Yeah, we're trying to Cheryl is managing to finagle some kind of artist's residency in in Beaujolais France so we're hoping to do that. OK so John tell me what happens, uh, I think I think you'll be OK. Well have him look at your Powerbook. So where do these go? Yep. Alright. Alright. Hi. Um, uh, she's inside yakking a little bit. Uh, no we have to get over to the East Side to the 92nd St. Y for two o'clock concert so we're gonna take a nice walk across the park. Should be nice. Iannis Xenakis, you know, Xenakis he's a great Greek modernist composer? Yes. He's being interviewed at two and... yep yep. A retrospective of his works for the last thirty years. Should be good. Yeah yeah, that's the that's the famous, uh, place down there over there. The famous Jewish, uh... Yeah, why don't we why don't we walk down there and have a look? See you next week, babe. Are you guys walking this way? OK. It would clash with your shirt. How you doin'? Good good. That was pretty nice. Yeah. Hard to sit in this nice day, though. Yeah. This is real bamboo, isn't that nice? That's very wild. Oh it's ama... yeah, it's incredible. It's incredible. Wet napkin? Bob, when does the show open? Yeah. Oh, great. Great. And you'll be gone for a few weeks? When are you going up there? Huh. Yeah? Where are you guys going? I don't know. I hadn't heard that. Glen, what's I didn't know there was a director. Glen. You need something nice on the East Side? Yeah. Yeah, I wish I could help I don't know any anything up there. Yeah. Yeah. Where's your car parked, you guys? Well, she's. Thank you. Thank you. She's ambling so why don't you guys... This is it. It's really nice, yeah. Yeah, finally. You know, last year toward the end they would open up the doors they would pull back that curtain they should do they should do that, oh, they should just... Yeah, it's always stuffy. They should they should always open that up. You took him you took Swami our Swami to Princeton? Really? Was the lecture good? Did the philosophers like him? Just you and him drove down together? Was that intense? Was it was it fun just you and him driving in the car? Did you have enough to say to each other? Oh, I can't wait to hear about it! Was it I well let's alright I wanna we'll let's have, you know, you guys why don't we just go out and get a cheap dinner some time or actually next week why don't we plan on on on what about. No, I don't like Spring St. Natural, no I don't like it. Why don't we, uh, plan on on, uh, what are you guys doing next week after? No no no. Next week after Vedanta? A week from today. You wanna go down to catch that big Indian brunch down on Greenwich St? No, next week's the 27th. 28th. You guys wanna do that? Why don't we plan on that we'll hear all about that. I think that sounds terrific. What he was nice, though? Let me let me drag her away our time is a little tight. We got to get all the way over to 92nd. St. See you later. See you, Bob. Alright, party's over. We got to we to get all the way over to the East Side. OK. That could go on forever. That's so sweet. He done that napkin? Bobbie said next time I did napkins to talk to you guys. He's so cool, isn't he? Oh man, I love that guy. He is so nice. Well Frank was just telling me that he drove, uh, Swami to Princeton, New Jersey. They together, no, that's interesting they spent a day together. That's interesting I think that I'd like to hear I'd like to hear a little something about that. Yeah. I think this is the place. The World Cafe, that's it. So let me get a card. Monday looks pretty clear. I was gonna make a reservation for tomorrow night. I mean, six six o'clock you're pretty much. Name is Goldsmith but I'm sure there's room. Thanks. See you then. Uh, for four. Let's march. Um, do you want to eat? Why don't we do it another day? I wanna get across the park and eat. You're not the Xenakis thing is gonna be real hard to handle on an empty stomach. I'm telling you. Why don't we do it another day? We have only have an hour less than an hour and a half to get over there and eat and Xenakis is gonna be hard to handle on an empty stomach. Can we see it another day? It's not going anywhere. I don't want to rush and it's... uh, let's I'm sure there's coffee shops let's get within an earshot of it. Really, I really just know Cheryl it's gonna be a it's gonna be a rough concert. We have an hour and a half. We have to get all the way across the park and all the way across town plus we have to eat. I'm why don't we see a place we know? What do we know? There's a zillion coffee shops. No up there's a we'll find one along the way. Let's get in let's get over there. I also think all the places here are, you know, obviously there's lines and lines and lines. 