Hi. I finally got some sleep. What time did you come to bed. Where’s the dog? Whose usually coming here. Where’s the dog? Where’s the dog? Did you lock her up last night? Where’s the tail? Where’s the tail? Ohhhhh. Major cleanup to do here. What tape? Ohhhh. We bad mouth everyone in the world but we can’t put moaning and groaning on! Ha ha ha! You never did! You just bad mouthed me. It’s too late. It was rolling! It was rolling! Best way to start the day. Bets! You dead? Bets? Where’s the dog? This is unusual. Cheryl, she’s old. And sweet. Yeah, that’s good. Hi Boo. Hi Bets. Hey we both got new shoes! I like your a lot. I told you I liked them, didn’t I? Well, I I guess I like them. Do you like mine? They’re good, huh? They’re about the best thing I could find. They’re like split toe but different, right? I mean I’m a little tired of those now I mean everybody got those regular split toes, you know? They’re becoming they’re becoming too much. Yeah. Listen, I think this dog needs a shower. You think so? I think I’ll just wash her. Alright? Hey, no big deal. Look, she knows where she is going look at this. Look at that, isn’t that amazing? She totally knows where she is going. I’m not but I gotta... I, oh well. I don’t think a double A battery is going to electrocute me. Again ding pho. Bets. Look at this. She’s so good. Watch this Cheryl. Aw, what? Wanna see something amazing? Stay. Bets, stay. Bets. Bets. Bed. C’mon girl. Bed. C’mon. Bets bed. Bed. Oh, look. C’mon. Oh, good girl. Pretty good, huh? She’s a good girl! She stinks. She’s saying you woke me up just to do this? You take the number 1 train or the A. Actually take the A. That’s it. A. What time do are you going? She sucks your dick and she washes the floor. And then she also, um, wipes down the dog. Did she, huh? What’s the dog doing, licking her wounds? It’s a dangerous world if you’re a little dog. It’s supposed to be 65 degrees out today! Neat, huh? I once the twice. So Andrea emailed me and said that we should show up at 7:15 tomorrow night. Tonight, I mean. Alright? What is she at six? It’s gonna be tight. Did you talk to Dan next door? What’s happening. It’s nice. It’s nice, it’s just like our not renovated it’s just, you know, normal apart. Yeah, it’s like a normal apartment. So what’s what’s up? What’s going on? They’re owned by different tenants. So, it, uh, seemed a little quieter. Alright. God, I never heard from Jon or anything I’ve got to quickly call in for mail. Ugh, a pain in the neck. Gams. I mean he’s in town supposed to be working with the guy. It looks like we are gonna leave the eleventh, that’s great. Yes. Good. Good. And when are we going to, uh, fly back when are we gonna... Alright. OK great and then it’s too bad we can’t we can’t go directly, huh? to Vegas. Why can’t we get a flight directly to Vegas? What do you mean to ask her? C’mon Panix, answer. What’s going on here? Oy yoy yoy. Cheryl, did you like that article about Swami Bruce? Kind of interesting, wasn’t it? He sounds like an interesting guy. Yeah. Pretty. Ugh. Ann Reiss. 4 or 5 for a few hours. No you couldn’t. Oh, she’s so stupid, ugh! Oh Ann Reiss is so dumb. Jon’s wife is so stupid! I knew and I save the whole day for her I’m mean she’s just so stupid. And I have to be so nice cause she’s the boss’s wife. Oh Ann. I’ve to to... Yeah. Kenny Schachter. Have you copyrighted my site? He’s such an asshole. Yeah. Oh look! It’s that time of year the sun comes in. Isn’t that nice? That means it’s spring. All spring and summer we get that weird that weird shaft of light. Um, you know the web thing it is like a marriage, man, I mean. I get these nasty notes, you know, I’m I mean I’m involved with this with Kenny whether I like it or not for quite a while. What? Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Where’s your cup of coffee? Maybe we’ll bring it back to NAFT. That’s weird, it shouldn’t do that. Be nice, yeah, I’ll deal with it let me get get out. Make! You make! Make Bets make. Good girl! Hey do. Heeeey do! Good girl! C’mon baby. C’mon! OK c’mon. C’mon. Good girl. Yes, who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl Babette! Babette’s a good girl. Yes. OK. C’mon. Go on. Go on. Come. Come on. Go. You want some toast? Hey Cheryl did you see this thing for David and Alexander? Sad. Sad to see, what? Sad to see them go. I’m gonna miss them? Sad to see them go? What? So that was an appetizer, huh? This morning. That