I mean I I I'm not paying attention to that really. I'm not much of a political animal. Yeah, he's a charismatic bright guy, but I think in the end he was ineffectual. But. Ah, he was nothing. Koch was an idiot. I mean this is, you know, I think Guiliani is doing good stuff in the city. Yeah yeah. It's it's he making, you know, a lot of business activity, uh, a lot of people coming in, uh... I love it, yeah, I love it. Yep. Oh, yeah it's incredible, it's... yes, oh it's an incredible place to live. We've lived I guess 5 years and either 5 or 6 years we lived on the Lower East Side which was interesting but, I think, we're happy to live on the West Side now. I like the West Side. No no no, we're we're we're getting there. We have an apart we have a very small apartment, tiny. But we don't mind, you know, it's, uh, big enough and, you know, in New York you don't entertain in your house unless you've got a big house so you go to restaurants. You entertain in restaurants. We're out every night we're out all the time we don't need a big place. It's like a hotel room or something. We never hang out there. Oh, we got two two rooms. We've got a bedroom and then the other room is a combined living room kitchen dining room and we can't even fit a couch in there. But, you know, the action in New York is on the street. It's not in the home, you know, we have a the dog and one thing we love to do is just take the dog for a walk you see the most amazing things. Yeah, it's very exciting. It is, yeah, you really do, no, it's very rich. Until we. Until we decide to have a kid, which'll probably be in about three years from now we'll have a kid and we're fine. And when we need a bit more space, then we'll get a bigger place. Yeah. I have a little office. I have an office that's even smaller than my apartment. That's on Broadway and Houston and... No, no it's an office. It's a little office in a Stanford White building. It's nice, it's small. I have my computer there and I'm all set. Millions. Too many, too many. All we're doing is all we are is social. It's tire tiresome sometimes. Yeah, yeah, we'll, that's why we're gonna wait a few years. Max, where's the crab? Where's the crab? Where's the crab that we found outside? Huh? Where's the crab, Max? What what noise does the crab make? You ready? You wanna hear the noise the crab makes? Can you do that? Right, that's the noise of the crab. Hey Max. Who's this? Who's this man here? This one. What's his name?  Yeah. Grandpa did you hear that? Is he cute? Is he cute, Grandma? Is he cute? Who's this? You like this kid, gramps? Is he cute? What does he want, Margie? What does he want? Wait a minute, I had lunch at the Museum of Modern Art. Cocktail party. Then she had to teach. Then we went to an Internet party. We were zonked. This week has been really nuts. No, next week we've got Peter Halley's thing, uh, we got the opera, we're going to the opera with my mother on Monday night. I love opera, yeah. Romeo and Juliet. You like opera, David? Yeah, I love it. Well, I got my Mom into so we got season tickets for the Met. Yeah. Did did you spend a lot of time at the Met? Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday, oh look at that face, to you. Happy birthday dear Grandma, happy birthday to you. Max, put your hand in the cake! Yay! And Barney. You don't wanna know, Grandma. With who? Why didn't you call me? Was it good, Dad? You should have called me. I would have gone with you. Next week, all right? You went to the same place? Were they nice? Same people? We'll go, you wanna go this week? You got a free day? That'd be fun. I'm glad you like it. It was how was the jap chee? Was it good? It was the noodles, yeah. And and what did you have with it? Was it some place you'd take a business associate? It's good it's good food. Grandma, you've got a lot of family around you right now, huh? Ohhhh. Look at that bowl of strawberries. We can go we can go all the way. Who? Who is this, David? We don't know him. OK. I like Gigli. I play this I play him on my radio show all the time. Well, let's see, I think we saw Pavarotti and we saw Domingo. Carreras we've never seen I think he's. We saw Pavarotti at the Met and my Mom and Cheryl and and I this this season saw Domingo singing Othelo at the Met. Who is this? Is that what happened? We don't know. Give us the dirt. At least he's not gay. Said Scott. You know I always thought I should should move to those Latin cultures. Oh, and I had to be and I had to be Jewish! Cheryl, it's not it's nice ice cream. You know, you want to know where this finger has been? That's another. In the basement. Could I get him could I get him to throw some food? Would it would it would he do it? Who? You think he'd pick up a piece of cake and throw throw it at the wall? Dad, you should have seen when we were at Margie's and Scott's house, he had this plastic hammer and he went over to Grandma's big chest that they have in their dining room and blasted bashed the glass. It came so close to breaking. I laughed. I laughed. Is he cute? Is this mine? So what tell me what are your kids up to? Yeah, where does she teach. What do you mean they live in cars? Where is this? They live in cars? I've never heard of such a thing. Margie was in touch with her, wasn't she? Up in Boston? Marge, he's eating with his hands. Is that all right? Is that all right? Is that all