92nd St. and Lexington Ave. So let's just get over in that neighborhood. You know, if we get caught here, we're gonna end up getting caught here. I think we're gonna need a little bit of walking exercise and some food cause this is gonna be real long. Sit fest. OK? I don't know if it's gonna be that long but even if it's two hours it's gonna be long. It's real difficult stuff. It's beautiful and really crazy. This is he's known for these screeching things. Oh, he's really one of the major composers and he's got these things that vibrate and scream. They're really really great. Um, his stuff is either long out of print or extremely expensive. I haven't been able to find anything in the discount places, you know, that I usually go that has anything of his. No, it's not. This is the Ethical Culture. You you're ridic ten times ridic. Well, um, well we're gonna hear all about it next week after Vedanta we'll get a ride downtown with them and go to the Indian place. OK? Next week. OK, so we'll have lunch with them and go out to Dan and Lawre's. OK? Itchy. Itchy. Cheryl. Itchy. What's that itchy? So Richard likes you because you collect handbags and napkins he said... He was so funny. He was telling us some story about a Holocaust survivor and and a woman whose husband was in a camp. He said but one one of those little camps. He said not one of those big ones where they burned them all up. That guy is great. That guy is totally great. Yeah. Not one of the big ones where they burned them up. He's great. That guy is I like him I like him more and more. Don't you? He is just sort of increasingly absurd increasingly interesting. Everyone wants wants a taste of this weather, huh? Look at this. Right, you got it. Yeah, yeah I think it's croquet. I think it's for croquet. They're getting old looking. I think you need a new pair. That woman that we were walking with. She's so batty, isn't she? Yeah. Isn't she batty? I gotta ask you something. Does the B and F thing get, like, claustrophobic? I mean I guess it's inevitable. I get a little like uh, you know. Do you? I start to feel a little, ugh. You know? It's a little cloying, isn't it? It's too close I feel like. I don't know. It yeah. No, I've never forgiven him for that. You're right. Yeah, this is the same people we saw in Coney Island last year. Remember? Remember they had the dog? We gotta come babe we really gotta... Remember we saw these guys on the boardwalk last year and they had the same dog? Remember? Do you remember? Fascists! These kind of jockey guys. Look at the look at the trees, sweets. Aren't they aren't they lovely? Yeah, so soft. Hey did we ever decide where we wanted to go on our anniversary this year? Why don't we think about it. Any suggestions? Do you want to go to Blue Ribbon? There are plenty of oysters there. You wanna do that? That's a nice restaurant. The food's really good there. That's like I think that's like Ellen's apartment that one or the one next door. Yeah, I think it's that one right there. Remember because it was near that sort of embassy building? Do you want to go to that coffee shop next to the Whitney? That we go to sometimes? It's just a coffee shop. Yeah, I think we should eat it's we got about an hour. Yeah or we can find something else but. Well, 79th but where's the Whitney? Seventy seventh, right? No, actually let's keep heading north because we, uh, still have to walk twelve thirteen more blocks this way. Here's a coffee shop. Perfect. What do you say? Yeah but it's actually a table and sure, yeah. This is just good I mean we'll, we'll get used to the temperature. Um, I'm gonna have some, uh a bagel and lox I think. What are you gonna have? An omelet or something? A sandwich? Sure. Cheryl? Uh, I'll have, uh, the nova and bagel. Yeah yeah, uh, toasted dry please and and a, uh, coffee. I think it's good that we just found a place just to go in and sit tight. And you know, the next place we could have gone there would have been a line out the door it's, like, what the fuck? Well you know these things can take a year or two. I wouldn't worry about it the show was sorry, what? It took a year for that big piece of mine to sell. You know, it finally did and then the other one never did, the huge one from John and Karin's the last one never did. You know, I'd say all in all the show was quite a success. Does he have any reviews coming out in the magazines? Uh huh. They come out of Chicago, uh, they