was a, uh, salmon appetizer. It’s on. Oh, who’s gonna read it, Cheryl? The juicy vizualizaria? Is it time for a futon? Oh, so I’ve got to call my mother. I got a call from Magda is my mother gonna be up at Margie’s? She is? Is that right? Where can we go eat with Magda and her little friend? Yeah. She we go to the same place we went with my Mom that time? What? My mother will, sure she will. Believe me, she’s got money Cheryl. It’s not a problem. Mother, it’s me calling to make some plans for Monday night for dinner. Um, I’ll try you later. I’ll see you. Later. Bye. Yeah. On the 22nd? Yeah. OK. Well, yeah I’m sure. It’s the 22nd. Maybe I’ll see if Bruce wants to go. Yeah, it’s OK. Yeah, what the heck I don’t think it’s gonna be a a great opera. No big deal. Maybe Bruce wants to go or I I don’t know. Oh god, it’s Jody Zellen! OK, hello? Jodi? Hey how ya doin’? Hey, I’m sorry, you know, I was waiting for you to get to New York to call. How ya doin’? Good. How long are you here for? Oh wow, OK, um, gee, wanna have a coffee? OK, yeah it’s been a while. OK. Yeah like about a year probably. Yeah we we met last year. Right. OK well, I’ll tell you what. Who’s Brian? I don’t know him no. Well, maybe maybe a long he he had sort of when I was in LA he was there at the reading and he had sort of longish curly hair? Yes, I do know Brian. Go see Cheryl has a show up at Stefano Basilico. Good. OK. I’ll tell you what why don’t you give me a call at my office I have a phone there now. So I’m at 260-4081 and I’ll be sort of there today and tomorrow so if you want to call me that would that would probably be best when you guys know what you’re doing and... OK? OK. Yeah, why don’t you guys get a groove get some stuff done. I’m not sure what’s happening with my day I know I have an appointment at three o’clock um I’m, you know, and then I’m kind of also around pretty much tomorrow afternoon. So, um, and I’ll just be around. So let’s so just get in touch. Yeah I’ll be I should be up there pretty soon and I should pretty much be there all day. OK, Jody great! OK. Bye. Oh boy! Ha ha ha. Why do I keep doing that? I don’t hate her I think she’s pathetic she’s a pain in the ass but I don’t hate her. No, I like Jody but... Yeah it just just her way. Listen, do you want do you want a your toast is ready. How many pieces do you want? One and a half? Bets why why are you just mooning around? Why don’t you go do something? She’s gonna go see your show. Come sit down baby. It’s ready. Toast is ready. Do you think we’re eating too much of this cheese? Really? I mean it’s... we’re not eating that much of it I’m just putting a little on the toast. Yeah? I mean... So, um, so listen I want you to I want you want you to firm up plans with the French with the Bordeaux lady. I just want to do let’s just do it. Like, let’s not procrastinate any any longer let’s just get it get it. I mean the prospect for getting out of here for the summer is just an incredible one. OK? Let’s just wing it. If it works great, you know? That way that it’s let’s just... Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah just stay there for June. He can have it for July and August. You’ll take it back again in September. And if he... Yeah, yes. If we can’t it’s fine, you know, I don’t want that to be be the determining factor I wanna go if we can yes yes let’s definitely look to sublet it but if we can’t let’s if we can’t sublet it let’s say no we’re not gonna go. Let’s just go one way or the other. Well, let’s just say let’s try. Let’s give it a shot. Let’s go either way. I wanna go. Definitely want to go. No no. I don’t want to sublet my office. Yeah, we’ll I don’t know let’s let’s... You’re so negative. Go on. Uh huh. Great. You’re so negative. No, OK. Great let’s move everything to my office. Big deal. I yeah no I just think like let’s do it. You know, let’s just do it. I think it sounds great. I really want to I really wanna get out of here this summer. The prospect of splitting for July and August makes June doable. You know? That’ll be really good, man. I want to travel too when we’re over there. I fucking I want to go to Italy I want to go to Spain. Oh, this is great. I love this. I love this life. This is great, no, I’m seriously in to it. I mean you may want to did you want to call Dominique to make sure she’s not completely insane? I think you should just call her and let her know that we’re coming for July or