right? Look at the hand going into the cake. I like this kid. What noise does the crab make? Is he cute? Yeah, good child. Dad, look at this one. Totally asleep. So is she gonna sleep her whole life? Wouldn't it be weird if she just slept her whole life? You wanna go there one day this week one night something like that? Could you stand it again. We could go somewhere else. We could get some Japanese food. Remember that expensive place we went we didn't go? They want sixty bucks a meal, something like that? What'd I say? What did I say? Isn't it still? Paris and Las Vegas. Well we're gonna go see the Acropolis and then we're gonna go directly see Caesar's palace. We're spending the we're going with the Donegans to Las Vegas for Memorial Day. That should be fun. Been sedentary since India so. Oh, she's gonna stay the first leg at downstairs cause starting tomorrow we we I take care of the three dogs for a week. They're going to Florida. So, that's what we're going to do this week, so they'll pay us back when we go. Yeah, maybe Margie, yeah maybe Max would like to have a little dog for two months. It'd make him happy. She's so easy, just open up the door, let her go. Ah, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Yeah, Bob, yeah Bob would do us that favor, wouldn't he? Yeah. What's happening with Bob? Has he got anything anything going on? What? What's happening with it? What so he was gonna be in there by the summer but it's not gonna happen till when? I see, yeah. Everything takes longer. Everything takes longer. And what's happening with his legal case, I mean there's... postpone? What's going on with your house in the country? Work going on? This is, hey, you know? Everything takes longer. You think patience might be the key? Is that is that moving along? Well my book was supposed to be out for my birthday we'll be lucky if we get it out for the fall. More likely we'll get it for the winter, you know, I mean. We're just talking about how long everything takes and how everything's supposed to happen now but it'll happen, you know, everything takes so long. You think patience is the thing, huh? Forget it. Is the place looking good? If we go up there in May sometime, could we stay there? Yeah. Oh, you did stay up there Dad? Oh, is there water? Oh, Max can do it, why can't I eat with my hands? I I I follow. She had had no manners, did she Grandma? You know, I like my father. I like this guy, huh? Hey Max. Hey Max. Hey Max. What are you doing? When we go out in public I don't have bad manners. At home I'm a pig. I like the, you know, I went to India. I was in India and in India in the South, you eat with your hands. I love it. You go you go like this. So I... would you like to try off my hand? What is it? Where is this? Where is this? You've been to Africa. I love it. Did you do it? No, it was never hot. It would yeah the food was bad? Listen you get better food in New York than you do in any country. We got we got the ingredients here. Normally when I went to India I'll tell you the food was not what it was downtown. Some friends of mine were doing business there. Nice to see you Marty. Indian woman. I like drug. I think it's a good city, yeah. Ah. What do you think of these shoes? You like them? They meet your approval? I don't know they're, yeah. Uh, Kenneth Kenneth Cole. You heard of them? You wanna try one on? You don't like you don't like when I wear brown socks. You told me that I had to wear only gray socks. Here's what I was told. I was told that if you're wearing a brown belt and you go brown shoes on, your belt and your socks should match. No no no, what do you think of that? What's your rule? Does it look do I look stupid? Good to see you. See you soon. That's good. It's nice to see you. Take care of that arm. Ay ay Max, come here. Max. Max. You like this guy? Do you see yourself in him? You see a little Max in him? He does look like Scott. Yeah, Scott's a good looking guy, though. Not bad looking. So he says so he says, Mr. Field, I don't cut the hair like that. They got a what do you think of the view now you like it here? You could just sit out here for a long for a long time, huh? So when I sent you that thing I realized that I forgot to put the note inside because I spoke to ya. Did you get it? I spoke to you, I sealed it, and I forgot to put the note inside. I'm glad it got to you. You like the article? Yeah. Two million, I don't think so. It should he wanted to have the book out. I wanted to have it for my birthday. I don't think it's gonna happen till the fall. You gonna hang around for that? Please, hang around for that. Did you read the description? What do you? My cold blooded mother in law. She is, yeah. But what do you was it making sense to you the book? What do you mean you didn't think so? That there was a structure, yeah. Yeah, there's a real structure there. That's nice. Three three years to write that thing. Listen you stick you stick around you'll find it's dedicated to ya. No no no if you stay around long enough to see that damn thing published, you'll find a dedication that it's for you. No no no no no. Max didn't... Listen listen Max didn't give me the, uh, love of language that you did. So you've got you've got a dedication on that book buddy. The whole thing if you like it or not it's dedicated to ya. No, they don't read. They they didn't give me I mean this