Yeah me me you and David we’re we’re gonna have a talk. Alright so, so here’s Cheryl’s back and, uh, we’re just getting ready to make plans for Vegas. Is Amie bringing a friend or... oh great! so it’s just gonna be the five of us. Fan-tastic. What? Great. Oh great. Oh that’ll be fun. Oh that’ll be fun. Maybe maybe, uh, maybe Rutsty’ll wanna come out. Cher Russ and Patti may may be out there as well. That’ll be fun. OK. Alright. So you got us tickets from La Guardia. What time is it leaving around. OK OK. But it’s it’s on the night on a Thursday night we’re leaving? And we’re coming back on a Monday? Great! Great! Sounds good. Alright. If you need need a credit card number for us? Alright. Why don’t you... yeah yeah yeah. We’re leaving on the eleventh. Yeah yeah why don’t you why don’t you tell me what the tickets ran you and we’ll, uh, send you a check up. Alright well just let, you know, let me know if you... OK. No big big and then what is the room run us and all that? Really? That’s great. Wow. That’s excellent. That’s excellent. Well, alright! Well this is good. What do you you know people. Alright Cheryl wants to talk to you about the Masters she actually looked for you on T.V. What? Alright she’s dying to hear about this I’ll I’ll hear about it from her. Alright, Bud, I’ll talk to you later. Cheryl hold on a second. Can I ask you something? Do I need to have things put on the bottom of these? Or or are they sort of... I guess it’s already got it’s already got yeah OK. Tell Donnie we got a lot to talk about. We got a lot to talk about buddy. We’ll we’ll catch up on the links buddy! Yeah, call me OK? Bye Don. Yeah. I’m gonna make my wife clean out the no actually I should do it cause nothing will ever get thrown out. It’s not gross but one pea in a bowl is ridiculous. Alright, I’ll talk to you soon Don. Ips. Stay. OK. Bets stay. Aw. Look at that! Is that a boxer? Yeah, he’s cute. Nice looking dog, huh. In the car? Aren’t you afraid he’s gonna jump out the window? Naw. Naw. Look at this one. It’s how you train ‘em. They’re not all that way. You know, it’s like what you do with them. You can make them that way. They got the potential to be that. That’s another discussion. Oh boy. Oh boy. How you doin’? Alright. What’s up with this white paint? So they’re kicking all those guys out that hang that put all that shit out there in the front? Ay, she just got a bath this morning. Fresh and clean. Clean for spring. A springtime bath for this one. I she don’t care. She can stink all she wants but I I felt a lot better about it. I can actually touch my dog again. Yeah. Yeah. Alright. This is our work route. See you later, man. Take care now. Testing. Hi is Andrea there? It’s Kenny G. Thanks. Hey I saw you picture in the, uh, Cybertimes. I saw last night I was like cool I showed Cheryl. No I thought it was just nice, you know, it’s like sort of... well you look fine, you know, I mean it’s and you know I blew it up, you know, you know you can touch on it and it gets bigger. Do you know that? Yeah it’s got one of those it’s just linkable to a bigger thing that says ada, uh, Total New York is needs more space or something like that. So I showed Cheryl when she came home last night. 7:15. What do you mean cleaning up your office? Why, what do you mean clean up? For who? OK. OK. What? Live and fly. Of snail. Uh, Cheryl said it was a real nightmare, uh, Sandra got nothing but shit from the from the people there about Cyberspace and yeah it was it was evidently it was evidently awful. Um, uh, it was embarrassing and poor Sandra. You know Cheryl’s piece looked good but she’ll tell you all about it. I didn’t go I had to go to another at Columbia but. Where’s Viv? Let me speak to her for a sec. Oh, she’s on the other line she was gonna show me how how to get this goddamned warning message off the desk oh, I’ll talk to her tonight. We’ll see you tonight at 7:15. OK superstar. Hey Bruce it’s Kenny at about noon. Hey listen we got an extra ticket for the opera Monday night, uh, you wanna go? It’s Romeo and Juliet, uh, call me I’m at my office pretty much all day if the phone’s