So tell him that, I mean, cause he’ll be flattered because it’s a great press and and Douglas, you know, sent this as being. Alright you guys. Good to meet you. Be in touch. See you around and if you OK, bye-bye. What? Sure. OK, bye. Hey Doug it’s Kenny G. How ya doin’? OK is Ken around? OK. Hey. Right. So hi. How ya doin’? Yeah, how’s everything going. Hope to see you sometime soon. I hope we can hang out or do something. When you said Harry took his first bike ride what did that mean? You put him on the back of your bike? Cool. Oh. Cool cool, Ken, I haven’t seen him in so long. So let’s get together at some point soon OK? You know, at any rate, why doesn’t this guy have a phone? Is he the guy the guy who like plays Zappa and jazz and he’s black he was like with BGO we he, yeah, OK. Good good. Well that would be perfect. We’re going to Greece, Cheryl and I. Great. Yeah great. Very good. Oh boy, do you think he it’s. Do you think he’ll he’ll he’ll be able to cover for the shifts? Great great. OK. Well those are the two dates. OK good. Well it’s extremely political as you said today earlier. Yeah. No no you did. I suggested and I think you reiterated that that we owe a lot of people favors and what goes on the links page I think is, you know, is is it’s very political. Mutual links. But then but but I mean then then our links just just, you know, anybody can put a link to us and that’s, you know, that’s not that’s not as interesting yeah we should do. OK. Alright, um, in terms of in terms of politics, you know, we shouldn’t we shouldn’t be extraneous I think we’re a great site and I think we should only have things on our links page that really mean a lot to us. Got it. That’d be fun. That’d be fun. That’d be fun. No no that’s cool. That’s cool. Yeah, just like the catalog. Well OK that then. Yeah yeah we don’t. Yeah OK, no, well OK that’s that’s if people are interested. OK yeah mutual links page. Yeah, we’ll that sounds fun that sounds good but you know, man. Right. Right. OK, well, listen it’s it’s something that will grow but I the other the other thing is the other thing is, you know, like I’m kind of learning with the uh, with the uh, with uh, the old bin, you know, things things I I wish things, you know, I wish things kind of took a life of their own and asking DJ’s to write things. You know, the new bin the old bin has just kind of languishing. It’s not on fire and I have a feeling that it’s just gonna kind of keel over and die soon and. You know but it in terms of asking DJ’s to write reviews of site, I mean, I’m getting the sense that DJ’s at the station are, you know, generally either preoccupied or lazy or uninterested in in in in doing too much else outside of their own show. Thanks, bud, why am I why am I with you guys? I’m like you. I’m like, what are we doing Ken? We wanna do shit, you know? I’ll do a few, yeah sure. Dave Mandl, you know all the people that normally do shit around here. Yeah, well, alright listen. I can just start I’ll start with the list and I, you know, I’ll leave it open if people want to contribute. I mean whatever happened to anybody else ever doing another goddamned home page at the station? We still have the same four home pages there. What what happened to you? Oh yeah, we’re all busy. I know we’re all busy. Right, right, yeah. Alright. Yeah, alright. Yeah. I saw that. I liked that. I love those those those orange monitors by the way those old old monitors they’re really nice. Yeah yeah I think they’re really easy to read. They don’t make em anymore. So, be in touch, man, I feel like I haven’t seen or heard from ya in a while. We’re going Greece for two weeks. And then we’re going to Greece and then we’re going to Las Vegas. That’s why I can’t do those shows, but uh, you know, before I go to Greece I’d like to get together. This weekend is pretty well shot. Uh, you know, um, yeah I’m going to see that Xenakis thing? How was Donna’s Xenakis show? Yeah, I heard she did it yeah. I’m going to that I’m going going to that Xenakis show and then Saturday I have family obligations but, you know, what are you doing one night after work or something. Yeah. It’s odd we don’t see each other in between our shows, you know? We’re so close. Have you been sleeping well? Yeah. Yeah. OK. So listen I’ll just just just let’s next next weekend the weekend after the 27th. Yeah. Let me know, huh? Yeah, I miss you guys. OK? See