Cher you got any smaller ones? I got some. Three four. I need two bucks. There you go. All right. He was sweet. We rode him. It's that time of the year, isn't it? Oh, I love it. Cheryl hates it too. It really, yeah, what's? Italy? Where is it? Janet are you freezing? It's really sexy, man, we got it's a strip tease. We got to peel the layers off, we've got to peel the layers off Stefano. And what time is this early? And then she puts the radio on to go to sleep. You speak how is that speaker pillow? How is it? Is it good? What what station do you have on? Is it talk radio? Yeah, listen to Kenny G. I'll talk a little bit. I'll talk to you. I'll talk to you specifically. 2 to 6. I will I will I will talk specifically to you Janet go to sleep get your foot away from Stefano. Oh, I will. I will. Mornings are rough, man. Mornings are rough. Yeah, I'm a I'm a late night, yeah, I'm a late nighter. It's a good thing you are together you and uh uh uh uh Stefano working together. You've got the same hours. But you don't have to be in till eleven. Yeah. No. I can, yeah, I can. It's what? Sleep of the just? Oh, god. What what this area? We we are going to walk down Bleecker Street you think this is bad? Wait wait till we get to Bleecker on a Saturday night. It's a new gallery. It's very very you'd better watch out. There's the competition. Yeah, these are these. The Riviera? Yeah, this got opened in '74. The Riviera has been here forever, hasn't it? Hey Lauren Wayne hi. Look who's there. Hi. Hey. How you doing? We're going to, uh, Michael Joo's party. You wanna come? Bleecker on Bleecker between 6th Bleecker between 6th and 7th. Let's dance. Really? What are you? What's a matter you don't want to get ahead? My grandmother's 86th birthday. We have to look for Grandma. Have a good time. Bummer. Abuse them. Abuse them. Joke, oh God, I can see the kids the irreverence of dinner is carrying over I'm sorry I we're back in the world. See you around. Reality crash sorry I mean we're sitting here being really dishy and mean. It didn't work, we're like cutting up the whole. That wasn't good. That was not a good comment. Abuse them. She got real serious. Boy, she really had no sense of humor about that one. Boy, I really bombed on that one. I'll never show in Lauren Wittels's gallery again. Now look at this place closed, this nightmare pick up singles horrible bar, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's like Jersey meets West Village leather. Hey, we're all wearing leather. Oh boy. I shouldn't go to this party, man, I'm gonna have my ass kicked. All right. I will. I'm just gonna like insult everybody. Sixth and Seventh on Bleecker. Thomas. Is he sexy? Yeah. Everybody from New Jersey. I'm sure... Can I buy you a drink the fat singer. So we don't we don't find Thomas Nordanstadt Cheryl is Thomas Nordanstadt sexy? Ohhh. The whole package is unattractive. He was coming on and flirting with several women that we've known. Oh boy. All right so. Leroy Street I think it's not I think this is where Grandpa's was. Seriously, remember Grandpa's? Remember Grandpa's that weird deli that. Yeah yeah. Right I believe that Leroy Street and I I'll bet it's on the corner, he said it was on the corner, right? I have a feeling this is the old Grandpa's space. I know, nobody did that's why he went out of business. Yeah, I know. Yeah, let's cross over it is, Stefano, it is the old Grandpa's. Oh man. We're at Grandpa's. Here we are. It's the former Grandpa's. Hey Graham, how you doing? Trying to squeeze in. What do you think? At least you can smoke your cigar here. Well, uh. Do you know a lot of people here? I know a few people. Do you like Lauren? Wittels? You know her at all? Good way to put it. Yeah. I just know her. I don't I don't ever go to her gallery. I don't know, you know, I just know her she's a friend of Andrea's and a friend of Alix's. You know, just people that we know who know her. Great? Who who are you looking for? People... There's Laura. La Taqueria. La Taqueria, it was very good. Congratulations. Major opening and major people. Where have you been I haven't seen you in so long. What does that mean you had no place to live? Were you homeless? Yeah, a little too hip for me. We used to hang out with these people the first people we met when we came to New York was essentially essentially this group. Rikrit and Graham were the first people we met met here ten years ago. Actually, I like both of them enormously. And that whole scene we were really that was that was Cheryl mentioned Laura Emrick, did you ever know Laura? Carter Kustera who was Kevin Carter back then. And it was too cool, I don't know I guess they were we we used to call them the bitter conceptualists. That was that was our name for them in the day. Kristen. You know her? Kristen Mosher? This is I mean this is funny I mean there's many years later this is actually the same group more or less. Aki or Rick some are successful some aren't the nice ones are successful it seems like. Jackie McCallister was there. What? When Jackie became an artist it always, you know, it always shocked us. It's a lifestyle. Was he? He was always, like, a gallery person, wasn't he? Cheryl's pointing us