I found... I found a tit. What did you find? He smiled. I liked I feel like, I don’t know, like Vivekananda when you read his stuff it doesn’t feel particularly Indian it feels really hip and western and open to me. It really does. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me maybe I’m not critical enough but it hits me really in the right spot this stuff I mean it kind, it sort of really consistently. Yeah, you’re gonna get a bigger one at Cyber. You’ll get a big cyber headache. Is cyber a headache? Do you have your watch on? Oh shit, we’ve got to go. Look what time it is. It’s 5 of 7. We said we’d be there at 7:15. Betty girl let’s go for a walk, come on. Betty girl Betty girl. So I met with these ladies from the, uh, synagogue today. From the Eldridge Street Synagogue. Yeah that was it was interesting, you know, they they don’t really know what they’re doing really but they they’re kind of thinking of having a few Bets stay having a few artists come in and Bets stay in the main synagogue and doing some sound pieces. You know, I don’t they didn’t really seem like they really knew too much what was going on or that much about it but they were kind of shopping around and, you know, it seems like an interesting project. They’ve got these logs that are in Yiddish. Wow. Great sweater, huh? That was cute that tight... Why do girls wear tight sweaters? They want to show off a good pair of tits. Or at least at least a good Wonderbra!! Guys don’t know the difference. I mean that I mean that was so tight as if she was wearing nothing at all. She’s got her bellybutton peaking out. Yeah. Summer’s good for that. Of course I like that. It’s a tit parade. Right. Right. It’s a fucking tit parade. Oh Cheryl, look at this dog! Cheryl look at this guy, yeah. Just a puppy, right? Look at the beard. Oh well, spinoni. What’s his name. Do you like him? Is he your dog? Does everybody stop you and ask you? Do you get sick of it? Look at him. I’ve never seen a spinoni. Yeah, see you later. Bye. Good kid. He was so cute, wasn’t he? It’s a tit parade. Dog’s a pussy magnet and it’s a tit parade. Yeah that looks good, oh, that looks really good, yeah. I’m probably gonna wanna get a little dinner after this, you know, we’ll see how long we stay there. She we call Andrea? Should we just meet her at the Roxy? Where is the Roxy, 17th St? I mean how are they they’re probably all gonna pile in a cab and go over there. Maybe we should just meet them there. What do you think? Yeah. Here’s a cute dog too. Look at it it looks like it just got a haircut. I think it’s from I’ve seen it in my building. He’s a cutie, huh? What did you think of the spinoni? Look now Bets is gonna pull she’s it’s that time of the night. She she knows what’s coming. Just dropping the dog off no no no just dropping the dog off. What I gotta sign my dog in? Get outta here! What should I do, sign the dog’s name? Rover. Seriously, I mean, this dog doesn’t need to be signed in. It’s a mascot. Animals don’t sign in. They thought that was the funniest thing they ever heard. Such nice guys. They’re cracking up. C’mon. C’mon Rover. Look look look you see, it’s already setting in. Yeah, she’s so sandy. Yep. Filthy, I just washed her. You signed the dog in as Rover. Rover. That’s an old fashioned word, huh? Hey Rover. Hey there how you doin’ alright. Come on in, Bets. She know. She’s she’s smart in her own way. Oh yeah some really really praying in my heart and soul. Let’s call Andrea and tell her we’ll meet her meet her at the place. I don’t feel like dealing with adaweb. It’s just a machine. Oh, fucking pain in the ass. Okay c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon! Put it down! No no no c’mon we’re yakking, let’s go, we’re together. It’s so hard to get anywhere, isn’t it? It’s so hard to leave your house in the city. You like the little cards I made for the UbuWeb? They’re cute, aren’t they? What does it look like? Why are you coming. Cause you’re gonna look you need a job, that’s why and I I need jobs and if I get jobs you get jobs. Right. That would that would be nice. You do, do ya? People ask me that all the time and I say I really can’t tell you. What’s today’s date, the 18th right? 4/18. I like you know the girl the the Eldridge Street wanted one wanted today so they’re like how much does it cost how long does it take? I’m like well, we could do something really simple that could take one day or we could do something amazingly complex that could take a year, you know, I mean what I can’t say that, I have to see what it is. People always ask me that it’s so not answerable in in any kind of a way. So, you know, like this woman I’m doing this job for the NYU thing. She’s got fifteen hundred bucks to spend I said look that will get us started. I said I’ll be honest with you I said cause she’s gonna want an estimate for more work I said you know I end up if this ends up taking me a lot longer than I think, then my estimate is gonna be much higher the next time around. But if it doesn’t, you know, my estimate will be lower. Fifteen hundred bucks I can I mean I know I can whip that off, you know, if I worked full time for a week if I worked five days straight on it I can, you know, I mean I can have it done like that, you know, that’s 40 hours and 1500 dollars a week, that’s really good money, that’s like 40 35 bucks an hour. So, you know, but... that seat’s a little bit scuzzed up? Who. So at this thing I don’t think they’re gonna be asking how much does