Not as bad as I thought. Takes just a minute. I thought it was gonna be... On a on a twenty eight eight modem, you know, on most modems it's gonna be a lot slower, but this is not bad. This is not bad. Twenty eight eight. OK, so we can go to the next one. It's slow because it's waiting for this thing to download. My band my bandwidth is getting is eaten eaten up right now. Yeah. Battling. This wants to come in this wants to come in and neither one is letting the other really slow. Download a big download is gonna slow everything else down. See? Now we're back to a minute. Look at that. So now it's like two minutes, yeah. I guess we can't believe that. I knew. Who know's. Well see... right. It's it's hard to say what it is but it seems about a minute and change, huh? Let's let's see what happen let's see how it sounds and what happens. Alright. Nice, huh? Kind of cool, isn't it? I think we shouldn't put the sound file on that page. Let's just let's just keep on going through it let's just I want to make sure that everything's loading good. Look at how quickly this all comes in it's great. This is terrific. It's nice. Like a constellation. Now I just want a whole soundtrack, you know? So this is live on the net. So this is what everyone's going to be seeing. All I want to do now it hear the soundtrack. The whole thing. They rush to catch a glimpse of their report. Connie, this looks good. Let's see how this comes in. This is just live this is everyone is gonna be seeing. It's pretty good, huh? These will load automatically yeah cuz cuz it wants it's the same image once it's loaded. That it's already loaded. It's been loaded loaded once and it remembers. Here we go. Yeah yeah. Pretty... I think it looks great, yeah. I really like it too, yeah. Looks great I I'm in agreement. We'll it all comes down to that. It's beautiful. Uh, actually, let's go back to... where was I just want to see Moses. I wanna make sure we got. I wanna I'm just gonna really go quickly. I just want to make sure that we're like there. It's a complete journey. It looks terrific. Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm not even letting it roll in I'm just... you know I just want to make sure that it's all working. Zap, there you go. Now we could put the sound right here. But, you know, I think you gonna most people are gonna do what I just did and I think the sound maybe should always be on the first page cuz it's it's not really part of the piece--I mean it's it's it's something else, so... Well now it's all loaded and it's zippingly quick. Terrific. Alright so, at least we got some sound up I mean I was... and it's just about, you know, it's just about... Oh, uh, I don't know. You've got to go get SoundMachine. You've got to go get it. Yeah. Sure. Every I mean sure it's on the web. It's a piece of shareware everybody. Did you every liste... yeah if you ever listen to a file a soundfile you've you've you've downloaded SoundMachine I mean it's everybody has. Everybody has a different I mean SoundMachine is like the... no we just hit a snag on the network. Um, the network just stopped for a second. Let's see... c'mon baby. Let's see there we go it's fine, uh, yeah the you know I mean PCs use something called so, uh, I forget the name of their thing but yeah, you know, everybody everybody if you've ever listened to something on the web you've gotten SoundMachine. Well this is this looks great. This looks really good. OK, so that's it it's a done deal. Alright great. I don't understand what you're saying. You mean in the begin in the beginning of uh, where? Oh. Wait hold it a second. Let me see. Let's go back. OK. Here? OK, so what are you asking. If you just this this stuff you wanted to make it blue? OK. Yeah. Yeah. Not right. No. No. No. Not at not at the moment. Not at the moment. Now you were gonna give me some, uh... you know that chair? You were gonna bring me a video or a couple of stills of that chair with the with the that's being blown. I think I can do a little animation. Animation on the web or... Yeah. I wonder where I can find an animation. Hold on a minute I know. This will give you an animation. I'd like to do something with this if we can get it. I think this is the animation. This would be better than the... Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Why don't you just... slides, right? You don't have photographs? Why do you slides. Really I thought that nobody uses slides. I mean everybody's putting stuff onto CD ROMs on to photo sure. Nobody uses slides. Well, not anymore. No. Now it's all being put onto CD ROMs. Eh, it's old fashioned. It's on the way out, I think. Look how long this thing's taking to download. There's an interesting animation here if I can if it'll ever download. I mean this is why... Mmmm, yeah well you probably didn't let it let it load up. Yeah, you probably you've got to let the whole thing load we, you know, if you don't let the whole thing load the images are gonna come in broken, you know, people are too watch this. Watch what happens here this really neat. Watch this heart. This is an animation on the web. Let it load but when it does it's really nifty. Watch what happens. I don't who they think they're talking to that's got such I mean this machine is about as good as you can get. I don't know what he's thinking here loading up a page like that. Look at this--it's, like frozen. It's terrible. Wait it's stopping again for like the third time. Look at this creeping in. Log out of here. Maybe that's fucking us. So anyway, yeah, we're gonna have to put something that says wait for the whole thing to load. Wait for the whole file to load. This is insane. C'mon. C'mon now. Sorry, Connie. Oh, wow! Cool, what are you doing there? Really? That's nifty. Really, that's great. Wow. Oh well, I wanted to show you this animation. Tell you what. If you can bring me... Slides are not going to do me any good here. I can't do anything with slides. Alright, we'll we'll we'll work on this. We'll continue to work on this. Here you go. Here you go. Watch. Go ahead, let it load. I'm going to... I'll call you over if it happens. This is so stupid. We've got T.V. and we got all these wonderful things and we we sit here and wait for a little thing to move. Bill Gates said that it's by the end of the century by the year 2000 99% of the, uh, people on the web will still be on telephone line. Regular phone lines. Yeah, so... I mean, this would be great if this were, like, 1905 or something you go wow! you get thrilled when a little something moves but after all we've seen, this is so stupid, really, it's so it's so ironical, if you ask me that we get excited about this dumb shit. Monday's fine. Monday's fine. Sure. Let me think about it. Bring me materials. OK. That that was fun. Yeah, it was fun. OK, so. Thanks for the fruit and you smell bad. You don't smell horrible but yeah I love that piece. The new one is really great, so. Alright, we're getting there. OK. Bring just bring lots of materials and I'll tell you what we can and what we can't do. When I when I, you know, have it all in front of me. Plan D for dog. B for Babette. You're so cute. OK, then, see you next Monday Connie. Take care. Great. Have a good luck tomorrow and let me know what happens. Tell him I wanna build his web site. OK Con, see you. Bye. Testing. Hello there. How are you. Good, what's what's the word bird? Yeah, by who. It's good. Isn't it? Good. OK. Um, did you speak with her the woman, yeah. OK, do you do you have any dates? She said, well, she told us when we're coming. OK, when are we going to, um, Vegas? Do you know the dates on that? Hold on a sec. Let me just mark this let me just mark this on the calendar. OK she wants us to come, what, the fifteenth through the twenty first? Uh huh. Until when, Monday the twenty seventh? Wait on the twenty third, at night? OK and we're coming back on Monday the twenty seventh? OK so I can do my radio show that Tuesday. OK. And we're leaving for on Wednesday the fifteenth for Athens? Yeah, I'd, yeah, fuck, I'd like to leave Saturday the eleventh. OK let me know so I can get back to Ken in terms of, right. OK. Yeah. No, I'm sorry it's a it's an art project it's gonna look like the cover of X Y and Z it's not not a design thing. Not not at all. Yes I normally would I'd normally would. I'd I'd love to but I'm gonna, you know, make shitting men and it's no money and that's it it's that kind of shit. Yeah, it's it's really, you know, I mean it's gonna be funky and illegible and it's gonna be art. She wants art. No no no. Of course I would. Right right. No no no no. Yeah. OK great. Why not? It's it's you also have a nice project coming up on the web and I think it'd be... Listen they seem like a good group of people over there. I I really had a nice time there last night. Uh, I like them and I'd like to get involved with them, you know, on well we are involved with them because you're doing a project with them and, you know, it's just. It sounds good their whole thing sounds good. I like them, so let's go Thursday night, sure. Oh no. That's that's not gonna work then because, uh, Cybersuds. Right. Yeah.