busy it’s just because I’m on the web I won’t be on long 260-4081. Let me know. See ya. Test test. Hello. Bruchay. Wanna go? Do you know it? Who is what is it who wrote it? Gounod. Do you wanna go? OK. Oh, well we this is these, uh, is the subscription but Cheryl can’t go she’s got to teach so it’s me, you, my mom and um two we’re gonna have dinner with these two, uh, Polish girls. These were she was my assistant in Poland. I mean you can come to that or not. No no my assistant when I was in Poland, uh, doing a show and a friend of hers and they’re going to the opera but they’ve got different seats. We got really good seats. We got like like, uh uh, orchestra sort of, uh, row, uh, T or something. They’re really good. Yeah OK so you want me to hold the ticket for ya. OK great, great. Hey why not, you know, it’s a... Yeah well it’s only a few hours, yeah. OK so then. Well, probably the four look, you know, are you gonna get there for the interview? Yeah yeah no I think that should be really interesting. Yeah OK I’ll see you I’ll see you before then I’ll hold the ticket for ya. Later. Hello. Hey, how ya doin’? Um, OK, wait what lunch? Oh, yeah well we had a good time we had a good time. What’s gonna happen? Yeah but there was nothing to happen it was just a it was just a lunch. Oh know, well, there’s nothing for me to buy and... so. Hey, so listen Cheryl ends up having to teach on Monday night. She’s subbing for a friend and didn’t realize so I asked my friend Bruce to come with us whose the person who got me interested in opera in the first place. He’s a great guy so you me and him will go and I was gonna ask you where do you think we should have dinner? OK. Yeah. Yeah, I thought that was pretty good yeah I thought that was yeah I can’t really think of a better place around there, can you? What was the name of it do you remember? It was world something yeah it was like map of the world or. OK let me let me do some investigation and I’ll make a reservation. What time should we meet the, uh, show is at 8 wanna meet about 6? Should give us plenty of time, right? Is that enough time? OK. Yeah I it’s what is it it’s like Columbus and like seventy something. I let me find out. OK. Alright. How’s the baby? Yeah. Yeah. Because of the baby? Right. So they’re both gonna be there on Sunday? Great. Saturday I mean. Right right. Great. Alright, um, so you guys are having lunch tomorrow. You and Cheryl are having lunch tomorrow? OK. OK. Yeah, OK. Bruce. Bruce Andrews. We’ve he’s I did some books with him I did some covers for books for him over the years and he’s a great guy. Vedanta. OK. Yeah I’ll letchya know. I’ll letchya know on Saturday what’s up. Alright then. Alright I’m gonna go out and enjoy some of this weather. Take my dog for a little stroll and OK. It’s what. It’s open 24 hours? No I have no idea. No you’re just. No. No I don’t know it. Alright. Alright I’ll talk to you later then. Bye. Babette. Babette come. Alright man thanks for taking care of those DATs for me. No problem. Appreciate it. Good girl Bets. You make. You make. Make. Make. Good girl. I’m sorry I never heard of it. Hi good. Can I have a a wonton noodle soup to go? With, uh, can you put some vegetable in that for me? Inside OK. Just for take out thank you. What time are you open until? Excuse me sir, what time do you close at night? 9:00. Um, chili oil please. Chili oil, yeah hot sauce. OK thanks. Bye. Thank you. Bye. Hello. Is that just a baby? How old. Yeah, that’s a baby. That’s a baby. Mine’s 7 years old. Girl. Hey do. Bets Bets no no bed sit. That’s a good girl. You’re good. She’s very friendly. She’s very sweet with kids. He is that a he? Who can tell at this age? She’s cute. Is she about 9 months? Ewww. Bets go on. You can go down Bets. Down. That’s good it really teaches her to be fearless, huh? Bye. Come back again. Bye. She’s friendly. Sit Bets sit. Sit. You wanna pet the dog? You can pet the dog. She’s nice. Sit Bets. Sit. Go ahead. Aw, you’re cute. Pretty good I haven’t seen you in a while. Yeah. This park is so nice since they’ve renovated it. Well they spared them the death