No. They're going down. I don't know, really, I have no idea. Hi sweetie. Yeah. I don't see too much going on here. In the way of yard sales. Huh, let's just take a little ride, huh? Clear the old head out, what do you say? Sale. You never know when a sign's just gonna pop up like that, huh? You OK, hon? Max is cute, huh? He's so adorable. That was fun with him by the shore. The thing in the street here, it's kind of weird. Maybe it's Sunday. Could be. Could be. Sorry kids to disturb your game. It's a little bit of a dead end. I used to know a girl that lived somewhere around here. I used to know a few people who lived down here. Doovie once got hit. One night, one Friday night we were walking right here, right along Shore Road up here and this guy, like wailed Doovie in the stomach. Yeah. Sale. It's Sunday. Ha ha ha. No, I thought this was today. Yeah yeah. Right here. Just just as we were walking by Doovie he took his fucking fist and wailed him, knocked the wind right out of Doovie. Doovie was hurtin for certain. I'll never forget that. We just walked on, you know. Do you remember we went here to the Diwan Indian Cuisine? You've never been here? My parents? I've been here a few times with them. Anyway, yeah, so Doovie got slammed in the stomach and we just kept walking. We're gonna have lunch on Tuesday if you want to join us. David and I. Sleepy, boo? Wanna kick back and take a nap? Max gets so excited about little things, doesn't he? Every little thing is like whoa! Like turn it up, all right! It's all exciting, isn't it? He's so cute. He's a good boy. 105 Summit Road, yeah, here we are. Tons of everything. Moving garage sale. We have we have no idea where Summit road might be. Keep an eye open. Garage sale. Oh, 31 Avenue B, OK, I know where that is. What? Ethyl is Grandma's sister. Can't you see the resemblance now that you think about it? Really? Huh? Really, I can. I can see it so clearly. She's Grandma's younger sister. Now this is Manorhaven. This is where Robert Morgan's daughter lives. So, we'll go to Avenue B. We'll go look for the sale at Avenue B, sure. Manorhaven. Now this is Soundview. This is where most of my good friends Ellen and Pohley lived in Soundview. Many many good friends of mine lived here. Huge, huge, like fifties housing development. This used to be all sand pits and this was just this really, yeah, oh yeah, and they were like they, you know, originally they were like something like ten thousand dollars now of course they're like four hundred thousand. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. This was many many of my best friends lived here. This is where Ellen's mother used to like rake the carpet and stuff. Yeah, this is wild. This is like that book Suburbia, isn't is? Yeah. Used to used to rake the carpet. You couldn't if you walked on the carpet Ellen's mother would flip out and you'd have to you'd have to take the rake and. Oh yeah, yeah. Many, many. Urban look, right. Doesn't it look like they're from Houston or from Kids or something? I knew that you'd find this fascinating with the chains and the whole deal, yeah. MTV, yeah. This was all sand pits. I actually recall, uh, when I was really young I had a friend who lived here when this was being built and this was all being carved out of a big sand pit, you know, this whole area is one big sand bar. It's insane, isn't it? It's like also how could they all be as expensive as they are all now, I mean, you just can't, yeah, it's huge. It's just Soundview is sprawling. I mean, Soundview is, if you could get a view down from from here which you can't anymore, I mean, it's absolutely. Yeah. Yeah this is post war suburbia. Yeah, now this is no longer Soundview. These houses are a touch older but just as close together. Very densely populated, isn't it? Avenue B I believe is down this way. Like the school, right, so we got to go down one more. The yard sale scene is a little disappointing, isn't it? This is the older model, isn't it? All things being being relative. Disgusting, isn't it? Curves, huh? Is this fun driving around? Wanna go to the thrift shop instead? Yeah, we'll head back into town. I think this is just kind of blah. So Margie's just preoccupied with being a mother, huh? 100 percent of her attention? She's so absorbed in it, isn't she? Here's Avenue C. Avenue B. Oh, this is one way. It's one back. What do you think? Yeah. Is this Long Island, Cher? It could be a whim but this is one of the reasons to check the area out. Yeah, they'll probably sell it I mean they won't sell it but I mean the kids will get it or something, you know? OK, here's Avenue B. What do you think of Avenue B. I hope we find a sale. Yeah. It's all just one version of ugliness after another. This is the way most of America live, you know? Well, what's up with the yard sale? We see signs but we we've just driven the entire length of Avenue B. No luck, huh? Look, there's a sign too. I guess. I don't think, no, it's only 3:30. Oh well. We'll drive back into town and hit a thrift shop or something fun. IBM. Harbor Home. You know Harbor Homes here is where all the blacks lived? Huh? Roger Drive. Oh, let's see between 13th and 14th. Yeah, I mean this is totally the ghetto. It is. See black people in there? What? How they live? No no seriously. Are you saying that? Are you joking? Are you serious or are