just, you know, fax her email her whatever you wanna do and then if Dominique says she’s completely insane we’ll we’ll ditch out but I just, you know, I’d really like to just while while strike while the iron’s hot. OK. It’s something to discuss with Stefano. No, I don’t think so. No, I don’t think you should too many things in too many formats I mean there are all these people that have invested in single pieces over the years. Why would why would you just want to give them everybody a compilation? That way they’ll have to buy one and they’ll never have to buy another. Yeah, you know, right. That’s like having four great paintings and saying would you would you could we would you do them all over again but just on one small canvas so they’ll fit on my sofa like put all four on one canvas? You wouldn’t do that. They’re individual works of art. Too many... Yeah, it’s just a like the art lady club mentality. No, definitely not. That also undercuts EAI and their integrity. I don’t think it’s a good idea. No but I think they all should be made into a, you know, you know, the more popular one made into one piece on a laser disc that’s it. Individual ob, you know, that’s it. No, that’s it. These ladies are bullshit, Cheryl. They don’t care about art. So call Lawre Stone. Please, I mean she’s they’re really nice I mean we may not be so close with them but we have to call them they had a kid and we have to go see them. I will do I will go any time out to see them. I like Dan and Lawre we always have fun when we go out to these crazy restaurants I like them. Sure I like them. I like seeing them in the summer over there. I’m not against. No seriously I’m not against them in any way I really like them. I mean they’re nice people they’re really kind of your friends I would never like call them on my own but but they’re but they’re sweet and and good people sure no I mean you know I really... make make re re establish a contact and I’d like to see their baby and some time this summer I’d like to I’d like to, you know, at some point when we’re up there stop in and see them. From who? Listen why don’t you mail it off we could certainly use it. Listen, um, do call them sweetie, they’re good people. They really are. When is Ann Korman’s thing speaking of things we’ve got to do that we’re not... thrilled about. Ha ha! Wait till this wait till this tape comes out! This is May 6th. OK, zing party’s out but 73 Poems are being performed at The Kitchen in one of Mort’s multimedia extravaganzas on Wednesday the 24th. That night? Oh well it’s this is not being performed till ten o’clock and that’s it’s in the same neighborhood so let’s do both. Oh, let’s just do both that’s a great idea I’d like to go to that. Yeah. Oh that’s great and then and then we can ride ro roll up and see 73 Poems. That’ll be cool that sounds like a lot of fun and zing’s not gonna happen until for some other time. That sounds like fun. I’ll get I’ll bring home the May calendar why don’t you put at the bottom why don’t you write May 6th Ann Korman just so we have some dates and something’s happening May 4th, um, there’s something May 4th that’s important... oh yeah, just do this for me there’s a Dick Higgins opening that I’ve got to go to. We’re gonna have to schlep out to Queens College. And Bruce and Sally want to go and get Peruvian chicken afterwards with us. That that are that’ll be fun. Do you knew the Peruvian chicken place? It’s on First Avenue and like 90th St. It’s like the best chicken in the city. I know. We’ll get up early we’ll get out of here by nine. Where do you wanna eat with Stefano? No, we’re gonna be at Grandma’s birthday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. We’re gonna rot as we die. We’re gonna sit there and rot and be corpses for twelve hours. Cheryl, what do you talking we should be back in the city by two, three o’clock. I’ve got to go to Charles’ opening at... our life, it’s insane! Yeah, I mean, alright. Great great. I’m mean this is this is not required listening Jackson and Ann believe me. Yeah well I don’t really want to go to that. I’ll just we’ll all meet up later. Where do you want to eat with those guys? Honestly, where what do you think would be a nice place that’s not too expensive but nice enough for us to kind of feel classy and hang out and talk. No seriously. I mean I think it’s important and maybe we should, you know, spend a little bit more money I mean it’s it’s a