That? Thank god. Hey, I can sit behind my computer and be real anti-social. Yeah. Ah, that was terrific. Well, I I find... well I thought that in the, uh, the second half there should have been a drum going brrrrrr and an organ. There could have been an organ and a drum. Banjolaly. A slanjo, right. Chinese banjo, a slanjo. Bruce, you just rub some people the wrong way, man. What can I say? You just rub some people the wrong way? Stupid comments for the archive. Look at that thing. Yeah, you rub Iannis the wrong way. And Vangelis? What did you think of Mark Swed? The interviewer? The Berio the Berio, did you want some of these? The Berio questions were bad. The Berio questions were bad. It's all, oh here, speaking of which, speaking of which I've got we're meeting at the World Cafe tomorrow night at six. Columbus and 69th. You wanna just meet us, oh, you wanna just meet us at the opera? OK. Janet loves your friend Janet the, uh, academic from M.I.T. said it was terrific. She she loved the, uh. She said she loved the first act and then the second one fell short or something? She enjoys it. I haven't even heard of him. Yeah, it was somebody I had never heard of. He wrote me an email there. I don't remember the name. Could have been. I can't I never heard of it. Uncle David yesterday. Yeah, it was a it was her 85th birthday. Yes no you should have seen the, no both, but you should have seen the you should have seen the drinks they were drinking. I poured them these old people can really suck down cups that size of, uh, vodka and gin. Who do he what, you went to a lousy dance concert yesterday, huh? Who is she? Tell Sally I'll have her poster done for her I need a few more days. Looks pretty good. I need a few more days to keep working on it, perfect it. So Bruce, who was that guy you were pissing next to? Ah. Oh, that was the romantic, uh. Poet. Now where is this place? Somewhere along here. No. Well there ain't nothing up here. It's a block or two up here. It's on this, yeah, it's on this side of the street on First. Probably on the next block. It's where that yellow awning might be. Terry Danziger used to live right right, I think she lives in this building, Cher. For a long time. Yeah, we dropped her off once there. Yeah, we're really way over, huh? She says... The 2nd Avenue. Is that right? I don't rem... it was, what was that Bruce? Ah, here is is. El Pollo. Here it is. I know, I'll go get some. Some beers. Janet. No? Apple House? Applehaus. No. There's no beer? No beer here. At least Bob knows how to say he's sorry, huh? You know I was that was a compliment, Bruce. Well, oh, Mr. Sensitive. I'm trying to learn from you. I'm trying to be... Beer? Beer? Fucking what's it's like... what city are we in? It's dry, man. Ja ja Munich. You missed a great, uh, art party last night. How is that... Michael Joo, Michael Joo's party. Mikey the Jew. We got we got we got one on Wednesday night. Yeah. Party party party. Hey fuck you. Wednesday is, uh, Peter Halley's party. Index Magazine. He's the one that Charles wrote a great slam on his work. Yeah, right cuz Susan was jealous of his success. Bruce, what kind of beer do you want and Cheryl how many beers do you want? She'll probably have one we'll get... What do like there, babe? I'm gonna get something on the lite side here I'm gonna get some, some Coronas. We're eating some South of the Border food unless... So, what are you gonna have? I have two, you have two, she's gonna have two, you have two? I'll have one. Let's get four total. She doesn't want one? Cheryl, do you want a beer? I'll have a beer and a half that'll about do it for Kenny G. No. Same bag. Probably fifty, pal. It's only a quarter I need. Yeah, of course. Did you read the article about James Levine in the Sunday Times? Today? Curious what what they had to say. No. I wanna know all about that. I will I will one day. Oh, I would if I got him on at the station I would I would just push and push and push. It would just turn into just a a blathering gossip session. It's what I'm best at. Fuck music. Let's talk about... Just money. They fools. How you doing? Just two. Cheryl do you want any? Do you have a couple of slices of lemon for us please? Thanks. Alright. I am not touching that. Uh, hearts served with hot sauce. I'm funky but I'm not that funky thank you. Yeah, right. That I can do without. I remember the food here the chicken here was just terrific, you know that? Have you been back since the since we were here last? That was for Charles and Susan Howe I took you here for the first