Beautiful, huh? Children? Take care. Hey. Just coming to say hi. Got my ticket. How you doing tonight? Alright. Just wanted to say hello. I have ten minutes. Is everything alright? I know you are. See you soon. OK, thank you. Good night. Test. Hey pal. Who loves you? Besides Nachum. Missed you last week. I I made due, babe. I made due. How you doin'? Good you got a cold. Yeah you sound... yeah I could tell. I could tell by the... you're schnotty sounding, huh? I was here. That happened last week. You missed it. I was in the prod studio. I was in the prod studio heard 4 gunshots looked out the window saw a cop car I was like, yep... well you know, I live in the city, you know? Things are rough in SoHo. Things are real rough down in SoHo. Fuckin gun gun play every night. You know I live in the big city! I know it's tough! This is nothing! I live in New Yawk! Meredith's shaving. The patch. Hey, good to have you back, pal. Ah. What are you playing? What is this? I like this. This is good. Can you play it? Can you play it? Oh, it's great. Alright. How's things Storkmeister? Good. Good. The new bin. The old bin is a little slow. Yeah. Yeah. Well, if you can remind folks, that would be good. OK, well you're around. I'm not. You have more sway over people than heads here just cause you see them. OK? If you can mention it to people. I'd like to keep it alive. I don't know, I guess we shouldn't force it if it's if it's, uh, ... well, uh... Now Stork, you talked me into that last week and I'm infinitely appreciative. I don't know if it'll it'll go for two weeks in a row, though. No, seriously, what have you got? OK, great. Well, you've got you made a great call last week I'll tell you that, that was really nice. It's interesting. How how is it? When... Oh, I Pseu played it I was like, oh what is that? He's really neat, Lol Coxhill, yeah. Sorry? I like kisses only from you Stork. Sorry? Yeah, I tried this. I tried this last week, I think. Yeah yeah. Thank god, Stork. I'm giving Stork a blow job. What, your dick's so big it's gonna knock my teeth out, pal? I do for you to get you hot Pseu! So what's the problem? Are you gonna be here for it? Are you gonna be here Stork? You don't look so good yourself there, darling! Awww. Thank you. I'm telling ya. I did have a helluva day. I drank I drank all day yesterday. You are the one. You're always the one. Thanks for telling everybody that. That was really nice of you. Joke! Joke! Jooookkkkkeee! You are funny. You are funny. Me so horny! What you doing? What you doing? Yeah, hey look at me, man. I must be getting older because a day of drinking knocks me out for the entire next day. Uh, I went to lunch. Somebody insisted I have one glass of wine I ended up with two glasses of wine, some cognac, and then I went to two cocktail parties last night and that was it. That was it for me. Hey! It's SoHo pal! It's so ho. Hah! Do I look like hell? You know you look dookey. Shit. You look like shiiiittttt. So what's up, baby? How was Iggy? Was he? Huh. Really, I in other words, he hasn't lost it, mmmm? Oh boy. When is the Führer's birthday? It's the 23rd? It's coming up. I was gonna do a Führer Führer-bash. I did one last year. I missed his birthday by a day or two. Yeah, I try to celebrate it every year. Yeah, I know. I got lots of calls. You know, I'm trying to be popular. I'm unpopular but I'm trying to be popular. Hah! God forbid. See you later. And good morning it's time for again another edition of Unpopular Music. I'm Kenny G. and I'll be unpopularizing your mind until 6 a.m. at which time Nachum Segal comes in to radicalize your politics. At the, uh, top of the set as always Beniminio Gigli from a 1931 Gala release--an aria from the Pearl Fishers by Georges Bizet. The Mothers of Invention after that with Let's Make the Water Turn Black. Something from Elephant Steps by Richard Foreman in collaboration with Stanley Silverman conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas. A multi-media pop opera extravaganza. We heard You're on the Radio and that was the great flea market find this Sunday and yes, we'll be hearing more of that. This is something that hasn't seen the light of day since 1974. Kenny G. dredging up the best of the unwanted. Violent Onsen Geisha from a few years back -- of course nothing has titles on this record so I won't even bother telling you what it was we heard, but it was good. Stereolab, something new from them Sparkplug it's from a record called Emperor Tomato Ketchup and they just keep cranking out that same old stuff, don't