I have to walk the dogs. Today's the first day. I have to walk the dogs. Today is the first day. Well, they're rude. Yeah, I'm gonna take out those mutts for a little walk. We have to pick the laundry, darling. I guess we can do it after the Xenakis thing I just don't have any much to wear. I guess I'll wear some nicer pants. Um, when? He sent us something a while ago. Oh, it was about his discussion thing on the Web. I bookmarked it on the Web. I'll show it to you there. It was I I'm sorry it was addressed to both of us and I just, you know, yeah. BB yes. Yeah. And now it's sort of a drippy, I'll show it to you. Hi. Good one, huh? What? How was it? Yeah. They're so weird looking, aren't they? They kind of so slick and and bizarre, buffed up, you know, kind of his hair looks like it's been like buffed with a car buffer. And she, she's just got that bizarre, yeah, her face is so weird, isn't it? English? Uh huh. Alright, I'd better go. Start the week. Right? What did Rainer have to say? Take these cards. I I have so many cards for you. Please, take the cards. I saw Kirsten Mosher at that thing last night. I hadn't see her in years. You saw Laura Emrick? Remember we were just talking about her in, no, not Laura. We were talking about Stacy Godlesky. Right. Well Laura Laura like always looked so hard, you know? and bitter and she's had a rough life, you know? She's, yeah, I mean years ago she looked hard and awful. We're still catty this morning. We had a beautiful love making session and when we wake up we're nothing but catty. Catty b-hatches. Alright. I shall return. We'll get ready and we'll go to vedantay. Right? OK, see you in just a bit. Uh, no, two are my neighbors. Here comes another one. Nope. Yeah, remember we saw them the other night and I told you I was gonna be watching these two dogs, yeah. I got these two all week. This one's male, right, this one's female this one's male and that one's female. I is the park closed up? Are they, like, shooting in there today? Is there nowhere to let these dogs run this morning? Yeah. Yeah, I think they're shooting filming over here. Sure, he gets along with everyone. They'll they'll establish it. Chavez? Is that you dog? Good name. Yeah, they're very much they're like the same in in temperament. I think they're probably the same dog, yeah. Look at all these dogs, yeah. Yeah, they're a lot of fun. I'm stuck with them. Yeah, yeah. They're my neighbors. These are the neighbors that had Rocky. Yeah, they had three boxers when Rocky was living with them. Baron. Bets. Yeah, they're alright. It's OK. Oh. She is she's really a little skittish she's like a really pure like, uh, show dog and she's really nuts. She's really of all of them she's the the strangest. Yeah, she's real dumb, she's really stupid. She's beautiful and stupid. Well, she's really incredibly bright and beautiful and Baron is really smart and just just hellish. Sorry? Hey, that's my dog, you know? She's off the leash, yeah. There's a Dalmatian. Your dog smiles. Ah, he's about six and she's about five. I'm sorry four, something like that. Babette. This is, uh, the male in Baron and this is Ginger. He's sweet. Baron is a sweet guy. Yep. She's a model. Bye. What is that how do those collars work? What does it do just keep them in a little bit? Is it is it work? Is that right? What do they run? How much are they? Is that right? And you find that it's effective. Is that right, huh? And what is this yeah yeah. Yeah. That's a good idea for these two. Bets, of course, is fine. Well, she was trained. She was like trained, uh, not to like ever walk in the street. She knows. Yep the whole thing. She's never done, you know, she's seven years old, been in the city her whole life and that's it, that's the story. Right. Yeah. Yeah, I had a trainer that somehow and I don't even remember how trained Babette never to go on the be off the leash and never to go off the curb. I don't you know how you got trained so well, pal. She's really very good, though. Well, I wish we could just take them in the park and let them tear ass for a little bit. Is that one shut properly? Yeah. That really sucks, man. Nah, it's definitely closed. They're doing a movie shoot. It's definitely closed. Where does Rocky live? Hello. You know Diane and Lois? These are the two fawns are Diane and Lois's and the brindle's mine. Yeah. Yep, they're all having a good time. Now we need to find Rocky. Is that right? Well, the park's closed today so we can't let them run. Yeah, Ginny. Yeah, she's skittish, you know? She's