Want something else? All right. You what? Yeah, just fuck it. You got a three hundred dollar gift certificate. It's what? Coming in circles? Oh, wait a minute. We gotta look at what track it's on. We gotta look at the board. Track 15. Cheryl gets the comment made about her shoes. Her day's made. Cheryl, are you an intellectual? Are you a shoe lover? It's so gross. These trains are so filthy, aren't they? They're disgusting. Every seat is one seat is more disgusting than the next. Want one? All right George. I got it. I got it George. Do I start to act up on the train? So are you dreading this totally? All right. How is it? Why you laughing at me Oprah? Is it good? Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Listen, can I incite Max to do some really bad things today? Be a little nicer? Be nice I I know. I'm just saying that. Remember when he took that hammer and tried to smash that glass? Wasn't that? That was so funny though when he went and did I wanted to see that thing shatter. I I would have that would have made my day. That would have made my year, man, if Max takes the hammer and bashes Grandma's beautiful chest. Ha ha. He really hit that thing hard, didn't he? Yeah, a big a big slice of it could have just come down and killed him or cut his foot off. That would have been that would have been humorous. I know I. I understood that from the last time that we were there. I'm gonna be a lot nicer now. I may whisper a fuck you in his ear or something. To make my sister uptight, of course. I have to use the bathroom, dear. Yes? Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah, so what's so what's new? What are you doing? Wanna have sex? Huh? C'mon mama! Let's have sex in the Plandome train bathroom. You didn't even squat. How's your book? What did you know that Doovie Doovie was a tuba player? You never knew that about him, did you? So, let's let's uh, take a car later and go look for some yard sales. This thing what it starts at eleven I think it'll by one it'll be well over. We'll take an hour go cruising around go looking for some yard sales and we'll go back, you know, the day's pretty well shot anyway. What are you doing the rest of the day before I mean I wanna go to Charles's opening, that's all I'm doing. Which opening are you seeing? Ew! You're gonna go to Thomas Nordanstadt's gallery? And so. I think everybody felt that way. I think that it's really good if we if as a matter of fact it kind of grew yesterday in its form it kind of, um, you know, it's a mixture of of planning and intuition and spontaneity. I mean it just kind of grew differently yesterday, so yeah, I think it's very good. I think it would be very beautiful. I think it would be a good I like what happened yesterday I mean it's a good I like what happened yesterday with the chapters. What a great way to make a structure. You know you you based on chapter. It's very good. I'd like to do more, actually. I feel like I'd like I wouldn't mind doing another session because I feel like kind of part way through it we began to get an idea of how rhythms could work, I mean if you painting me from what's the difference with you from a twenty minute chapter to a, uh, ten minute chapter. It's gonna be a visual equivalent of the amount the formal rendering of of my formal rendering. I think it's very good. I think it gonna be really good. Do you? Well, they've got nothing else to do. Trying to perfect your life. Well, you know, they thought that the grandchildren were gonna be the answer to it all and I guess it wasn't. So they've got to continue to look for some kind of a solution. It just becomes more and more elaborate. It won't ever stop. That's that's no, well, well they figure if one wasn't gonna be enough to make them happy they're gonna try two. Sure. Sure. It's insane, you know, they're gonna do what they're gonna do but the whole the whole thing is pretty insane. They they're just looking for happiness and they think that, you know, a new kitchen is gonna make the country house better. Well you know on some level it will but on some real level it won't make any difference at all. You know, as if it wasn't nice enough to start with. I don't know. I don't know. It it seems just like more restlessness. I don't know, no, I don't see it as anything new it's like what they're always doing. You know, but they never seem to get a whole lot happier and... well, yeah, why not, you know, hire some expensive fancy landscaper and see if it makes you any happier. It's a weird idea to me. Well, Cheryl, there's deg there's degrees to everything. Yeah, but each each doesn't stand for different for different person, so, you know, I mean, anyway. I just let them go about doing what they want to do. It just seems it all seems a little bit over the top to me. I know, it's all for my father, who doesn't really swim much but he has some kind of idea that it will bring some kind of enlightenment to his life. Well, I don't know, Cheryl, you know, everybody wants to spruce up their lives a little bit and there's nothing wrong with that but the obsession with which my parents go at it is not healthy. It's just all material, you know, it's just all material. But they're gonna do what they're gonna do