you just or are you just joking me. Serious. Do you think it's a bummer that the blacks get shoved into these horrible places? It's not pleasant, it's not, I mean, you know, this living is really not nice. You joking around. Oh, I knew people who lived in these houses and well, well, well, Cheryl. I spent many nights walking this strip with a beer in my hand with a frozen Michelob in my hands. I wonder why kids in high school love Michelob, that was the sort of. Sort of, you used to have Michelob? It was shit, wasn't it? You love me? With me? Why me? Am I bad? I mean I was good today. Wasn't I wasn't I helping out and sweet to the old people? So, what's the problem? Wasn't I serving drinks and cleaning up? Wasn't I? Why are you mad at me? You burnt? You're not pissed at me? Am I in the dog house? A little bit? For what? I am act out? I think there's a I think there's a train in 15 minutes and the other one's in another hour I think we're we're not gonna make that one in 15 minutes even if we gunned it. We could spend the extra hour, say we got an hour to kill we could spend it at home or we could kind of spend it cruising around. What do you want to do? Wanna try to hit the thrift shop or something? Bayside Avenue. There's one on Bayside. Where the hell is Bayside? I don't know, 9 Bayside. Look at Starbucks Coffee. That's kind of scary and ugly, isn't it? Wanna go in? I thought I was nice. What when I was like... Oh, that was just a joke. But it just happened that once, even though once is too much. Yeah. Come let's go, in baby. Yeah, we'll talk, yeah, let's let's yeah, I will. I thought the fact that I only did it once was pretty good. Yeah, I tried. I can't, you know, I'm trying. I wouldn't leave my bag there, baby. Help yourself. How are they? Oh, whatever was gonna catch my eye, but. Nope, nope. I just like music if I saw anything that was gonna catch my eye I would have... Uh, indiscriminate? Uh, there's a whole, uh, there's about a hundred albums there that I dislike. Oh, I know I like most music but these, nothing caught my eye there. Nothing did I wish I wish it had. I do like vinyl. I don't I never replace my needle. Haven't in many years just let it let it grind the records down to dust. Yep. I got a got a lousy stereo so, uh, so that it, yeah, CDs sound just like records. It all sounds bad. Yeah, it all sounds bad on my stereo if I had a good one, I couldn't play my records. Uh, everything from classical to jazz to rock to blues to country whatever whatever's good I like. Not not the genre. I just like good music. You? I'm going to the opera tomorrow night. To the Met. Yep. No, uh, Monday night Monday night I'm going to the Met. Romeo and Juliet. Should be nice. No, it's Gounod. Yeah yeah. I love opera. Cheryl, what do you see? Oh, that's nice. I like that little sweater. OK, take care now. It's a little beat up, yeah, it's got a little stain on it, yeah. That's pretty. Ew, it's a little expensive, isn't it? Well, that was fun. I I'm not that crazy about it. I'm not like, whoa, you gotta get it. Two or three dollars I'd say it's cool but I don't it doesn't doesn't look that good. You think so? Cher, you ready. You think there might have been medals? Look they're gone! Ghost Motorcycles is finished! Wow! Wow! That's the end of an era, huh? Ghost Motorcycles is completely gone. Wow. Yeah, Cher, you have a point I totally agree with you, you know, old habits are hard to break. Uh, old habits are really hard to break. I can get it under control sometimes and do pretty good. One outburst is one too many and I agree with you. Um, but it's better than I usually am. You know, I just kind of anger toward my sister I can't say I would be lying if I didn't if I didn't say I wasn't getting getting some pleasure out of getting her riled, you know, I can't, you know, stand her whole kind of mellow and cool and stupid attitude towards things and if I can rile her, I mean I know it's wrong, but, you know, if I can do these things I, you know, get some kind of a, uh, definite pleasure out of doing it. It's not right, but it is honest, you know, and I appreciate you making me aware of it and hopefully I'll have the maturity to get over it, um, you know, sooner than later and it won't become an issue, you know, because it's not good for anyone it just makes everyone real uptight and it reinforces old behavior patterns and, you know, every all that stuff is crap and um, you know, I tend to agree with you on all that stuff so, should we just just bop into this funny place once quickly and then we'll go back to my folks house? You know, so one, you know, after that once it's I agree, it's one too many times to be doing that, you know, definitely. You know, I don't... You find anything? They're ugly. Yeech. I don't know, I mean, I don't know if we really need them. They're not so, no, these are all ugly. You like those? Batik? OK. You wanna get them? Cheryl, no I mean, some day, yeah, I mean it is cool but we have nowhere to put it. No we can't. Yeah, they're cool. OK. I'm gonna nibble on it while we're shopping here. It looks looks good. There you go. I got one cent for you. There ya go. You want some non sugar chocolate? In there. This stuff. Cher, these I like. You like them? Would you like a piece? I got half in my pocket. Very good, thought. There's no sugar in that, you know. There's