penalty. Yeah. Such nice guys. Right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. It’s Babette. Your old friend. Your old friend that yeah. It feels nice cause I’m. Thank you. Thanks and congratulations on the Penn Station piece. That’s really cool. You know I’m from Long Island so I’m always pass I’m always passing, you know, right around that. Actually I really like that that new entrance that they built up on 34th. It looks really great. Who was that? Really nice, yeah, it looks. Well for years, you know, it’s like the most wealthy executives have passed through that in the world have passed through that that that terminal down there it’s been so hellish. I think I think they did a good job with that renovation. Port Washington. I’m always running out there constantly. Yeah, so. Here she comes. Oh, I have an office in the Cable Building. Yeah that’s where I do my work Bets. Since I’m like primarily come here girl. Since I’m like primarily writing these days. Yeah yeah. I’m having books made and stuff, you know, like that mostly writing and Cheryl’s doing the gallery thing she’s got a show up at Stefano Basilico’s. Everything’s good we’re hoping to go to France for the summer. Look at all the kids love her. What where where are you located and what are you doing? Or you’re at the same place I saw Peter the other day for the first time in in weeks. Are you in touch with him at all? Yeah yeah yeah. How many years were you guys together? Yeah. Shit happens. Cheryl and I have been together 13 now. Oh, how is it working? Good good. She did, yeah she. Um, are you doing any gallery work? No? No sculpture or anything? It was a bad thing. Cause you were doing something on 57th St. for a while, weren’t you? Right. Is that your dog? No. Yeah. I guess if it works why why not Janis? Are they kind of creepy? They’re they’re doing some young young stuff that rue what is it called that rue rue larrey or something at Janis that thing that Richard, uh, Millazo’s doing looks interesting. Oh really. Yeah yeah. It is getting married. Yeah but I mean you’re you’re like me as that you’re diversified I mean I I keep my relation with John and Karin. They’re they’re not the greatest gallery in the world but I’m not one hundred percent involved in the gallery world so when I. Yeah so when I wanna do something when I yeah. Well the artworld always wants to pin you but, you know, I’ve I’ve tried to use it in a way that I can move in and out of it cause I’m writing hey listen I saw told you I saw when you’re brother was reading, right? At the Ear and then I ended up doing a big website I’m doing that for money for Doug Messerli for Sun & Moon so I so I put Tan’s book up. I kind of designed a little mock cover for it since it’s not out yet and I heard he doesn’t like the cover. Like this gir wasn’t it a giraffe or something no no is book is called giraffe. Lotion bullwhip giraffe. Look at this Bets go say hi go on. I know that was OK so he’s got a David Salle cover on it now? Oh god. Douglas is a good publisher, you know. And also I’m doing another book of his I’m also working for another press called Hard Press whose also doing a book of his. He seems to be doing really well. Yeah. Yeah. With Hard Press. You didn’t know this? Where is he in Harrisonburg? no he’s in which is where in Fairfax or something. Charlotte Charlottesville yeah. What does he what does that mean a critical book or something like that yeah? Yeah, no no I think he’s doing really well because like I’m in I’m in this world now and suddenly he’s like everywhere and everyone loves him and it’s really great. It’s what? I think he’s doing something a little different it’s a little more. I mean language poetry kinda dead. Yeah, no he is he’s neat. So. Is he on, uh, email? Are you? What do you mean you never log in? It’s fun. I like it. I like it. It’s like like. Oh well well oh let you him play a little bit they’re having fun. Um, wait, where did you have lunch with Andrea? When, just just today? Oh, I’m seeing her tonight. Yeah, we’re gonna have yeah I’m seeing her at 7:30. She’s cool, yeah, she’s doing really