I was just reading Vivekananda today and he was talking about, like, the difference between the Greeks -- I'm sorry -- between the West Western cultures disposal of the body in other words preservation of the body and the Eastern, you know, the Eastern's like look get rid of it. It's used. It's a worn out rag. Burn it, get rid of it as quick as you can and nothing to do with it. Where as like the Egy Egyptians were like into preserving the body and this this weird ritual and attachment to to try to preserve something that's just long gone so, zai gesunt! Zai gestunt, grandma! Grandma! I hope I didn't act too much like an asshole around Marjorie yesterday. I'm going to have to play it back, I mean, this is the most embarrassing thing. You know, this this this collection is just gonna be the most horribly incriminating, embarrassing thing. There will I'll have an unedited version with the real names in it but like to be revealed 50 years after I die. So we can get the goop the goop on everybody. And we will have sex. I wanna have sex. Didn't I tell you that? I still mean it. Yea! Whatever. Yea! On my radio, uh. I tried to I slept for a half hour. I can't I've got to get going I've got things to do maybe I'll I'll sleep in Marjorie's class. Yeah I gotta go cause I've gotta get my shit together for the radio show all this stuff. I guess sometimes I clean it with spit. Get on line. Yeah. Letter email it to John Simon, right? Why? What, in Eudora? Do it in Eudora. Oh, what are you gonna write him a nice thank you note or something? I understand you you just send it as an attachment. Yeah, I got it, OK. So... Yeah. Yep. You said something screen. So what are you sending to Dan Graham? So how was how was Lejaren Hiller? I love it love that isn't that piece wonderful? I play that piece all the time. I've played that a million times on my show. Saturday the eleventh. Let me let me just do something... OK. How's, uh, Cathy Berberian? Jesus, that's a good one. You got good good one's here. How's David Tudor's Neural Synthesis? The Bordems' Chocolate Synthesizer. How's this one, Cheryl? How's this one? How's this one? How's this one? How's this one? You have a lot of good CDs here. How's this one? Alright kitten, I've got to get going. Make sure Betsy gets a little stroll before you go out today, OK? What? OK, I'm gonna go. I don't feel really good. Maybe I should just blow everything off and try to sleep. Just skip it all? Skippity all? Skippity all? I should turn off lights. It's not any lighter. No no no. I I I... I know but I have like all these things to do. Miss John's opening? Miss Marjorie's talk? Do you think, yeah? 4:30. I've got to get all my stuff. I'm going. Goodbye. I gotta go. Goodbye! Let me out. You can't come with me. You can't come with me! C'mere! C'mere! Stay. Ohhh. Sweet one. When you had did Betsy been O-U-T this morning when you went when you went and picked her up? Oh, good. That's great. That's what I like. Ay! Get inside. Come wait for the elevator with me. You want what are you doing you're just writing and hanging around? I'll see you. We'll spend some time. I don't know I don't think I'm gonna come to that art thing tomorrow with Sandra. I think that I think it, I don't know, I think that sounds too weird. It's not required, is it? For me? You should be able to if it's online. Netscape that reads Java. Yeah. Java. We couldn't load that thing it needs a it needs a whole you can just get it on a disc. It needs a whole routine. It needs a script connected to the server. It doesn't work offline. Why don't you ask John these questions, honey. I love you. Let's I'll call you from the station, OK? I call you, you know, like I'll make my regular call. Bye. Take care of my dog. Try to feed her. Bye! OK. Two blocks and it's right there. I'm sorry I was spaced out. Yeah, it's easy. It's easy. Come. Come this way. I'll show you. Sorry I'm a little spaced out -- tired today. OK. Next one is Mercer and the one after that is Greene. Make a left. I got this one. Where you going? There's always there's always another one coming. Yeah, you're working on how quick you get around, right. Well, it depends on the elevator. If it depended on you it'd be like... Seriously, you get held up by trains and shit. Oh, you're on bike? Yeah yeah. I guess it's built in. Built in to the gig. Yeah. Alright. See you. Alright take care. Testing. Hello. Your husband. Hi wife, whatchya doin? Yeah. Yeah. I do. Why? Listen, can you get FMU? You can't ‘cause if you can Donna, who has a show right now, is doing a whole show of Xenakis