pointing us out. And then after that we started hanging out with the Yalies. You wanna go join them over there? Well, Janet's sitting next to Douglas. Can you see her? I've heard I've heard rumors about Douglas. Sexual ones. No no no no, that's not my concern either I'm just gossiping. That that he's got some problems in that department. We were just talking about... why are we dysfunctional? Douglas's sexual problems. That's what everyone talks about. Douglas I've heard I've heard more stories about him in that in that regard. So, hey, there's nothing to worry about. We might have heard it from Andrea Scott but, no. Who did we hear that from Cheryl? That Douglas couldn't get it up? No this was oh I think like Mary Jo must have told us that. Wouldn't be a bad idea. Wouldn't be a bad idea. Well, we might be the ones to vomit. Mean lookin'. I've seen that. Yes, I've seen that. We've seen this. Yes, we've seen this. Yes it grows and it's never quite as big as the head. Right right right right. This is a good movie. So Grandpa's really got got chic. There's a strange confluence of worlds here tonight. Poland is represented. The artists staying in Poland. Yeah, there's a lot of those people here. And then there's a lot of bit old bitter conceptualists. I was just telling Stefano. Jim Lewis. Argh. What does that mean? God help you? Yeah the whole world he thinks everybody is hitting on him that guy. Don't be flattered. Hello Graham. I can. No we shouldn't flatter him. We shouldn't inflate his already over inflated ego, Cheryl. Grazie grazie. Grazie grazie. You can bring me a drink. I'm dying thank you. Thank you I'm really thirsty. Oh my, so did you have dinner here? How ya doin' Graham? I heard you guys had had a, uh, a little meeting of the minds about the current show at your gallery. How's the show though. We're not thrilled with the show. What? What with Richard's show? Oh, we're talking about Richard's show. I couldn't stand Dominique's show. This guy looks like he walked out of 1978 this guy in the leather coat. Doesn't he? I haven't seen that look in fifteen years. Yeah, the guy in the red shirt? Kind of like New Wave a little bit sort of Punk. Yeah I haven't seen it in a really long time. Yeah. So Graham, what's happening with you musically? Anything anything new to talk about? Are you are you what are you listening to? Anything...? Doll. Oh, Gong. Sure did you go see them at the Bottom Line? Yeah, we love Gong. Yeah, I, yeah. I I heard mixed reports from that show. I heard Daevid Allen was really great? How was Gilly Smith Smyth? I like the Mother Gong stuff over the years as well. Yeah. Is it possible is there any water floating around? Like a six pack? Would it be possible for us to get a couple of hits of water? We are so thirsty it's insane. Well I like I like, uh, Angel's Egg and I like, um, Camembert Electric. It's a great one. Yeah, we've been listening to a lot of Prog Rock. You like that? Yeah, we're done. We're finished with everything except for the water. That's great. Forget don't even change it we'll we'll stick with the cloth. Yeah. Just say three we'll drink it, thanks. Thank you. You know, um, classic. Hatfield and The North. Egg? There's some good obscure ones that are really great. The whole Canterbury scene. Yeah. Have you been listening to the Robert Wyatt stuff as well? I like it. They're very good, aren't they? Wait wait. Matching Mole or Wyatt's stuff at all? I don't find him depressing. Some of the early Kevin Ayers stuff is nice too. Yeah yeah yeah. I was playing this one on the radio the doctor, uh... yeah. FMU has all this old Prog Rock. Yeah, I don't have it yeah. If it's at the station I don't need to buy it. Sure sure sure. Yeah, it's lovely, isn't it? It's all... Thank you so much. Hey could we leave that pitcher here? Oh, thank you so much. And and a pedophile. Thank you. Yeah, I was I was at a bar the other night and some old Roxy tune came on and I was like, wow, this sounds good. Yeah, this sounds this sounds good. I forgot how good this sounds. Yeah. Well, but but but the stuff from about the stuff from up until about seventy up until about seventy two was not was was sort of anti moralistic. Soft Machine Volumes One and Two are just indulgent and gorgeous and uh... they're not glamorous. We have it. We have it at the station. What happened to your vinyl? When you're working you don't like to change the sides every fifteen minutes? The girl in the red vinyl dress. Do you see her? I thought you might know her. She looks like she stepped out of 1967. She looks like she stepped out of one of Richard's paintings. Sorry. Pardon my indiscretion. I showed them to Cheryl. I saw that one at White Columns. Cheryl went on and on. Are they better? Are they better? All right. I will. How was your opening the other night? Did you have fun? So, how was the opening? But didn't you didn't you guys have fun at the opening? You and Graham? There must be many shows that you feel that way about. Where is Richard? Where is the artist there? Yeah and maybe I should see the goddamned show first before I talk about it. Oh, it doesn't upset me I don't feel surprised by it. It's that bad, my god. No Cheryl Cheryl