did a review of 73 Poems at The Drawing Center. It's a good magazine, yeah. Serious. Yeah. Serious, uh, serious Mid-Western magazine. Yeah, that might be nice. You can parlay that ino getting a gig at Chicago, yeah. What did Amy call her? Now, Vanelyn. No, that's good, Cher, no I mean it was an unqualified success that was, uh, that was terrific, uh, you got such good write ups. It was just wonderful. Everyone saw it. And the nice the nicest thing I think about it is that Stefano's a good guy and. Yeah, he's funny. He's a good guy, he's a nice guy, he's responsible, he cares, he's hustling. This is a great this is the perfect place for you to be. What's happening there? What what would I hit you for? Moving the moving the? Well, you moved it about a half an inch. Now, does that sound like a, does that sound like it qualifies for a, uh, a right hook? No, I think you I think you got it wrong. Well, then these people need to learn need to learn something about, uh, how to get along with people I'd say. That's not civilized, if you ask me. They're savage, right. I was like, oh. Well well he's got a real he's got a real uptight side, you know, to him like. Perfect. Yeah, no I I, uh, he's he's curious, you know, he's just like any other like anyone else, he's just like everyone. Well, ask him. I'll catch his eye cause I'm gonna be eating mine here. Sir. Forgot the tomatoes on her... I'm just using the regular mic now for today. I don't know. What is that chicken salad? Tuna flesh. What? Oh. So you're not gonna be able to join us for dinner. You're gonna fly down. Um, I don't know. No no big plans. No plans. No. After can I have a bit of this? Sure, um, I don't have any big plans. I don't know. I'm just gonna do this. I'm gonna have dinner. I would like would like you to take the dogs just let them out to pee in the backyard when you get home. You'll be home earlier than I will actually on your way home it'd be nice if you would stop and let them down for two minutes just to relieve themselves and then when I come home I'll take them for a long walk. Before you go over to Stefano's? Just around the neighborhood a little bit. Yeah. It is and I don't expect you or want you to walk all three cause it it really is too hard. Yeah, well, I'll do that but if you could do little things like just let them downstairs like say tonight. No, no. I can't. They bolted it, yeah. Bolted it open. Yeah because the dogs from the cab stand shit all over the place. I don't blame them, really. And they figure it's all dogs, you know, those people never cleaned up their shit. They're just so ignorant and the place is covered with shit so they figure we bolt the doors open nobody's gonna bring their dogs in there and no, I mean, I don't I don't blame them. No we'll go for our anniversary. We go out every year that's an important date to me. It's more important than birthdays or anything. No, that's a good one. I love that. I love it, yeah. Yeah, let's go somewhere else. Let's go to Blue Ribbon. I mean Blue Ribbon's really good. I mean you eat a stack of oysters, you know, it's expensive but it's good. With Ann though, yeah. We gotta go out to her place. I believe it's something around the sixth of May. So, we'll just take the 7 train to Flushing Main St. that'd be nice actually we go and eat eat some really great, uh, food out there. Main St. Flushing is a great place so let's go like make a day of that. Yeah. Somebody was, yeah. Yeah. How long? Horrible. That was the most foul tasting stuff, yeah. It'd be great if it was tasted good but it's so bad. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm excited about the food. I'm really oh the food's gonna be great. Great octopus and chicken and, you know, just just like what you get in Queens. I'll bet it's close. Oh yeah I think that's I'm I believe that it's fairly authentic stuff out there. Venezuela. I'll bet you get better food in the coffee shops than you do in the fancy restaurants that the art people take you to. The fancy restaurants the art people take you to is probably gonna be like, you know, upscale continental cuisine. It won't be nearly as interesting as, uh, a plate of calamari and a glass of retsina at the corner coffee shop. An asshole of a kid, huh? The father wouldn't talk to him. You see the father ignored him all the time. Just dying for attention, you know? And the mother is just such an impatient dip. Oh, it's really annoying. Spoiled, yeah, he just wants attention, that poor kid. I don't know smell. It never is. Yeah. Yeah you just say silly things and fun things stimulate them.