ya. Bye. Hi, can I speak to Pamela? Ken Goldsmith. Thanks. Hi it’s Ken Goldsmith. Who’s this? Hey Barry, how you doin’? Listen, what do you how did you guys finally end up feeling about 7.3? Yeah. Do you guys recommend an upgrade to it if it? OK and what’s? I’ve finally stabilized on 7.5.2. Like my system runs really pretty well. Uh, Power PC, uh, 8500. I need, well I need Open Transport 1.1. You guys have it there or I. Yeah. Oh, I see. I see. I see. I don’t care I mean I have so much memory on this thing it’s not it’s not it’s not a big, yeah, not really I got like 50k. Yah. I have one problem with, uh, and I’m hoping Open Transport 1.1 will fix it is that is that I’ll be on the web and I’ll be fine I can hang forever and everything works beautifully. The minute I close my PPP and try to reconnect right, I mean, I can reconnect but Netscape and my TCP like just won’t function. Yeah, really? Oh, wow. Right. Good, so what do you so just what should I do then? Just just bring my box in? How long does it take to to to throw that? What that’s it. Right I mean I I’m not gonna, uh, I’m not gonna, uh, start trying to do this myself. Uh huh. Right. Right. Yeah. Right. Um, alright, then OK so I’ll just just do I need to make an appointment or stop in or... Right is that about we’re not talking an all day thing. Right. Right. Alright well listen I appreciate the information I I totally appreciate your time much, you know, thanks for the hard info. It’s something I have to do I mean I’m just reluctant cause I just got 7.2 to stabilize actually I think I was I’m on 7.2.1 or something like that. 7.5.2, right. Blah blah blah. I just got it to stabilize. I’ll see you soon. Appreciate it. Later. Hello. Hey. Wow! Uh huh. Really? Can he get you any work? God. Oh man, that’s funny that he even remembered me cause I never did any work for them. Funny, god. Wow. Well, so what so what’s the story. You think you can get any work? Where are you? OK, well listen I wanna I don’t know if I’m gonna make it home. I making up little business cards for tonight. Uh, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it home. I really wanted to like rollerblade with Babette I thought it would be it’s nice out, isn’t it? Uh. Oh boy, uh. Really you’re just gonna take the train? Yeah yeah. Yeah. Come come right by cause actually actually actually I’ll see you at home. I was gonna I was gonna rollerblade I don’t know if there’s time. OK, what time are you gonna be here? Alright. I’ll wait for you here. Bye. It’s been been so long thought. Still look the same? OK, so. I’ll meetchya downstairs. I’ll be down in two minutes. OK. I’ll have a bite of your sandwich, you know? OK, I’ll be right down. OK. Let’s get going. Let’s let’s walk family. She rejected a potato chip. That’s a first! Aw. No no no. It’s alright. It’s alright. I’ll get an apple. I need something living. You know, having this thing with my ear it feels like an ear infection in that, you know, when your ear’s fucked up you feel all off balance and stuff? Yeah no I got to all the guys though there’s nothing you can really do about it unfortunately. Yeah I do because I’ve had this before. It’s really fucked up. It really makes me it really makes me feel. You know like just not here, just not clear, you know? I mean, literally my vision in my left eye is so blurry right now. Do you think eyes are serious I gotta get an apple. You think eyes are serious things? How would you feel if you went if you were going blind? It’s your biggest fear, isn’t it? Alright. Wanna hold her? No. I just want to get an apple. Take one of these. Apples are so expensive these days. Guess how much this one was. 80 cents. And I’m gonna bite you right back. This looks friendly. Apple. Wanna stop and say hello. Is this the grand old lady with all these young puppies. Shit. We were gonna go with. Uh, yeah. He’s an asshole. This guy looks like a soap opera actor? That guy in the black looks like a soap opera actor? Yeah. Or a porn actor. I’m always taping. What? That’s what she’s supposed to do. Sit in the sun. Chilly. Oh. Fuckin Jon never called me his ditsy girlfriend never called me. Uh. I don’t really care I mean I was like I didn’t really wanna see her. I thought it would be interesting to see Jon I thought that would be OK cuz people are just fucked up totally non non committal. Something like that. Never heard from her. Figured she’d even call. No, we didn’t have a real definite meeting set I just never heard from. This is so fucked up. You know what Ken called WFMU on the phone to me today? He called WFMU flypaper for fuck-ups. Let me have a bite. Is it good? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he we go again I guess this is all this is always gonna be this way. I mean what are you gonna do now? Are you gonna go back to the other ones? The other ones who ruined the rug I mean I guess this is like I guess this is occupational hazard. I’ll be it even happens to Ramon. I mean it happens twice, you know? I mean the rug is like unforgivable but and they and they... No. I know. I just think this is what happens. It happens it seems to happen to every dry cleaner so. What this guy said the worst thing to me I’ve ever heard today. Well there was this I was you know they’re doing construction on Broome St. I’m walking Bets and there’s this pit bull sticking his head out the window of some truck. So this guy turns to me and says watch out for this dog and I said why. Like he’s gonna attack your dog I’m like well the dog is in the car and the car is moving. And he’s like you never seen that happen? This dude. He says them fucking pit bulls, man, they’re crazy they’re all fuckin’ crazy. I’m like, well, not really, it’s all how you make them. I suppose they have the potential to be crazy but it’s all how you train them. He’s like no no no. That’s not true. They’re all crazy. All of them. All of them pit bulls they’re crazy. He said you think you can train a pit bull to, uh, not be viscous? I said sure. He said you tell me this: you think you can train a nigger to be smart? And I just looked at him and I said that is a whole other subject. And I walked away. And he says, I seen you smilin’ I seen you smilin’. You agree with me. You agree with me. I just walked away and was like not gonna. I was smiling like oh my god, that was the worst thing anybody’s ever said in their life, you know, I mean that was serious. Oh, he was so ignorant I was like this guy has the whole way of the world things are like they are, nobody nobody can change nobody can get better. I had the nicest lunch today. They opened this new Chinese restaurant next to you know the one I go to all the time? You know, the little greasy place. They opened this new one. You know where that nasty one used to be? Like a little bit further down? You know which one I’m talking about? There were two. Well, a new one opened in its place. It’s a real Chinese restaurant right? It’s like the most Chinatown it’s like a bakery restaurant. So I went in there I had a soup, right? I was really in the mood for a soup. So like chicken wonton noodle soup. And that was the best soup I’ve ever had. I mean it was so clean and I mean they gave me like this like, you know, one of the big containers and about this much vegetables, this much noodles, and this much wonton. And I I you know they re re redid the park on the corner of Spring and Mulberry, you know, across from the Shark Bar? And it just opened and it’s really clean. I brought that there and I sat in the sun and I ate it and oh, it was just so nice, I mean the food was just so good there. So I saw Maya Lin who extremely friendly who wanted to just talk and talk and talk. I’m sort of not feeling a hundred percent up to this thing tonight. Yeah, we’ll just go quick and, you know, oh you know. Hey so anyway your piece looked really good those snow prints are very bizarre. It’s really small. I expected it to be a full screen thing. I mean it’s really tiny I mean on my screen it was like maybe this big. I’m sorry it crashed because what happened what’s happening is that I’m not gonna go into it but briefly in order for that new browser to work it needs a new the newer version of Open Transport. I’m not even gonna explain what that means but I’m gonna get that I’m gonna get a whole new system upgrade which will include that really soon so like over the next few days. No. Uh huh. Yeah you have to have a Java browser and it’s gotta be working and everything’s gotta be working and, uh, yeah, I’m about as savvy as anyone and I don’t really have the right stuff for it. I mean it’s just, you know, six months from now more people will. You know, I mean it’s just a matter of time. It looks really great. I had fun. I liked the lines snaking across and the fingerprints and yeah, it looked really really good I mean it