time. That was, like, maybe four years ago. Charles and Susan Howe and and Clark read. That was a while. Yeah, mote is amazing. Cheryl, I'm not that hungry but I'm just gonna I'm just gonna eat cause, uh, this whole, yeah. It's a 7 flavor barbecue anyway. Yeah, I'm surprised that a lot of people from that show aren't down here. We saw the downtown hipsters in the crowd we saw Elliott Sharp. Yeah. How is she? Is she talented Zina? I've seen her with Fred Frith over the years and that group. They're interesting. Oh, the David Shea record is terrific, the new one. Wonderful. No no nope we are ready. Thank you for the lemons. I'm I'm... why don't we get some, um, I think we could use a little more than one order of mote, I mean, I'm not gonna have that that many fries. I'll just a few fries I'm more interested in the mote so why don't you order the fries we'll just take take a little bit. Hot, dark, quarter and, uh, so we'll get one fry one mote and you wann get one more thing for fun? Yeah, how big is the mote? Why don't we get two motes for the fun of it? Yeah yeah yeah. OK, OK. This kind of day. It could be a little colder but we're lucky to find any beer in this neighborhood at all. Yeah, so you have you long been a follower of Xenakis's music? Have you? I'm asking you a question. I'm starting a conversation. What? Bruce, do you like how long have you been listening to Xenakis's music were you ever like a total major fan of his? Yeah. You probably have, like, have a lot of his records. Yeah, that scar was mean, wasn't it? I love I love Ligeti. Das Irae, that's Penderecki. How about how about the first one was for Witold Lutoslawsky? Lutoslawsky? You like his stuff? Henze or... I like, uh, these guy were really good, I mean, Kagel and Ligeti and these are the real guys that are using sound so beautifully. Interesting, yeah. It was interesting how he was saying he worked against the twelve tone stuff by like, 1960 or 1950 it was already 40 years old twelve tone work enough is enough. Yeah. There was... It wasn't happening before the war even though this stuff was written in 1917. Interesting group of people that were living in like European refugees settled in Los Angeles. He wrote that while he was living in L.A. There's also Britten was living there, Huxley. Yeah, that's right. He was living out there too. It seems sort of undocumented to me. In L.A.? The intellectual. I mean they had kind of dark, I mean, they tended toward darkness anyway that whole group. Yeah yeah no that's. Thomas Mann is sitting there writing in, you know, in L.A. it's so bizarre. He's just so European and so dark. So, you know, minutiae and convoluted in a big sunny landscape it doesn't make any sense to me. Schoenberg too. That's that's why. That's what's so weird cause in New York you can kind of see a lot of these dark European characters fitting into this landscape but there, it's so completely... A.G. will never read that article. Geoff Geoff showed it to him A.G. calls him up says hey saw your article. Like, A.G. did you read it? Like no no no just got it. He'll never read it. He doesn't read. No, he doesn't read. No. They don't read. They don't read. She read for school but of course once you're out of school there's no need to read. No, why should they? The meals the meals keep coming all the same. What? They're broken up. Quantity matters. If you get if you get a big picture it means more than if you get... I hear that all the time, oh you got the big picture. Most of it a lot of it is out of out of jealousy cause you don't really wanna read, you know, you can't you're so jealous that somebody else got the attention that you don't want to read what was said about that. Morrisey's song We Hate It When We We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful Morrisey's, uh... Fuck you. That's, uh, 74? 74, uh, I just sent them an email saying that the zingmagazine was out and that that maybe he'll show up yeah this nasty I didn't do any justice everybody's gonna hate me when I up this magazine. I take it and xerox it so it's degraded and you can hardly read it. No no. Yeah. At Botanica which is the old Knitting Factory. I have no idea what it's gonna be like. Could be a piece of shit. You'll all hate me. I have a night at Biblios, uh, they gave me a night at Biblios if you wanna do a reading. Not me. Zing has a night for reading at Biblios. Thank ya. Uh, whenever we want for the writers in the section that I curated. So, whenever we want. No one you'd be interested in. You'll you'll see. You'll see. Abbie