over bred. You guys can handle two dogs? Yeah yeah. Yeah, I got three all week long. I'm watching them for those guys they went away. I got three all week. How old? Really? Alright. I gotta get going. I'll see you this week I'll be out all week with all three of them. Yeah? Alright, so if we run into you I'm gonna be watching all three all week so I'll you'll see me around. I'll see you around. Take care. Happy Birthday to your dog. What's your name again? Steve. OK, I gotta get that. C'mon you three. Bets you gotta make? Make. Babette make. K. Babette, make. Make make. Good girl Bets, good girl. You make. Good girl. Hello. I love it, do you? Do you like it? It's a pretty intense session, wasn't it? Cheryl. You like it? Yeah, I thought it it built itself pretty good. It's hard though. You told me it was a little too hard. Yeah. Yeah? Uh huh. Yeah? Ewww, what is it, in the ass? Is it in the asshole? Is that what you're asking for? Is that what you're asking for in the asshole? Cheryl, asshole? Cheryl look. No, it's very very very warm out, like, hot. Ahhh. I love your hairy ass. Wah, my microphone's busted. So after Vedanta, do you want to take a walk through the park and walk over. Actually, why don't we walk over and take a walk all the way over to the East Side? To 92nd St. Y. That would be nice, huh? From Vedanta? Hang out in the park a little while? What do you say? Pretty. That looks nice with that shirt. It's nice. Yeah, but it's Gap, but I really hope within three launderings it's gonna remain. It's such a piece of shit. Gap is such a piece of shit. They're cheap and you get what you pay for with the Gap. That's true, isn't it? Am I right? Uh, full of shit. It looks great for the first time, though. It looks good today. I this is a Gap shirt this is that I'm wearing? It's a piece of shit. Real low quality. Can I turn this thing off? How are you doing? We should get going soon. Where did you get that? What flea market? Yeah, do you like that bag? You know who's gonna be the most green of all? Swami. Wait till wait till we let him know exactly how you're feeling about that bag. Hey you're gonna he he he you can tell Swami to carry it with his saffron robes, he'll match too. Right? The only thing you need to do is change the belt. The belt looks cheap. No. I don't like it. Leather belt would would make it snap. Let's go. That's dirty. The dog hasn't been around. It ain't so dirty. I'll wait outside. A monkey... and how does the donkey go Max? Do I? Who tortures him? Do I torture the kid or does he do we have fun? Is he cute? Huh? Gray squirrel. Ahhh. What's this? What's with the arm swinging like that? Why? Ah, Cheryl I think we should go to the other stop. The train just came in it's about 20 minutes for the next one. We just missed it. See these guys coming out of the stop? Don't be sorry. It's just the way it is. Ah, it's gonna be a long time before the next one comes. I don't I don't think we should. I think it's better if we don't, honestly. For intra-personal reasons. For space reasons, right? See, here's what we should do after Vedanta let's walk across the park, right? And or and or before after have like breakfast slash lunch. What do you say? You know we could do it just around Vedanta. Or we could go across the park and find something along our way. OK? That sound like something to do? Alright. Arianna. Is it a big scandal with Arianna? Are you upset about it? Who Laura Emrick said you looked like a prep? In a mean spirited way? It's mean enough. What did she say? What did she say? Who else did you see out and around? Yes. How did we do last night? How did we do last night? I was sweating like hell that blanket was just, like. I can't use it anymore. I was drenched. I was I was nude and I was drenched. For the meantime... What? Yeah. Alright, well. Why don't we take that comforter that my mother gave us we can use it for the summer. No but it but it breathes. Can we get one of those white ones? No, remember the white one that we had? That type of thing? We can sleep with a sheet. That sounds good. So, I think this week we should make the major shift of the clothes to your studio jackets and sweaters. Keep one sweater around in case it gets cooler but this is pretty much it. Well it won't snow again. It will probably become a little chillier but anyway we should get that stuff out, huh? Did you have fun with Stefano and Janet? Do you like Janet? What? Is she funny Janet? Is she a cut-up? You tired? Sweetie, you think we should get a cup of coffee before we