music. I don't feel so good. What am I gonna do? Really fucks you up, doesn't it? Yeah. I just don't feel so good. What should I do, though? What are you gonna do? What time do you have to go? What are you writing? For that... right. Yeah, I don't know. I don't seem to be. I feel weird. You know I could also go Marjorie's also giving a lecture, like the same lecture tomorrow night at Columbia. Really? You think so? Yeah, I, you know, then, you know, then John's stuff. Maybe I should skip John's. Maybe I should just fuck it all, huh? John Newman. You don't think that, like, that it's it's like... you know, we should, you know, see the, uh, you know, like we went to the party but we didn't go to see the opening... Uh, yeah, so you think I should just like, yeah, I'm in no shape you don't think I'm like in any shape like to go to Margie's Marjorie's. If she's if she's doing it again next week -- tomorrow -- tomorrow night I'll think about going there. Yeah I feel sort of dead. I can't do anything. I'm not really tired. I just don't know really what to do. For a boy who's just feeling like hell. If I was up to speed... and then I've got to stay awake all night. You know, if I didn't have to stay awake all night it would be like oh, you know, it'd be a different story I guess, you know? Really? I I kind of feel the same way. OK. Alright. I'll talk to you later. Bye. I'm calling you again. Listen, do me a favor. I'm not gonna do those things. I think you're you're correct, um, what time are you going up to French? That late. OK. I was gonna say, you know, why don't you drop Betsy over? Yeah, yeah. Why don't you do that. I think you're right. I just gotta chill. OK? OK, go. Beautiful. Is that it? Oh, it's great! No, I think it's perfect. Savor? Right. S-A-V-O-R, uh huh. Right. Right. Great. I think it sounds really perfect. I like it. It's beaut it's perfect. You're such a good writer. Do you wanna both go home and crash out together for a little bit? It would be fun to take a nap together. You won't you'll go to class. Are you gonna stop up at John's really quickly since it's right up the street from your class? That'd be probably good honey. If I'm not gonna go, I think you should. Alright you won't why don't you drop Bets since I'm gonna be hanging out till probably till you get home I'm I'm not gonna do anything tonight. I'm gonna try to... OK, so why don't you drop her here since it's right on the way to the subway. So what time will see you? About six? Six o'clock here? Sounds good. I I like the paragraph. I think it works beautifully. Bye. Uh huh. Wait a moment. Hi. How you doin'? Are you alone? Doing what? I like your boyfriend. He's really he's totally nice I'm I'm I'm sorry if I was acting a little crazy I was a little drunk. I didn't I felt a little bit off but I kind of I'm a little bit out of it today and I kind of... You know after you're out and you get really drunk, um, and you talk to a lot of people and, you know, you start to think, god I was acting like such an asshole. Right. Good, well he's really great. We we like him. Yeah I really yeah I think he's really nice. So you guys had a good weekend? So, this is this is great. Yeah. It seems so healthy. Really. Cool, well, uh, yeah, well at any at any rate it's it feels good. You know? It feels good. So, it'd be really fun to go out the four of us I mean we've got to do that. I mean we definitely definitely have got to do that. So I went to that ada ‘web thing last night. It was fun. There was like nobody there. Just the people who worked there really it wasn't much of a party. But the people who work there are really nice I mean Andrea works with really nice people. Yeah. So, yeah, yeah, it was... yeah yeah but we were we were just really zonked I had to wake up at 7 this morning. I had to work, um, at 9 but I had to work at 9 and I have to be up all night. But I was drinking all day yesterday so I'm I'm feeling, you know, I was supposed to do all these things, you know, like go to John's opening and stuff but I I got to get some sleep. And I think I'm too zonked to do anything. I mean I've got to stay up all night. No for my radio show. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm gonna take a nap at about six, yeah. I'll crash from like 6 to like 10 or something I should be OK. I do need I do need some down time though. Good, so what else is up? Are you working this week? Well, do you have a show with Magda? Wow! Yeah. Right. Right. Yeah. Well they're essential, aren't they? Is he an artist? And is he good? Right. Uh huh. Yeah yeah.