feels the same exact way. The exact same way. She was depressed last nite. Maybe if you put on some Canterbury stuff with with those paintings you'll really go right down the tubes. No, we're leaving shortly thank you. I don't want to stay here much longer. It seems like the crowd's thinning. So where are you now? You're down Mercer St., right? Oh Lispenard. You have a loft down there now? How how big is it and are you alone there? Yeah, I know, I remember we talked briefly about it but I wasn't sure. How many square feet is it? Great. Nice. You have a view? Do you like that place? Good. Yeah, we went there it was very good. No. Yeah. Hey I don't mean to, I'm sorry. And it's cheap. It's a version of Tell Me Something Good. It is. Aw, well I I might want to hit the road there darling. Yeah yeah. I'm tired. I'll stop up and see your dreadful show. Do I have to sign the book? I'll say hello to you but as long as I don't have to sign that book. Good. Yeah, I want to hit the road. All right, Graham. I'll see ya. Yeah, I think it's about time. I'm a little bit bored. This girl looks like my sister. I don't know Ivy. Don't know her. Doesn't she look like Margie? Huh? So yeah, I wanna I wanna get going I mean. If you want to stay I'll see you at home yeah. It's dull. It was really fun. Let's just do it again really soon. I mean that was a reality check when I said that said that to Lauren I was like oh man I can't. I'm sure we will, I'm sure we will. You gonna hang out for a while? Yeah. Where is she? Well. Where is she? I don't see her. I see about 15 obstacles that I don't want to have to say hello to on the way over there. Ay, Mr. Clean. How are you? The last time I saw you you were cleaning and cleaning and had a rag in your hand. I know. How did it go? How did she like your place? And you were cleaning on Thursday? I knew you were embarrassed when I saw you in your most naked and vulnerable moment. I might I I don't think I'll tell anybody. No seriously, everybody with a bottle of Windex? Yeah. So that adaweb is a clean place. Yeah, those windows looked like shit. Well you missed a good Cybersuds. It was so stupid. A bunch of yuppies. No really, it was terrible. Yeah. You like Claudia? Yeah, I can't figure it out. I can't figure her out. I'm not I'm not interested. I don't get that at all. Do you? Yeah. Hi strung, tightly wound. OK, shall we? Cheryl do you remember Benjamin with the Windex in his hand? Did you see the Windex the other wasn't that incredible? With the Windex. She doesn't clean her apartment she has somebody come in and clean her place. We were think Andrea have you been to her house? It's so clean it's unbelievable. We'll be there Friday. What time? Where do you live. Between? OK. All right. So what time. Friday what, after work? We'll be there with a white glove. We'll give you shit just the same way you were giving everybody else shit about their desk being clean. I've never seen everybody was asleep at seven o'clock. Good luck. I know you're a whole. Yeah. The leather site. Go girl. That's it. I like it. All right. Did you get what do they have to do with adaweb anyway? Total NY has to money and it trickles down to you guys? That's the idea? I know that. I know that? With you guys? With Cheryl Donegan on your site, linked to it anyway. All right, we're gone. See you soon. The lights are going out. It's finished already. You walked in, it's finished. See you around, all right? All right c'mon, c'mon. Congratulations. Keep those toes away from you know who. Bye Laura. OK, we said good-bye to her. Didn't do a thing. So my microphone broke. 35 dollar microphone I think it's still under warrantee. It just wasn't coming out clearly so I had to keep this thing running. Nam June Paik. He looks exactly like Nam June. No, it's not a good move. No, it's not a good move. Really, I thought the same thing. Oh boy. Oh, that was a good dinner. Those guys are really fun. Yeah, yeah. They're loose, you know? I mean they you can just say anything. I knew it was a reality check when when I saw Lauren Wittels on the street I was like abuse those kids and oh no and I was like, oh boy. I gotta start watching what I'm saying. Yeah. We can play it back and have laughs. I've done everything from John Post Lee to Marjorie Perloff to to uh uh to John Newman to Benjamin Weil three times to Cybersuds I've got it all on tape. I've got one more fucking day of this and then it's over, thank god. What? Yeah, maybe wouldn't it be funny I'll sort of say something to Swami? Oh boy. Hey there they are again. They are. They're in every window those those animals. Uh, god. So, that was fun. I like her, she's cool. She's definitely cool. She's, I've I've never seen this hor horrible side of her. I'm sure I will at some point but I really have yet to. Lovely. What does that mean hulk? Is he fat? Yeah, he really looked like he put some weight on, doesn't he? Yeah oh, too bad. I like Benjamin. He's so nice. He's such a nice he's such a nice guy. He just, I mean I really like him. What's his story he's just the run the guy that runs adaweb but what else about him? I mean he seems so nice and so loose and so goofy like he's one of the people that you don't know