Yeah yeah yeah no. I do too. Really. Really. Statusy. With, yeah, with somebody's who's just attached. That sounds horrible. Well, it's good news. It's really cool. I'm really happy. He's really nice. So what are you guys up to? What's what's... yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh god. God. Yeah, that's amazing. I can't believe you're moving. I think it's good, though I think it's gonna be cool cool to live there. I think it's good. I think it's gonna be really cool. You know, if worse comes to worse you get a little studio. You know. Maybe you and Cheryl could get a little place together. She needs she fucking needs something more permanent than that Daniel Levine nightmare. Alright, listen, I just wanted to check in with you and just tell you tell you that I think Bill is really cool tot... really cool. And that's that's a lot for me to say! I don't like people so much, you know? Really really, I don't I don't like people that much but I I really really would love to hang out with him so so there we go. Alright, um, at any rate I guess I'll just talk to you, uh, over the next whenever. Have a good few days at work and see you at the next thing. I don't know what we're doing. Yeah, I'm just around. We're gonna go to some concerts we're doing some family things nothing, you know... yeah, right, right. It'll be just count your blessings that your folks moved to Florida. It's just insane. See ya. Bye. Hi is Peggy there? Hi is Peggy Davis in? OK, it's Kenneth Goldsmith and I have a meeting with her tomorrow scheduled for three. I would like to make it closer to five. I will email her. She's not in, huh? Or else she can just call me back. I'm gonna be here at my office. I'm at 260-4081. Uh, I'll be here until 6. It'd be great if she could call me. Grazie. Bye. Hey you, how you doing? Oh ho ho both of us. Poor things. Pauvre petit. You want to skip French. You want to go home with me have a little dinner and take a little nap? But if you're not feeling good... OK listen, tomorrow around 2:30 2:45 we're meeting Marjorie? She's coming to see your show. So we're gonna have coffee with her and Bruce at Cafe di Nonna and then we're going to walk over to see your show with her. Yeah. OK? 2:30 like 2:45 something like that. OK? So, what do you think? What do you think you're really gonna do you think you're gonna go to French? Well, don't beat yourself up for feeling bad. OK. Um, alright. So you were gonna come by in about a half an hour. Yeah. As you wish. You wanna just come over? You wanna just come over and we'll go home? We'll go home or you'll come over and drop the dog. OK. See ya. Hello. Hello. Hey everybody. Oh, it's raining again, huh? Betty, it's raining, huh? Hi. Hi everybody. So, what's the word bird? Your hair looks pretty. It's so curly. I like it when it's curly. Yes. Sweetheart. I think maybe we both are just a little burnt. I think burnt is the word. We're going. Yeah. We're going. But maybe, you know, we can't go to the country. Look at those nice pants. I haven't seen those on you in a while. No. Office cleanin' forty dollah. How much? Oh. Oh. What's the dog doing? Soon? Look at her. Mmmm, we love animals. Is that right? Speak into the microphone, young lady. No. You don't need mics for this. On the floor, under the table? With a bad pillow. That was so funny. I don't know. Cause we're the same. Let me pee and rejoin you. Oh, what a snowface. You wanna pay a quick respect to John? Why? Can't deal with it? Leave your feet up there. OK. let me back in. How were we before, like this? I'm cozy are you? Bets, sit. Sit down. Down. Like mad. Pillow. Right because, do you have call waiting at your studio? Cool. OK that's why. It dials *70, you've got to change your setup to say star to say, um, just a regular number. But you don't have call waiting there? I'll just knock that out there. But if an incoming call comes you're gonna get bumped off line. What do you mean off? Yeah. If you have it on it's good. Do you have it there. Wait, I've got to get that it's a it's important. Yeah, I will. Hello hello. Shit. Marjorie Marjorie, uh. I'm waiting for this call back from this I have an appointment tomorrow at three that I'm trying to cancel so I can see Marjorie again. You can do it later. Lay down. Go on. Are you going? Betsy. Bets! Other. This is I'm trying to transcribe the first conversation I started with with here. It's it ain't interesting reading. Yeah. I think it's just gonna