it cost I mean everybody’s who’s there knows what it costs. I mean people will be like oh I’m looking for a designer I have a client. I don’t know, I don’t know what it’s gonna be. I’m not really feeling like a thousand percent up for this kind of thing, right. What? I had a talk with your father. That was that was funny. About you guys hold it, you know, you kids you and your mother putting one pea back in the refrigerator. Did you talk to anybody today about plans did you speak to Greece did you speak to France? He was really nutty huh? Was he busy? I guess he wasn’t really busy not not much to do but sit around and gossip New Age with you? That’s not a good sign. Was the phone ringing off the hook? Did you take a test? Did he like your portfolio? Well, I mean he’s still in business and I saw him three years ago and so he must be doing something. Cheryl. Kachoo. Cheryl, what was that other one? Hey-ya! Hey-ya! Hey-ya! That’s pretty good. That’s really good. That’s very good. It’s great. A little kid singing. Singing in the subways? Very cool. Oh god. I would play something like that on my show. I played a cut of we have a cut of a ten month, uh, a ten week old, no, ten month old baby singing, you know, like on the track. Yeah, just making noises and stuff. It was really good. That was good. That’s that’s good music. Here we go we gotta give these guys some money. That’s pretty pretty good. Everybody thinks so. Gotta get off. That’s terrific, really, they’re doing really well too. Took them from five to eight, that’s good. Well, you know, we’ll see what he can do. He’s gotta eat, right? Maybe, you know, maybe they’re just illegal immigrants or something and they can’t do much but, you know, it’s kind of an amazing thing, yeah, it’s like the kid grows up to be this great singer... yeah, I used to sing on the subways with my father. It’s really pretty pretty remarkable. I like that, you know. That guy, I mean the Rocky Mountain High guy was just a bummer. His whole thing was a bummer. If it hadn’t been for that odd encounter, but I guess that’s New York. That was such a that was such a memorable thing. That was as good as the as the swinger as the swinger. We see some funny shit on the subway, yeah. We like the subway, don’t we? We gotta look for some cabinet. We gotta look for some cabinets for our cabinet. Well, I may I may I may. Fancy place. No. It’s just a strange and fancy place for working people. Alright they look like nurse’s shoes. C’mon. C’mon Cheryl, we’re we’re running late. Look at the place we used to go for therapy is shut down or maybe it’s not. Yeah, uh, I don’t know. I don’t like ‘em. They didn’t hit they didn’t hit me right. Yeah yeah, no it’s good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good for them, you know, yeah. So, where are they? Oh, they’re down a little further. I either need a drink I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m so so out of it. Is it here? Oh god, look at this place. All these shirts. Yick. Not mine. We’re sick of each other. My dream is go what were gonna do this summer. Starting with Greece. Now that’s, that’s the dream. Slow down, girl. I don’t why. I mean I didn’t practically do anything today. Ever since Monday, ever since I drank and stayed up all night. I didn’t used to be. Gettin’ old! At 35 can’t do the things I used to do at 25. Thank god. Huh? Wait a minute! Is this is? It looks so different here. So clean. So clean in here. Wow! It is so clean here. It is so... I didn’t recognize it in here. It’s so clean. Unbelievable. Andrea, it’s so clean in here. I’ve never I didn’t recognize this place it’s so clean. Look at everybody’s got a rag in their hand look at this! This is good. Get a give me some Windex. Why didn’t you say anything? Yeah I was, yeah, I’m glad I missed that. I’m surprised that... yeah, I wish somebody had, I wish somebody had said that. That’s exactly what Cheryl said to me when she came in. I heard the whole... I hate to say no to artists. It is so clean here. Yeah, I can’t I can’t figure out when to when to push that. I mean it just keeps shutting, shutting everything down. I had to take it off my machine cause I just couldn’t handle it ‘cause I just couldn’t handle that stupid warning, you know, I hate those things. That you’ve got to register it? No, this one was coming up every time. Yeah. Oh yeah. Right. Yeah yeah then just hit it down then release it out. I tried like six different ways of doing it and it never worked. It’s not that important, you know, I mean it’s... yeah yeah cause I tried I tried sort of a command shift and I tried all sorts of different things and nothing was really working I said finally I’m wasting my time just to get a silly looking look on my screen. Enough is enough already. Find out, yeah. Because if that was the case then anybody was is restarting without their extensions who is holding down a shift key... No seriously, I mean then anybody it’s gotta be there’s got to be some other trick. I thought it made it made it look groovy enough, you know? And I got Greg’s buttons and that it, yeah, you know, it was fun, like it. I like the look. Anyway, yeah, c’mon. Let’s look through your mail. Let’s find it. And they’re so much more interesting this way than they were than they were originally. Suit is good. Suit of. Cause did you did you actually finish that? That bottle. I can’t it’s just incredible. It’s so clean in here I didn’t recognize it. It’s unbelievable. Good job. You’ve really go