great. Alright, what time is it Maya, you know? No it’s not. Naw naw. 2:30. Hey nice to see you alright? Bets go get her. How you doin’? You guys have any dried figs today? Here’s your dog. Here’s your favorite girl. How are these? Are they sweet? They got seeds or not? They go seeds naw I can’t handle the seeds. Alright I’ll take the asparagus for now. Thank you very much. Alright take care now. Run out this way. C’mon. How you doin’? Yes. Cool. Thanks a lot. See ya. Hi. Hey Amy Kenneth. Hi Rene this is Babette I hope you guys don’t mind a dog. Do you mind a dog? Sit down. I don’t do I mind a bagel? How you doin’? Have a have a seat I’m just finishing up, uh, putting three holes in these pieces of paper it’ll take me two seconds. Do you guys want a coffee? It’s right there help yourself and there’s cups and... Do I feed Babette Danish food? You know we never saw that. Isn’t that isn’t that weird? Like I never saw that movie and everybody for years she’s seven years old has always asked me that. Have a a seat. Have a seat. Do you want some coffee or some water some cold water? It’s so nice out, huh? So, I’m I’m glad we’re talking sound here I’m working on this new piece and I’m recording everything I’m saying for a week. So, it’s you guys are actually it’s only it’s miked only so to pick me up so I I won’t really have any context of what I’m saying in terms of other people. So just ignore this. I started on Monday. Uh, just for some new material for some new work that I’m doing, yeah. And so. Uh, upper left hand corner and so c’mon now and this is a book I’ve just finished this 600 pages of sounds that I’ve collected for the last three years. And I’ll show you that. Well I’ve been doing this kind of work, hold on a second I’ve got to bash this thing it’s stuck, c’mon, aw I hate when this happens. You know. Those things. Do you guys do you work at the, uh, at the temple. Listen I gotta to ask you a question. There’s a guy, I used to live on Forsyth and Grand, and there was this little old man that was like the caretaker. Has he passed away? What was his name? Mr. Markowitz. I just remembered, yeah. Wah! Right, he’s so nice. Right right. Here we go. Really? So he when did he pass away? When did he finally pass away? I’m I was actually surprised he lived any longer than. Oh, it was that long ago yeah. I used to see him I moved out of Forsyth St. around then. Yeah he lived up the street from me. Yeah yeah he was really cool. Oh really, really. Ah. Well, he put in he certainly put in his service. What was he a caretaker or.. Sexton. That’s right, yeah. Wow. That’s totally wild. I knew yeah. No, no he didn’t and I, you know, I saw him just a few times and he was always so nice he was always so cool. And uh I’ll never forget him and I was actually just walking walking the dog today and I was thinking we’re gonna meet and I was like and he just came into my mind and, you know, pretty neat. Really neat guy. Well I was down there in the yeah. He’s gotta be he’s gotta be ancient, huh? I mean he must have been he must was he was he that young? When I saw I thought he had to be at least 95. But, uh, I I I live in that neighborhood for many years, you know, I came to New York came back I lived in New York of my wait I’m 34 I’m almost 35 so my 35 years I’ve lived in New York 31 of them. I grew up on Long Island and I went away to college and came back to New York in 85 and then we moved down to a loft on Canal between Orchard and Ludlow. Um, and we were there for a long time and then I moved to Forsyth and was. It was a great neighborhood I loved it. Do you live down there? Oh, that’s right you live on Houston. Now I live on Thompson and actually I gotta tell you I like the West Side. Excuse me for a sec. Hey Jodi how you doin’? Good, um, I’m just in the middle of a meeting. Um, tomorrow afternoon might be a good time to get together what do you say? That would. Why don’t you come over here say, uh, say how’s about how’s about 2:00? Sure. We’ll let’s then do it toward the end of the day. Kind of more like 4:30. You know where I am. Yeah 611 number 702. Same thing. OK, bye.