be a phenomenon, you know? Like who who would ever read this? John Lee. So look at wanna see my, uh... wanna see my new desk my new setup? Look. The folders... yeah, right. The folders so like they kind of jump out. Look at the trash it's... Hey! What happened to my buttons. I had my buttons set a really nice color. What the fuck happened to them. My buttons and my menus set. I had everything set this really kind of... see? Can you see does it look white to you? off white? The other way. Well, that's kind of... naw, I never had. Isn't it nice, though? I got a quick windowshade. I mean, it's not viscous cosmetic. But, you know, the new Microsoft the new Microsoft word, you know, it looks like it really looks like a, uh, it really looks like a... The beige, yeah, and then actually... If I do this I go back to the buttons and I go colors and I go item text like... now everything's blue. You can just set this stuff. I gotta play around with it a little bit. Anyway, this is, uh... just running across it. A whole new. I don't know. I don't know. What do you mean to throttle to remain one? It's OK now. Well, you can poke around with it. See you later. I love you. Bye. Is Peggy Davis in? She's not. Uh, sure voice mail's fine. Thanks. Hi, it's Kenneth Goldsmith. You got it. Hello? How you doin'? Did you get my message? Oh, OK! No I haven't checked my email. How how ya lookin'? Great! Let's do 5:30. That's great. Wait, let's see, wait, hold on. Actually, actually, um, 5:30 sounds great. Is five better for you? Ah, call it five. Call it five that's fine. No no no no no. This is important. You're important. Let's do it. Let's do it at 5:00. Great. You got it. Yeah, you're gonna bring by some books for me? OK, we'll just look at some books, uh, and get going. OK, see you then. Thanks Peggy I appreciate it and I appreciate your flexibility. See you then. Bye. Sorry I'm tight I'll catch you next time. Alright, alright. Test. Hello. How you doing? Can I have, uh, the shrimp with black bean sauce and broccoli? Rice. And also Hunan Chicken on rice. Hot and spicy, please. Thank you. Hello. Hi! How you doin'? Good good busy. Yeah, we're really busy. How ya doin'? You guys getting ready to go? Gonna have fun? Alright Lo. Look who wants to say hello to you. Thank you for looking after her for a few days. We appreciate it. Hey Bets! Get out of there! We'll look forward to taking care of your mutts. Did Di go and clip those gates yet? Ah, she better. How you doin', alright? Ah, not so much. No. It's fine to me. No Artie Artie's drunk. I'll see you in a little bit. Did you just get back? Hmmm? How was your dinner? You do? How do you feel? I just like slept for three hours. Yeah, it was excellent. I gotta go to the station. You wanna walk out with me? Take her around the block for the night, hmmm? What do you say? Canal St? Eh, little girl? Gut. Wow! The girl from Cyberspace. She's everywhere. You are? Oh. O-A-T-I-O-N. I just gotta... Oh god, it was so good to sleep. What a fucking wasted day this was. Do I need my scarf? OK go on! Go Bets! OK go on! Go get ‘em! OK. OK go. She's so cute she waits for me. Oh. I'm not the leader of the pack. You are. Yeah. A little a little chilly. Not freezing, just chilly. Chilly enough. So you didn't make it to John's, I assume. Wait! Wait for me. Oh god. Hey, we should tell him that it's not a good idea to have a cocktail party the night before your opening no one will show up cause they're too drunk. Oh god. Yikes! This way. Whew! What a... oh it's just yeah, yeah. Whatever. I have a tile of a tile of dark. Thank you tho'. Thank you honey, I'm fine. I got three hours of sleep I'm tired. It's wonderful. So, um, so then tomorrow we'll just meet Marjorie, OK? That'll be interesting for you. Isn't that great that she's gonna see your show? Yeah, she called, right. Right. Right. She was the one who called. You get the message from her. You get the messages? Oh, there was a message that she called and she was just just in town today and that she was, you know, going back to Baltimore but she'd like to be in touch with you you have her card. Yeah yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. OK. C'mon let's cross the street. I'm going then. Goodbye. I love ya. Bye Bets! It's every day, huh? Too much of that, yeah. Yeah. Like one. What happened one guy? Today. Was this just today or was it just just just ongoing? Yeah. Yeah. You wanna you wanna be your own... You got kids? How many?