really is I wanted to see the whole cycle but I like it what little little bit I saw it looked really good. Know what we’ll do tomorrow. You’re gonna meet my mother for lunch, right? We’ll we’ll buy her an Art In America we should probably give her that fucking thing, you know? She should probably see that. Oh, I hate this woman. Oh, I’m so glad she didn’t see Babette she’s such a doink. What are you doin’ there? What are you doin’ there? Look how happy she is. No I she’s just like hello Babette she’s like one of these dopey women who kind of of just carry on insanely. Yeah. Cause I’m trying to be more open with them right? And so I’ll let her see that. What was the name of that restaurant we went to with my mother on Columbus Ave. It was called Map or something or. What was the name of that fucking place. It was called Globe something? Globe or Map? Alright. Hey! What are you doing there? What are you doing there? What are you doing there? I gotta find out before then, oh, well. Not really. I like that article on Swami Bruce. He sounds like a good guy. I mean it must be hard being a western monk I mean you dealing with guys like Swami, I mean, he’s terrific but he’s from another totally from another place. I think it must be so hard, don’t you? Oh yeah, I think that’s one of the reasons, you know, I mean he said that he wanted to explore that side that was sort of unexplored. Yeah, I think he’s in a he’s got to be in a relationship. I mean Zen, you know, there’s no question, I mean if you’re a Zen priest a real Zen priest you can’t have a relationship. He sounds like a neat guy. He sounds like a guy that I’d like to talk to, you know, because of the western and the, you know, like the kind of pop thing and the rock thing along with the with the intrigue of Vedanta, you know, the man spent ten years in a monastery it’s very interesting to me. John knows him, John Schlenck knows him and thinks he’s a good guy. That guy also who wrote it is really interesting Peter Ochiogrosso. The guy that writes for for Lingo and does the really the best writing in all of Lingo. I really like his writing a lot. But it was interesting, wasn’t it. I mean, you know, it brings up it brings up some... Washing the toilet with his hair that was pretty that was pretty great. Look at that face. What kind of face is that? Just look at that face right now. Ay, what are you doing there? Ay! Ay! Ay! Aw. Come here, come here. Bets. C’mere. Yeah so oh, she’s so clean. Come here! So so go on. Sit. Sit. Sit. No I think he’s a Vedantist, but, you know, I don’t think it’s any different, uh, I don’t think it’s any different at all. Look at look at. One kid goes and now now they’re all starting to go. One kid got the courage to go on the grass and now they’re all are. You know I don’t think he has a problem with Vedanta. I think he’s very much a Vedantist. Look at this. They’re they’re just like fightin’, they’re doing a fighting ritual. Watch this. These kids are shouting it’s kind of an amazing ritual. Look at this fat kid putting it. Well, it looks like they’ve got a big kid and a and a slim kid. A slim quick one and a big logy one. Some kind of wrestling. Ha ha ha ha. Junior got crushed. I guess weight wins there, not agility. He just went right under. No they are they are having fun. That little guy just got mashed. You know you think we should drop Bets Bets right there in that grassy area with them? Think they’d they’d have a good time chasing her around? It are they just hey. This guy just got himself hurt. I don’t feel that at ours, though. You know not really I mean there’s no pujas and no there’s really no I kind of find that it’s geared to an incredibly practical wildly practical thing. Like like devotion and worship in front of the idols and, you know, all sorts of oils and fruits and rituals and here comes the mother to tell the kids to get out of there. Party’s over, kids. You know? Um, whoa! Oh here they go look. Oh, they just pushed him down. He just got bashed. This big guy he just got bashed. At any rate, um, I think that, you know, I think it’s I don’t know I find it Swami’s always addressing like stress stress New York City Western issues and attitudes. The fat kid. Yeah, it looks like. Ay. She loves the sandbox. Hey. Hey Bets. Go on. Go get it get it get it get it get it get it she always loves sand get it get it get it git some git some git some. Who are you the dog?