugh oh remember when we had to think about file size I mean and things were slow and, you know, we're gonna laugh at the bullshit, you know, the the you just know it's primitive. It's coming but it's it'll be a while yep. It's called telnetting in. Now we're gonna talk to the computer directly and log in as John. And put in his password. C'mon now. C'mon. OK. And now we're going to change directories to www. Change directories to... Oh, actually on any level here CD do something called webfix which will run a huge program to make everything readable for the universe. And while that's running... Let's see what we get. Just let that script run. You've seen this ridiculous thing right it's one hundred thirty nine K I don't want to. We'll go right to you. Let's what happens. Watch. Two hundred K. Alright, well, while we're downloading it fifteen seconds. Well, you know?