so that's what they're gonna do. No one walks, it's not funny at all. Everybody's got a car here. Why should there be sidewalks? I don't know, I don't let it all bother me. I I don't I just I hear it, you know, and I go OK. But I kind of know what's behind it enough, you know? I kinda I kinda get it and, you know, that's what you gonna do that's what you're gonna do. Yeah, the Marty Stern thing I'm not really thrilled about. Dr. Mengele. The best piece of art I ever made. I'll never do anything better than that. As a matter of fact, you know it's got shit growing on it? What ever happened to that other thing? I think it's in the water. Look, it's got grass growing on it. That's really funny, isn't it? I think that thing that thing went in the water long ago and it's gone. There it is! My brilliant career. I'll tell him that now. Here we go. Down into the abyss. I'm going down, man, I feel it. I'm going down. C'mon. I'm going down. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. She's a big sleeper, huh? A little bit, he asked a few questions. What he did yeah, yeah, yes. I think it's a really nice piece. Let Dad read it. Can I have a coffee, Ma? Is it ready? This one? Where's when the rest of the people? No kidding. I'm glad you read it and maybe give you an understanding of the book. Explain it. Right. Good good. Sure. Hello sister. Happy Birthday. I thought of you yesterday. Let's wake her up. Look at the, uh, is she dead? Dead baby blues, remember that? Who is that? Yeah. Is she sleeping more than most babies do? Sue who? What Sue? You better change that. Oh boy. Oh boy. You had better change that diaper. She's tiny. Cheryl I'm not going to be doing what Margie's doing. This is woman's work. When we have a kid you are gonna be I pick up the dog shit. You don't pick the dog shit up. You do not. I do. Always. Have you ever picked up the dog shit? Rarely. Margie, she's so adorable. We love Isabelle. Ma, did you find where you needed to go yesterday? Did you find where you needed to go yesterday? Yeah, did you find your way around? Yeah, especially downtown, it's hard. Well, both of them are difficult. The West Village is difficult. So, I'm gonna so tomorrow I'm gonna find out the name of that restaurant I'll call you cause I'm gonna be up there. Oh, map something like that. So, um, is Ellen and Marty coming today? Where's where's Max now? Oh, doing what? Where's Dad? When is he coming back? Yeah Bruce knows it. He has it. No, I don't know much about it. He likes it. Yes. Um, I don't know. He really loves opera. He is the man. He's the opera mensch. No, he just he loves music. He's a musician also as well as a writer. Yep. What have you got there, chopped liver? Um, look who's here. Oh, he doesn't. Ay, boy. How you doin'? Max, are you crying? Is that you? Who's crying? Max, can I open it? OK, you open it now, honey. Max. C'mon Max, let's go say hello. Max, what does the dog say? What does the duck say? What does the lamb say? You're getting too good at this. Come this way. Come this way. Max, what does the fish say? Max, what does the fish say? No, he just did that. Do it again. Do it again. We're going for a swim, wanna come? We are going to now. Silly Kenny. Silly boy. Come, let's see the water. Max, you're gonna go down. We're not going there. Let's let's we're not going in the water. I'm I was only joking. I just want to see if you see any fish. Sometimes you see fish. You see little crabs. You know what a crab is? You know what a crab is, Max? You see any fish, honey? If you look close you can sometimes see fish. Isn't that pretty? Do you like the water? Do you see the shells? Do you see those shells? Yeah, those are shells. You see the fish live in them. You wanna you wanna see a living fish? Here, I got one. Hold on. There's a fish inside this shell. See how it's closed? The fish lives in that's the little home of the fish. Inside lives a little fish. OK. OK. Uh, here's the fish house that's gone. Max, have you ever seen a shell before? Where? Indiana. Yeah, do you like fish? Where let's find a horseshell, uh, a horseshoe crab. They're always along the beach here. Let's find a horseshoe crab for Max. Where? Let's see it. Sometimes you can find them up here. We're looking for the crab. Max, that's a boat, honey. That's a boat. Here, let's look for the crab. Crab, oh crab! Maybe they're maybe they're down by the water. Look for one for Max. Oh crab! Where's the crab. Oh crab! Oh crab! Oh crab! Max, honey, the crabs are not here today. Do you know what a crab is Max? Huh? Max, do you know what a crab is? Have you ever seen a crab? What was it? What is a crab? What's a crab, Max? It's a water bug. It's a bug. Do you like bugs? There's usually so many crabs out here but maybe it's the season, maybe they're just not born yet. Max, maybe all the crabs are just babies like Isabelle. Do you think Isabelle's a crab? What is Isabelle? Isabelle's a baby crab. How would you feel if your sister was a crab? You would like that? Would you you'd have to say all your friends this is my sister Isabelle. She's a crab. She's not a human. She's a fish. Max, what do you think? Would you say that to your friends? What do you say to them now? Isabelle, she's a what? A