Let's get this over with and we open up the book randomly a thousand voices against the New Jersey death penalty there's a march and rally Saturday April 20th at 11 a.m. at the New Jersey State Prison in Pren...Trenton. Stop the executions before they start for more information call 908 874 5891 or 210 642 2086. Oh, I don't know who this is we don't quite have the, uh, all the liner notes here but I bet it sounds a whole lot to me like Bing Crosby. Sure what are you looking for? Oh, right, it was Sun Ra. It was something called Black Mith from a real cheapy CD. M-I-T-H, yeah. Black Mith. Yeah, hold on let me find it I have it here somewhere. Just go to Tower. Yeah, I got it at the Tower Outlet. Um, it's a thing called Historical Masters I think they've got a bunch of them in. It's on Jazz View, um, it's called Historical Masters Sun Ra Foundation Maeght Nights, something like that and it's a real like lousy quality CD but is really great stuff. It's really quite wonderful. Maeght M-A-E-G-H-T Nights, yeah. So check it out there. OK I gotta get on the air. OK, thanks for calling. Bye. And ending up this set about little girls and little boys. The Beach Boys, right? The Little Girl I Once Knew and, uh, we stuck in And Your Dreams Come True in front of that. At the top was Bing Crosby, uh, working on a little girl with the worry with the Worry Song. Now, I think it's Bing Crosby it's one of those things from That's Entertainment 6 CD and I, you know, we don't even have the liner notes maybe we do but is... who cares? Um, Die Knoedel after that with the Knoedel Polka from their Korkstair Tyrola disc on RecRec Records rereleased in this country on the Koch label. Something really strange shows up in this station here it's Minga and Eye and this is, um, amazing recordings by the world's youngest artist Minga, a ten month old baby girl. Oh man, we get the weirdest stuff here in this station it's just it is unbelievable what passes through these doors, staff members included. Donavan after that with his great Superlungs My Supergirl from Barbara from Babarajagngl, however you pronounce that. And then the Fugs with Supergirl, their version of Supergirl from the Fugs fist album and then again, a couple of things from the Beach Boys. So, I've got this really wonderful CD at Tower they're selling all these CD's for really cheap. It's called the Composers In Person Series and this is at the Tower Outlet and it's great. You know it's all EMI stuff but it's all composers conducting their own works playing and conducting their own work and there's like really amazing things there. I picked up this Darius Milhaud CD. And it's got a great piece called Suite Provençal on it and it is a real punchy sort of dry sounding recording from 1936. OK.? So, we're gonna hear just a little, well I don't know... we'll hear a little bit of it it's just such beautiful stuff. It's Kenny G. It's Unpopular Music until 6 o'clock. See you soon. Here's Darius Milhaud conducting his own stuff. And now it is time to turn to something, wait, something called Sound Letter. I'm here for another fifteen minutes. Hi baby. How ya doin'? Nice to see you. How was your vacation? You were in Hawaii, huh? Take the kids? The wife? The bird? Ah! You're not a family man, Nachum! You're not a family man! Why didn't you take the bird? It would've had so many friends there in Hawaii. You got a nice tan. You look like a schvartza. Hey. The audience gets what it pays for, you know? They they they pay for me, man! I raised millions of dollars on the fundraiser for that kind of stuff. Who loves you Nachum Segal? And that does it for me. Ah, at the top of that set was Claude Schyer an excerpt from his Sound Letter. Kiri U U gave us Rontuska 4 and Rontuska 5. Gene Vincent, uh, Be Bop A Lula James Tenney Collage No. 1 and that goes out to Mr. Nachum Segal who actually requested that I play that song. Erik Korngold after that with Ice House and now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Nachum. See you next week. It's OK, I was just getting ready to take her out. Hey! Seven. Ha ha ha ha. Hi cutie! Come here. OK. OK. Happy to have him visit. C'mon and get him. Wanna come in and get him? It's OK. Come get him. He's checking out my dog's cage. He's adorable. We're gonna have to run again. Are you around next week? OK, because I'm gonna be watching Lois and Diane's dogs all next week. Yeah, and I'll take them I'll take them in the back so OK. Yeah, does he get along with those two dogs? He's so cute. It didn't happen. Yeah, they misdiagnosed it. Yeah. Yeah. The dog was supposed to be dead a year ago. See you around, OK? OK, come on. You wanna go for a walk? OK. Hey! Stay. Alright. I'm gonna get you. Get it. C'mere. Hi baby, come on baby. C'mon! Babette! C'mon Bets. Hey, so see ya. What? Will you take her around the block before you go? Are you gonna come back here? 3:30. Goodnight, sweetie!