Hoffman. Oh mostly people you don't know. Erik Belgum, Dave Mandl, Abbie Hoffman, Jim Neu, our friend. Bruce Andrews. Bruce and Jackson, Blair. Coyle Coyle and Sharpe. Uh, no Erik is in Minnesota. FMU and writes kind of edgy, uh, essays sort of Anarchist essays. Um, have you met Dave? I don't think so. Yeah. It's so good. Yeah, listen maybe we'll have Lewis come and show, show, uh, his movie. Klahr. You know, I mean, that could be included. We'll put a sheet up and project the goddamned he'll bring a projector. Financially? Watch a video. Me? I'm in the magazine. I put a piece of mine in. Kenny G. That's what we're doing in Greece. I'm reading in Greece. Ah, the Ichor. Ah, who are you reading with? You've never heard Charles you've heard Charles read, haven't you? Bitter Ann? Bitter Ann? Bitter Anne Lauterbach? Marjorie thinks that she's the worst. I was talking to her at the Modern about about Ann, yeah. Bitter. Yeah but not Marjorie. Marjorie does not feel that way about Susan's work. It's cool. How does he feel about your work? You and Charlie B. and Ann are up at the Ichor. Is I... it's a lousy place. The gallery I hear is a is a is a horrible like old man's gallery. Yeah. Elizabeth Fiore says... Yeah. By The Kitchen. The whole thing. It's all moving there. The lamb district. Who's that? Yeah, he just said he was extremely nervous and he hadn't been out of the loop for so long that he drank himself silly to deal with his nerves. He didn't think it would bother anybody. I was surprised that he responded at all but, well, he was like hey man let's get together some time but, you know, we never will. It's not gonna happen. No no I just think that there's more hard feelings than he's letting on. With him, man, I'll tell ya. I didn't. Right. That's what I mean. I, you know, I like Jeff. No, not violent. It bothered me. It didn't bother anyone else. Last reading he gave there Cheryl and I went we were like oh my god. Yes. It was awful. Yeah, wasn't it Cheryl, going to hear Jeff read? You're getting soft, buddy. You're getting soft. That's what Marjorie kept saying. They're getting soft. They're too soft. No. That was a criticism of different people. Too soft. She said to me she said to me I'm so glad that you are this way. She said I had a fear about you. I thought you'd be one of those mushy Cageians who loves nature. She says I thought you were gonna be soft like tha David like that David Rosenberg we have break what did you think of him? David... no, I forget this guy's name. No, it wasn't the same guy. He was soft, yeah, Marjorie was like he was he was what did you think? He was so soft, wasn't he? He was. He was an environmentalist. She says she says to David she says I heard the word environmentalist and I just want to run. Cause he's like doing a magazine he's like so Marjorie this is my magazine on nature and culture. She says well, culture I'm interested in, nature I couldn't care less about. I saw the guy's face and he has an isro, man, he's got the worst isro and a backpack. Jewish Jewish afro. And, big afro is an isro. Jew ball and then we heard isro and it's better. I say to Cheryl does my hair jewball anymore? So. Anyway, uh, this guy, you know, comes into the Museum of Modern Art it's very chic chic dining room, it's very expensive she spent 150 bucks on lunch for us, yeah, the upstairs, the fancy one. So, this guy walks in with a pair of Birkenstocks, bell bottomed jeans, which are not like cool bell bottoms but kind of like something he's been wearing since like ‘74. Bell bottoms are in but it would have been something like if they even if he had been like. It was sad. And he strolls in with like, kind of like a dirty button down shirt and blue Jansport like backpack and an isro and kind of kind of. Yeah, it's good. And Marjorie just looked at me and was like oh my god, I can't believe I had. Afterward she's I'm so sorry I invited David for lunch. Yeah, I had such a good time and then we had to really cool it with him around. He was soft. I couldn't. I don't think I could have handled Marjorie on my own for like three hours in the Museum of Modern Art. I just drank as it was. I got trashed. Well, I couldn't keep up with the gossip, I mean I had a lot of gossip but I couldn't sling it. I can be hard. Our hardness? Who can keep it up. Marjorie can stay much chubbier than I. She's fuck she's intense man. Bruce, have you ever had a quiet conversation with her? Sort of a a quiet intimate meaningful and deep one? Yeah. You like talk, yeah. That what I said, you just rolled over, yeah.