celebratory dinner for the end of the show and, you know, don’t want to go to Chinatown and then like oh OK where do we go now. Like let’s go and have a real dinner with those guys somewhere. No something on the par of the Odeon that’s mid-priced I don’t mind spending twelve thirteen buck on a plate, you know, some place, you know, I think it’s a good idea, actually. You know, he’s not the type of guy you run down to the Chao Chao with, you know. Yeah, but it’s it’s I it’s I don’t know I mean it was OK it just... I don’t know. No, I don’t think it’d be right. I can’t I don’t think it’s I think those guys I think of those guys like they’re a little chicer, a little hipper. It’s a little dowdy. I was a little dowdy. I think we can find something better. Yeah, I know but they look they look good. Well he’s a European. That’s why they all stink. They wear the same clothes all the time. No, I’m joking. Yeah yeah this has worked out well I wanna like celebrate with a nice bottle of wine and a toast I mean this has worked out really well. I’m so glad, you know, it’s like the ideal match wonderful show, successful. No, this has been good. So let’s let’s, you know, let’s put out a little bit have a good time. We’ll come up with something. Yeah. It’s not not that good. That’s an idea. That was, um, pretty good. Yeah, right, no that was good. La Paella. I just I I the only problem I just remembered but it was our problem that we were rushed. Right right. Maybe a late dinner at Paella you know at like nine or something after the openings. Alright just all I have to do is show up at Charles’s at six. That’s a good idea. Why don’t you and Stefano take care of the time and making reservations at La Paella that’s a good idea. I mean that food was real really good. That’s a nice place too. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. No it’s no that’s fine I. Good idea. I’m with you. That that food was excellent. The food was excellent. Is there anything else we need to discuss? Yeah. Let’s look at the calendar. On the eleventh. Yeah, leave on a Saturday. Wait wait wait. Why? For Vegas. I’d just assume come depending on when the flights are going what time is our flight to Vegas? I’m not going to Boston. Right. Yeah, well just coordinate coordinate the whole the whole thing and then we’re gonna come back from Vegas when yeah just... so I will actually go and do my radio show on that Tuesday the 26th I’ll only need to miss two two night yeah yeah. OK. OK great this is gonna be really fun we’re gonna be on a fuckin’ whirlwind bender. Have her set up a talk for you at the school so you can get paid. Well this you need to do whatever you need to do. It doesn’t it doesn’t seem like that, yeah, why don’t you just hang a curtain. Hang a curtain. I mean just take a piece of fucking linen and you know whatever. No I don’t wanna no no I don’t wanna build walls I don’t build walls. I don’t build walls anymore, honey, I’m I’m you work on computers. Yeah, you gotta do a bunch of phone calls. Well, wait a minute. Was that an appetizer this morning? For for dinner? For a real meal? Animals. Look at how she’s she’s made her seat. Look at how she sits there. Hello. Oh, she smells so good now. Hey Don. Ha ha ha. Who told you? Who told you about that? She said I don’t fuck around with that parmesan stuff. Ay. Ay. Hey don’t fuck around with that parmesean. Hey fuck that parmesean shit. Cheryl says Cheryl like like I’ll go I’ll go to like get a little maple syrup and there’ll be like a half a teaspoon full. It’s so unsatisfying. Buddy we got a lot to talk about Buddy. I’m I’ve been at it for about thirteen years and. Yeah. I know why don’t you just throw the damn thing out? I know. I say to Cheryl why don’t you just give it to the dog, you know, I mean, do something with it! It it goes back there so you think it it or your under the illusion that there’s actually jelly in the jar cause you look in the freez in the fridge and you see a jar of jelly you go to take it out you see there’s one blueberry at the bottom of the jar. Cream of broccoli your mother says. Sitting in a... he’s got a container that’s got four kernels of corn in it... orange juice, right. There’s like one drop of orange juice. I you know buddy, we got a lot to talk about as I get older I realize I can learn some things I can learn learn what I’m what I’m what’s in store for me. Well, at least I’ll know what what lays ahead of me.