everybody cleaning so beautifully. Nice to meetchya. Yeah, it’s really catchy. No no no I like that The Primary Group. What does it mean? Primary. Andrea, your window looks terrible. This is this is this is not this is not this is not acceptable. This is really not acceptable. This is not acceptable these windows. You know, I didn’t recognize it when I walked in. Unbelievable. Oh, for the party I was last here. It looked totally different. I was thinking more of cleanliness. Your area is just so just beautiful now. I was gonna say this was a mess. No really, I was gonna say this desk was a mess. What are you gonna do with all that other mess? Andrea your windows look like shit. I can’t believe you did those windows? They look awful. This is not this is unacceptable. This is unacceptable. Stay. Benjamin, get rid of her and listen, will you straighten this desk up please? No, his windows look good. His desk is a mess. And what about that bar? What are you gonna do about that bar? Paint it for tomorrow. Clean it up! Bye. Oh, we got to go all the way down to the Knitting Factory? Are you coming? You’re such a celebrity on the web. Did you see Andrea’s picture? But is says that that was Total New York’s site. Space. Where was that? Was that upstairs? Who’s in the background? Were you in the background? Why are you guys cleaning so desperately? Did you clean too? Did you clean your area? I would love walking in there and seeing all you guys with Windex bottles. I think it’s so adorable that everybody The Primary Group has got to clean. The one will go. The one will take us, uh, to the Knitting Factory. Let’s see. Where’s... yeah, you guys are tiny. You can count as one. Cheryl, I think Claudia may may be tinier. How how are you who’s tinier. Cheryl are you tinier than Claudia? Oh, no. She’s 5-2. Andrea and Viv. You’re we’re all about the same size. I saw Maya she said she she was coming yeah she was that was nice. She said she just had lunch with you. It looks good but I had the I had to get the, uh, what is that that silly new browser called from Netscape, that preview thing that alph, what is it, Alpha or Atlas. Yeah, I had I had, well, it’s Java. 2.0.1 does not does not have Java. 2.0.1? For what, for what? 2.0.1? No, it’s not I mean I have it it doesn’t it never goes. I had to what 2.0.1? What do you think? What do you mean it’s beyond you. I thought you... The what? I got 2.0.1 and it doesn’t have the it doesn’t have the it’s not Java enabled so I have to get do you have Open Transport 1.1? One you have 7.5.3? How do you like 7.3? Is it stable? I am. I love it. Really. 7.3? Is it? This is good I’m gonna really? I’m gonna do this. Well, I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna get I’m gonna do this because 7.5.2 is real shaky and I need to see Cheryl’s piece on that Java enabled thing which only runs with 1.1. Actually I spend half my day downloading software. No no no I’m gonna have somebody do it I’m not gonna put I’m not gonna do it myself. I’m not going to yeah, but I, yeah, but what? Cause you have reinstall 7.5.2, a fresh copy of 7.2. Oy vey. I’ll pay someone. OK, come over! Come over, Viv! Of course I have a Zip Drive. What kind of question is that? I do. Alright, you wanna come over? What are you doing after work tomorrow? You have nothing else to do, see? So, Claudia the numbers and the versions and all this are not part of your domain? The problem I find with the with 7.2 and the Open Transport 1.0.8 is that once you I can get up and stay up forever, sounds like sex, but once I go down, I just can’t get back up again. It’s true. I mean, it’s true. Do you have that problem? Like you’ve got to restart your whole machine if you wanna just jump back on again? It just doesn’t that just I heard 1.1 Open Transport 1.1 fixes that. I had to talk to the techie and I was like, I can get up once and I, you know... I was like. No but I did it just felt like I can, you know, it was really weird. It was really strange. So I I find it so bothersome because all day long all I’m doing all I’m doing is is is starting and restarting my goddamned machine a thousand times a day. No no. I’m glad to hear you have that problem, I mean, not glad for you but I’m glad to hear it. It’s nice, no, don’t don’t take it personally. It’s not like a personal thing. Seriously. You do you do a good job of keeping your computer clean. I know, why me? I always feel like, why me? I get this victim mentality, like, maybe I should just get a maybe I should just get a Windows machine. So then, what do you what do you do you design the sites? Which is really nice. Beautiful. I really like it. Cheryl. Can we buy tokens, Cheryl? Yes. So so what happened then? How do you finish? So now you’re. Oh so you’re not you’re not like working there full time you’re like freelancing at Total? Primary. Good name. And you’re in charge? Congratulations. That sounds like an enormous enormous amount of responsibility. So you’ve you’ve been working at home? But you’ve been working for Total while working at home. They’re really great looking, I mean, they’re really beautiful sites. You did that? Can you send me a list of those URLs so I can look at them that you did. It’d be nice. Nice to see more. You know, it’s all right, I mean. Some things some things call for that, you know? Not everything can be art. Why? When did you start going in on site there? Oh no really? You’ve still been working at home? Where do you live? What did what do you have live?