but you you feel like you know him and you can just joke with him? Like I'm just just so free joking with the guy and I don't even know him? He's he's really nice. Oh, we got three in the first thing in the morning Diane and Lois are leaving at 4 a.m. Oh who knows? Whatever. And then and then starting at nine starting in the morning we got we got those mutts. Oh. That was funny what she was saying about his about the toes and his like well, she's she she gets affectionate and I don't like that! I know that. I get the sense she's a hot she's hot and and hot to trot and I'll bet and I'll bet once he once he gets going he's OK but. He's I he's a funny guy. How about like I don't know we I don't know he's that was a good dinner. Did you have fun? Yeah yeah. Ah, she's outrageous Janet. She's about as outrageous as I am, which I like. Oh, well, we were just dishing. It's all in fun. We've said that before, didn't we? Didn't we? You and I have said that before. And I said after I said after the bump on I said after the bump on the head he lost all those stupid politics. Ah, fucking bending match sticks over, you know? I said well that knock on the head really got rid of those nasty politics of his. Ahhh. Yeah, I'm just an asshole. Really, don't listen to me. Don't listen to anything I say. That Stefano is a funny guy. Well we had a lot of laughs. That was good. Ahhh. Oh, so I saw Gary Simmons tonight for about the first time in about five years. At Metro. He gave me a big huge. He was like Gary, you know? I haven't seen Gary since the since around the L.A. riots was the last time I saw Gary which was what, about four or five years ago? And, uh, he gave me a big hug he was the same. We talked about Bets and Tiffah, you know, and I said hey, I hope I see ya sometime sooner than the last time I saw you. I mean, really, I have not seen Gary since the L.A. riots. I was at his house the day they broke out. That was that was it. Yeah, it was, yeah, no no that was the night of the day and the first thing in the morning it was going and I was at Gary's and he was like, oh shit man, fucking shit's hitting the fan. And I was, yeah, I was at his place up on Broome St. and then. I don't know, we talked for two minutes, you know. Yeah. He doesn't look as good. Thank god I looked when I cut my hair off. Ahhh. Another big day tomorrow. What? No this week has been particularly insane. I know. I mean we've just been non stop parties and events, I mean, it's really been a weird a strange strange week. I'm be glad to stop taping. How long do you think it will take me to type every word I've spoken this week? Probably what I'll work on in France. I'll probably just sit there and transcribe all this language from this week. I mean it's so easy to say words, you know how long it takes to type the sentence that I'm just speaking right now? A letter. Yeah, and how about just like gibberish? I've probably got 36 hours worth of tape. Yeah. Yeah, you don't speak at night and then there are some times when I'm when I'm sort of quiet. Believe it or not. So who else looked awful at that party? Laura? Yeah yeah. She looks she looks ragged out to you? Yeah, yeah. I was surprised that I didn't see Andrea Scott there. Yeah yeah. I it looks like Alix is real not showing up much to the art things and yeah, well that's good that's really good, I mean, he's not much of the scene. He doesn't know anybody or hang out on the art scene so he'll probably keep her out of it a bit which probably isn't a bad thing for her. She's spent way too, putting way too much time there. What are you talking about? We were just at Andrea Scott's birthday party a week ago, two weeks ago. I mean that was that was about as art world as they get. I was also surprised that that somebody like Bill wasn't at this one, although that's not quite his crowd. The last time, yeah, just two weeks ago we were at Andrea's birthday party and we smelled like smoke just like we do now. Ahhh. Did I keep stepping on your shoes all night? Everybody loved your shoes? What was everyone saying? What? Wait, they're nerdy? Ah, they're cool. You're always a step ahead of everyone. I'm sure we have Diane and Lois's message there on the machine sayin' what to do. Cheryl, didn't I say what's that book doing there? Huh? Who wants to shower first. Go on. Oh, where did you get this for zing? Donegan. Hey Don. Donegan. I believe we have an appointment this evening? Great. Let me shower. Be right in. Well, that was a fun night. We were at that party just long enough. Just long enough. Who was who was good looking there? The girl that looked like my sister? I don't know her. Who is she? Huh? And what is she, an artist? Huh? Oh shit we forgot to get the laundry, damn it. Oh, we should of thought of that today. Oh it was amazing. A neat one, huh? Different one? That was good, huh? It had it's own rhythm. Wasn't it? It was different. It was really beaut if was really beautiful. Yeah, it was very sensuous and beautiful. And fuh. You're the best. This this one worked out. A love match. I love you monkey face. Isn't that a good one? Was that sensuous? Mmmm. Oh, we have to set the alarm, huh? You love the most powerful. Test test test.