is the first major the first major no I have a few books out but this gonna be the big 600 page book that's going. Yeah, you got a few. Did you think he was a good writer he had a good style? Well, we're gonna go to Greece in May for two for a week. For a week and a half ten days and then we're going to Vegas. Max, you got a kiss for Grandpa? _________________ they're sending us there. See what happens. You've been there? We're gonna get out there to the islands. Yeah. Now, we're going to Las Vegas and we're gonna fly back to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend with Cheryl's family. Four day, what am I gonna do? We were there ten years ago. Just me and Cheryl, the mother and the father and the baby. You wanna go? You wanna sit right here. This is beautiful, huh? What do you think when they're gonna... Ay, there you go. Is he sleeping? What's going on here? Is it a tape? You like the Unabomber case? Let me rescue Cheryl, she's out there alone. The party's almost over, isn't it? No, no, I'm Cheryl and I are gonna walk around and take your car and try to find some good tag sales today for a little while. But I, uh, these guys are almost finished, aren't they? The grandparents they're gonna go soon? Oh, well, I I shouldn't leave her down there. I mean, let me go rescue her. Yes. Well what do I do? Hey I just follow what what my father what my father does. Well, I tell I learned it all from him. I learned it all from him. He's a good dresser, that guy. I'm what I've been for about a year. I came back from India I was very thin and then I put on a couple of pounds so I'm. I'm about 145. I stay at about 145. No you don't get anything there. How much what do you weigh? That's pretty good. 145 is about right, isn't it? I used to be 175. I was fat. Yeah, I feel good. I feel good. I could lose about 5 pounds I'd feel a little better, right gramps? You're trying to put a little weight on. You look great, though. You look so good. Do you mind if I'm wearing these sunglasses. They're very seventies, you know I got a problem with my eye. I got an eye disease. I I this happened when I last came back from India I see the vision in my left eye is lousy. It it just happens. I see a big blue circle in my left eye. I did, yeah. I got a there's a there's a dis I got it happens to young men who have much stress in their life. I've got this blue circle in my left eye and my vision's lousy. Yeah, I got it again too. It just goes away. It's like a virus. How's your eye? Yeah, well, what the heck. No, you know I'm a guy that likes to have no shoes on I at home I wear no shoes. Do I like I like them both. I am I am totally am I like him? Oh no, seriously I get all of my good points, my good points David they all come from this guy. I got everything from him. Cheryl, you're such a nudge. Uh, Grandma, I want a divorce. 13 years with this bitch. I will some day. I should live so long. She is. If it's it if ascetic she's comfortable. You know who I'm like David? I'm like my sister. Margie and I have a very similar temperament. I'm the dark side of her. Yeah, all I am is darkness and I get it from the Prince of Darkness here. Conrad. Heart of Darkness. Joseph Conrad wrote the book Heart of Darkness. Do it right here. Grandma, Grandma, you know I think it's shrinking. Yeah. She's touch touch that thing on her Cheryl. Touch that thing. What have you had it? You're bore? How are you getting home, David? You taking a car? Should we call the car for you? David you want me to call the car seriously? Let me talk to my Dad. Ma, how how are they, uh, how are they getting home? Grandpa wants to get going. Should we call the car? We called the car so it should be here soon. He's a good baby that Max. She called the car. You're out of here soon, buddy. Yeah. How does he dress? What do you mean? Look at this big house over here it's a major... what do you look at? I came into the world in 1961. I'll meet you. All it is you climb the three stairs to get to the platform, you sit on the train, you sit your ass down, you come into the city. Then I meet you, we take a cab down to Katz's. We stuff our faces, we have a couple of laughs, we walk around. Dad, what do you think? You hate the train? You know Grandpa, there are a lot of nice people to meet on the train. How about do people try to make friends with you on the train? Why, they knew to stay away? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, my father was trying to get some military biz. You never got that, did ya? That would have been a good job. Howard told me that these pants that I'm wearing are military pants they're gabardine. He says the military wears uses the gab gabardine. Yeah. Yeah, what about them? Yeah, I do like them. Yeah? Oh yeah? Why? I like the cream color, yeah they're nice. Yeah yeah. How are those shoes? How are those shoes? You get along with him? I get along with him well. I'm the only one. Are you ready to get going? Yeah, me too. I'm I'm just like you. I can't, yeah, I picked you instead. How you feeling? No seriously, you took the VW back into the shop? After I drove it? You got that goddamned mirror that keeps flipping over. The brakes are all right. What it needed was when you go into 4th gear over 40 it starts to rattle like hell. No, I don't like it. Well, why don't you drive into the city to see me? Could you if you had to for emergency?