baby, right? Max, do you like the water honey, or no? He's grabbing my finger. Max, pull my finger. Pull my finger. Pull my finger. Pull my finger. Pull my finger. Ugh. I may poop if you do that. Would you like me to poop? Would you like me to poop? Oh. It's here. He's not understanding that. Max, can I eat the shell? Why not? Max, put that in your pocket, honey, and take it home. Max told that Isabelle is not a baby human but a baby crab. Very nice, huh? Is he cute? Is he cute? Max, what does the rabbit say? Max, can I throw you in the water? I I bet I could throw you right out to that grass out there. But you know how to swim, right? You are allowed to scream at the beach. You can scream if you want. His what? OK. Throw it. That's a rock head. Max, where's the cat? Do you like that cat? Do you like cats? Oh my god, Scottie! Hey Scott, that's pollution, man. He's polluting Max. Your daddy just polluted the water. That's not good. Where are the grandparents there? Nice throw, Cheryl. Max, here's a crab. Wanna take it inside with you? Give it to your mom. Give it Grandma. Give it to Grandma, OK? Put it in Grandma Judy's bed. Under her pillow. Just put it under her pillow. David, Uncle David. There's Uncle David sitting there with Philip. Cheryl, look at this thing. What is it? Scott, what is this? Max chair. Max, look at this rock. Pretty, huh? Give the crab to Grandpa. C'mon. Max, did you smell these flowers? They smell so good. Try to smell this one. Max try smell this one. How does it smell? How does it smell, like what? What does that smell like? Give the crab to Grandma or Grandpa. I don't know. I just found I just found him. Don't bother. Good to see you. Very good. Ay. Hi. Good to see you. It's been a long time. Good. It's been a long time. How you doing? You just came back from Florida? How was it? Yeah, you can't you don't like it there, huh? Eh. You remember Cheryl. Hello. Happy Birthday you. Hi, how are you? What have you got there? Yep, yep. What are you holding there? Not mine. Scott, what are you guys doing here. Today's not a work day, is it? Oh, what. Where's Mickey? What is it, I thought you were working today. Oh, she's awake. Oh, not at the moment, thanks. Maybe later. Yeah yeah. Let me see if I can get anyone anything. Sure. Sure. Can I get anybody a drink? Would anybody like a drink? Using some chopped liver. You can throw that back on the tray there. You think we got rules here? They're very much like David's. Yeah, me too. I like your pants, though. Yeah, they're very nice. Cheese and chopped liver. Can I get anybody a drink? David, anything? What do you want? A glass of wine or some...? What do you want Grandpa? All right I'm gonna leave this stuff out here. Hello hello. Aw, we're comin'. Who's that? I don't know. Who is that Grandma? Did you know who that was immediately or no? Who's Babette? She loves that. Do we have any gin or scotch? That's what they want. That's what they want. Uh, on the rocks. Give me the Tanquerey. That will be fine. Uh, I didn't didn't say anything like that. At 11:00 when the party was called for. You were the one who was late. I know certain. Certain things are important. How you doin'? I'm gonna give this to the guests. Do you want a drink Grandma? I'll get it for you you want? Blow your nose. No, I'm giving you a tissue. Did you get my letter? Good. Max, I got a present for you. Here you go, honey. That's from your Uncle Kenny. You like that present? OK, I will wipe them off. Ma, here you go. Let me, uh, I'll wipe the chairs down. You enjoy it? Good, I'm glad I'm glad you got to see it. Yeah, well the others, the others are not interesting. Did you understand the article? You got the idea though? Did it give you an idea a little, uh, a little idea of what I'm up to? Good. We'll talk more about it. Let me wipe down the chair for Grandma. OK, did you wipe this one down yet? Yes'um. I'm gawna Mr. Johnson gawna clean all 'yo chair fo' you now. Gon make that chair nice 'n clean. I'm gawna make it clean fo' 'yo. I'm gawna make it fast 'n I'm gawna make it clean fo' 'yo! I don't I do I do it out of love. Not money. OK. That's nice and clean. What's the matter, this is not clean enough for you? Do you want me to clean your chair too? You do? Cheryl, would you like anything to drink honey? How about a glass of wine. You want a glass of wine? Wouldn't that be nice? I'll have one. Where's the wine? Where is it? Are they are they cold? I'll have white. Scott you want anything? Hi Ellen. Good to see you. Hi Marty. Good to see you. Very good. Ellen, can I get you a drink? A little like water, wine or a little something? Marty, what can I get you? You want a glass of wine or water or? Go out on the porch. It's beautiful out there. Aren't I sweet? Scott. So what happened? Anything happen with that guy at work? The guy that that you loved your ass after you saved his shit? Really. He you're loved one day couldn't give a shit the next. So much for for allegiance, huh? That's amazing. Yeah, uh huh. Big deal. Sally, you want just one? Sure. How's that? What could be better than a little wine. Cheryl, Cheryl just a little bit of wine? Nice and crisp? There you are. OK. So, three or four minutes would you like a glass of wine, Ma?