they? Every record sounds the same and we love it. Now, here is something coming up... here's something coming up that says warning Sonata Erotica may be offensive to some listeners so immediately, of course, I was drawn to it. It's by Ervin Schulkoff, whoever he is, but it's a classical take on a classical theme. I'm Kenny G. See you soon. It's about as offensive as Harry Met Sally. Wait. When Harry Met Sally? Gee, that was really offensive. I'm glad they warned us. The bidet was the best part, wasn't it? Now, here's another take on that same theme by Vangelis. That's right, with his rock band. The Greek cheesy film composer Vangelis had a rock band called Aphrodite's Child. I've played this before but it also says on the cover of this, scrawled in some ancient long-forgotten WFMU DJ's sloppy handwriting some of these cuts are not suitable for airplay and this cut that we're about to hear called Infinity is one such cut. And it's about as offensive as Ervin Schulhoff's Sonata Erotica. Dig. Female, uh, and I'm glad that you won the tickets. Cool. Uh, can you hear that? You never know with this goddamned classical music, you know? You ready? You ready? Shall I give it away? OK, just keep listening. Let me get this let me just let me just put you down. So wait a minute. This is tomorrow night they're doing 73 Poems. Right. Um, yeah, I'm in I'll be there. I'm gonna show up. Uh, I am just there. No, I'm not going to be doing anything. So, but this is at midnight so OK hold on a sec... yeah. Right. OK. So you, you know, you can go to 73 Poems then you go to this. OK. Uh, OK. So what's your address? I think you've heard this. Yeah, the phone's ringing off the hook for this one. Let me tell you Michael. Alban Berg. Three Orchestral Pieces, Op. 6. His most famous piece. Sure it is. Other than like like Lulu. Well, I have bought I have this Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. Actually the reason I'm playing this is this is the piece that that Adorno deconstructed so groovily. I know you love that. OK, so, give me your address. 1 C. Yeah. Wait give me your phone. I've got to... I know, I know I just got to do this yes. 749. Mike Patton. He said uh uh, he is I have him on this David Shea record. Hold on. I'm gonna play later. Yeah, no, I will I actually have here I actually have a record I found this weekend at the flea market of Xenakis's stuff. Of course I will. OK, uh, let me see. Hold on. Oh, we've got another call. Wait, let's see if they can guess it. Then then I'm fucked. Hold on. FMU. It sure is. No it's not. It is Alban Berg. Alban Berg. OK. Thanks. This guy wanted to know if it was Bernard Hermann. Yeah. OK, so. Hold on a second. Uh, no it's not the person I thought. Anyway OK this is a guy from Faith No More. I'll tell you what Michael. Who you going with to the Knitting Factory? So if if maybe we'll just go down there together, huh? Yeah, but if we're hanging out and stuff. Yeah. So, uh, sounds good. Sounds good. Yeah I don't particularly love that improv stuff but, you know, listen maybe maybe maybe yeah I know I know. Maybe we'll hang out and... I know I know I know. I just, you know, what can I say? I'll get there I promise. When you love opera I'll start loving improv. And I like a little bit of improv. I like Mozart too. Uh, so at any rate at any rate. So, what else is new? How's the show sound tonight? You just yeah you're so funny. You always sorta like tune in when I'm like hoping you're gonna be listening. I'm always like I'm always like oh I hope I hope Michael's listening to this one! I just played played Ute Lemper singing Lili Marlen and also a Paul Celan piece called Death is a Master from Germany. I'm figuring I'm doing a little Hitler thing here since when is the Führer's birthday? When is the Führer's birthday? Ah, of course, well it's not, let's see. Do we have a calendar here? Here we got the Semiotexte Anarchist calendar. Uh, didledidlediddleduhduh, ah of course they're not gonna put Adlof Hitler. Every time I sort of do this every year I kind of do a, um, a little Hitler thing and and and every year I always get the birthday wrong and every year somebody calls me up and tells me what the real birthday is. Hey, so let's say this. Let's meet up at let's meet up at at The at The Kitchen. Oh, hold on a second I got another I got another call. FMU. Who who is this? No no you have to answer the question. He's a famous anti-Semitic early twentieth century composer. You're you're amazing. That's... oh you just you just you just called. I have caller ID here.