no sugar in that. The choc the chocolate bars. No, I don't see. What do you see? Cane sugar. Yes. I think they're groovy. I think they're extremely seventies. They are. They're cheesy, but they're nice. OK. Let's just forgive each other, OK? No more fighting. Cause cause you you're just being hard. Yeah, let's just forget it, let's just...OK? Let's just say that we'll keep doing the best we can do and keep reminding each other to do a little bit better. So, it's a little after 4. Well, some disappointing thrift shopping. Not much, huh? They are nice. Oy vey. I don't like cloth napkins. I always feel like every time I use them I'm staining irreparably staining them. You know, cause I'm such a pig. All the crap that I'm wiping off my face stains the shit out of them. Uh, I'm tired. Me is tired. Now, what openings are you going to tonight? Tell me, what's the schedule with you and Stefano? Is Stefano is Stefano a friend of Michael Joo? Now if we're lucky we might be in time for Sue Gross and child. Yep. Sue Gross with child. What do you think? Aren't these the goldenrod is turning yellow? The goldenrod is turning yellow the circus is in town. So are you disappointed that Ariana is actually a man? Well, it looks like there's no Sue Gross to be had here. May parent's lawn looks lousy, aw. Hi, he's cute. Hi baby. Hi. It ain't working. Yeah my Dad took it. To do some errands. My Dad. You love me, hah? You love me, hah? Now we actually if we walk to the station. Would you like to do that? Or would you rather get a ride? OK, let's go get some feud. That's a nice table. Yeah. Hey, Cheryl look! Look what's look what's here. Look! Look! Fuck. That's pretty neet, huh? And look! Yeah. That's funny. In which bedroom? The one we live in currently? The one we live in currently? I have to get, all right? OK. Yeah we're gonna make a 4:44. Would you drive us over to the station? Thank you. We didn't see any there's no thrift there's no tag sales going on this weekend. I don't really understand why. Hey there, kids. Mmmm, food was good today, huh? That part I'll skip thanks. What do you mean wanna bet? What do you mean by that? Working holidays was the name of but you guys were going with the Gross's. Are you really looking to move down there? Yeah, but what about your house in the country? What about staying here? What about what about your grandchildren? Get all you errands your errands done? Fun? What is that, Max? What does the duck say? Yes. You're a good boy. Cheryl just told me she'd like to get a house in Soundview. Max, Max, what does the swan say, honey? OK, the swan goes like this. Can you do that? What does the swan say? Max, what does the swan say, honey? Sounds like being married. Hey pop. Bye. Is there a lot of comparisons going on at the Gross's? A lot of jealousies and after they leave ma, yeah. Yeah yeah, our is better. And Sue is gonna say, ours is so much more... OK, let's go. We got to make a train, baby. Good-bye Max. Step on it. Kids all helping out the father. Is he nice Dad? You like La Rosa? You have some was there something come between you two? What's he a doctor? The little girl is adorable, isn't she? So Grandma was happy. All right. I mean does that make them happy or is she just saying that? They always say that like even when when when Cheryl and I went to visit them two weeks ago that was the highlight. Not a lot of things going on. Uh, listen we're gonna run up cause we got just a minute. Listen, we're on for Thursday. What are you gonna order? Jap chee. All right. The duck? Is he throwing some tantrums? I'm about to throw a tantrum now.... There was a message from Alix. She wanted to find out what you thought about Richard's show. She showed up late. And she's going to Tony's opening tonight. You look great. You look warm enough. That should be fine. You look beautiful. You got a yeah yeah yeah. Fix your collar. In that mirror over there, no, it's a little ripped. Cheryl, I'll see you at La Paella at nine, OK? All right? Yeah. Bye. Yeah. Yeah. See you there then. Andrea hi it's Kenny. Told you I'd call you so I am. Uh, I'm in and out. I'll try you again, uh, tomorrow evening. See ya, hon. Or email me. I'm always there. Bye. The show closes tonight so they're having a closing dinner for that. To a restaurant called La Paella on 9th St... There's a problem with my eyes, you know. You know?... India in August... You're so crazy... It's incredible... that I like... so I'm seeing it everywhere... aw, we'll get there. So when have you seen Suzanne? Yeah, I haven't seen her in years. What are you guys doing? Really? Great. Is Gary doing the race car thing again? We saw, uh, we saw you at Michael Smith's thing briefly. We have been around lately. What are you talking about? I don't either. Nor do I support it. So I have a feeling I'm not gonna be able to find Cheryl in this space. So is there anything other than eyeballs? Wanna go look? No no no. All right... You want to... no I'm not... is cactus still on?... yeah... congratulations. You know Cheryl grew up next door to Melissa. Yeah yeah yeah. I mean, we've known Melissa forever and we didn't make it to the opening but we took Cheryl's entire family over there. That's right, I was like, oh I know I saw Preema's work it looked really good. It was a really nice show I thought. No she's, Melissa's really great.