go in? What do you mean no? You gonna you think you're gonna, uh, fall asleep? It looks like Harry, doesn't it? Doesn't it? Do you want to get a, uh, coffee before we go in? Uh, we're gonna we're a little early but we could get a coffee, sit and sip it and then come in right after the, uh, opening act so that we could stay awake for the whole thing. Do you wanna catch the opening act today? Cause you looked like you were falling asleep I mean, we could go and sit and have a coffee. You wanna catch the opening act? What's the opening act? Wow, look at the trees in the park! Yeah, it's so pretty. Wanna take a walk afterwards? I like them all. I like the color of that dog. She grabbed him. Oh thanks. You were thinking about your wardrobe during sex? Thanks a lot Cheryl. Thanks a lot. Kennel. Yeah. What? Yeah? One point, that might be nice. Lovely. Kennel. Kennel up. Kennel up, Bets. She's thrilled. She's thrilled to be there. She's in total heaven. Even if they don't do anything for the next 8 hours, which they wont, she's so thrilled just to be in that environment. So coffee or opening act? Wait, what were we laughing so hard at the other night? The box the picture of the boxer in the frame. That's what we were laughing hard at. Remember? You know, she looks him. How are ya? She looks just like Swami, doesn't she? You know I think of that every time I look at her. A little a little just a little bit. What time is the show getting on the road today? When he wakes up? No I got a new pair of the same old ones? Can I bring my dog next time? Cheryl. She was so happy this morning when she put this outfit together. Look at the shoes. Look at the shoes. I don't want to talk about it. Look at this haircut going on here. Hello. Cheryl I'm gonna use the facil, Cheryl I'm save me a good seat. Hello. I've been here. I was here last week I've been here every week. Sure, I'm always here. You know what I've got to do I've got to get the address to tell everybody tomorrow night. And then we got to go across the park. I wanna get do it pretty soon, OK? We have a concert to go to this afternoon. Chagall, yeah. It certainly wasn't the, uh uh, the Jewish show, yeah. I did and here's my recommendation for you. Trash just throw out your software that's installed. Reinstall your software. Everything except for the browser. Take the browser out. Throw everything else out. Reinstall your software and put your browser into the folder. You I think there's I do this I've done this before with AOL. There'll come up a dialogue box that says, you know, something if you're already a member push here and there's a way in. Something must have corrupted. Just just just throw it out and reinstall it. Yeah, cause we downloaded that separately so if you throw out the browser it means that you're gonna have to download the browser again, like we did. And just remember where the browser in what file it was kept in just throw it back where you found it last time and you should be fine. It'll redo it all for you again. Sometimes it just happens. It gets corrupted. And I was when I was thinking about your message I thought it sounds like, uh, yeah. I think you'll be fine. Pretty fool proof the AOL and if it's ever busts, you know, you just toss it and reinstall it and it it works. It always works. I I went. Yeah, yeah. I went and looked at Swami Bruce's site I read the article about him. Pretty fascinating. I I sent him sent the SVR, is that, SRV a note saying that while the content was very good on their site they need to learn how to make image files smaller because things were taking forever to load. Oh, it was ridiculous. It wasn't a problem with you. It was a problem with them. No there was nothing more for you and I wrote him a note I said I look forward to seeing American Vedantist online. Is that Bruce whose actually running doing the whole thing? Sounds like an interesting guy. The article about him was was was really I'd like to meet him sometime maybe 4th of July if we're in town? If we're in town. We may be away for July and August. Uh, but if we're around, yeah, I'd like to just take a drive up some point and just see him anyway. Sounds like an interesting guy. Yeah maybe I'll just establish some contact with him. He hasn't written me back but but, uh, yeah he's, uh, interesting. I I was fascinated by the article. He's a little a little bit of a rebel, which I always like. Uh, I think we're going to be away, yeah. I think we're gonna be away for July I think we're gonna be away for July and August this year.