Two weeks. Yeah. Hey we're Americans, buddy. Ow. Nice to see you, man. See you tomorrow, Bruce. I'm sure you have, yeah. Very nice. Judy. Ah. I'm tired. I didn't I didn't write anything with political titles. Funny, that was really kind of funny, wasn't it? It could have had more rhythm in it, more rhythm. Yeah yeah. There was no percussion. It was all wind instruments. He has. The ensemble didn't do any. Lukas Foss? Um, a composer who's better known as a conductor. The FMU people were so dead I saw them all and everybody was like ugh. Is that right? Yeah, I mean Robin was Robin, you know, who knows, you know, she's just so insecure and you figure she would point. No. No, she's not Nick's girlfriend. She's like Nick's big sister. You know you figure, you know, you could ask them a few questions they'd express an opinion, you know? What that I asked some questions or expressing an opinion? No Nick loves that kind of thing but, you know, with Nick I'm always... yeah, I figure I could pull him out a little bit or or or, uh. Also, you know, Robin who's always like this she's like always sort of so interested and so funky, you know, always wants to do so much and then she's kind of like so weird and insecure that she can't even talk and then afterwards I saw Stork, who of course was just dead. And I saw Fabio who of course was so cynical and so dead. They were just like ahhhh. Weird. They're all like that, aren't they? Ken's alive but he's dead in his own way. What can I say I was pissed off I was a little like, oh, c'mon you guys. Look alive you could be replaced by a button. That was a famous slogan on one of, uh, on one of Gary Landowne's father's cards. Yeah. Postcards. Look alive you could be replaced by a button. Good color. It says returns. Coke and returns. Did you get it back? Did you have fun with Bruce? Is he hard? Mind the gap. Yeah. Ooh, not so hard. Not so hard. What? About what? No, I don't even remember. Oh, I don't even know where that was? I didn't say that, though. That was gross. You're right. I agree with you. It was un un intolerable. It was intolerable. That was intolerable. No I won't that was disgusting. It was disgusting. I wanted to annoy him. I just want to annoy people. It's acting out. It's just it's just what we saw in the restaurant today. Still acting out. See, you're twisted for your whole life. That was disgusting, I'm sorry. I shoot my mouth off all time. Just a nice girl. This is what I should have had. Sue Gross. I should have had... So what did you think? Did you have fun at dinner with Bruce? Is mean, like be mean and gab away in a sophisticated manner. No you're not. He wasn't expecting you at six on the button. You'll be there at 6:30. You tell me. Look. You see that? Hey. Count your blessings. What? That's not me. Jewish Museum? Where? Jewish Identity that's not that's not mi mine. Count your blessings, Cheryl. No, you count your blessings. Never has a beverage been so synonymous with celebration. Join stand up comics. Boy. It's like what's his name, the cousin of Terry would go to some of these Jewish singles things, what's his name? Marshall? Ah. Another great subway moment. Who you are. Sorry guy. I like science. What do you think I'm gonna hop? He's trying. Do we see the best shit on the subway or what? That was an amazing performance. I'm gonna tell you hop. You got to hop. He was so funny, wasn't he? Cheryl, did you like that? You know let's do the hop. You hop. You go hop. You hop. Now you go home you hop. I'm sick of babies. If I don't see another one again... but you hop! You hop. Yeah, they're very funny. Hah! I love the subway. Keep hopping. Gotta hop. You just gotta hop. What an amazing soliloquy that guy gave. I'm bet you know don't spin the wall. She knows every trick. She saw that one a million times. I've heard your old stories a thousand time. It was cute. She was funny. She was like no, don't stretch me anymore. Ay, you gotta hop. Run on, I'm gonna go look at some records. Yeah, I'll just see you later. OK? If I'm not at home I'll be up in my office and give me a buzz. OK, how you doing for cash? You got enough? You got two bucks I got a twenty. Alright I'll get some money out. Goodbye. Look at these old romance magazines. Those are pretty great, aren't they? The truth about abortion. Radio Mirror. Really nice, aren't they? God. Not that I want them. They're just neat. I'll see you later on, OK? Hop. You gotta get that hop. Ah, thanks. Uh huh. Cheryl. Where are you going? You're gonna change. I bought one record. Well, we're not going I mean I gotta take care of the dogs, why? Uh, well, how long ewww how long you gonna be? There's Scott Spector straight ahead with some Japanese girl. I thought he was gone. I thought he was in California. OK, so, uh, let's see. Hmmmm. I'm gonna walk these dogs. How long you gonna be? Taking the paintings down with him? Alright, alright I can meet you back. Take Betsy for a little spin. Leave the other ones behind. No. We gotta get it. Look at mugsy. Look at mugsy. Ah, I don't have enough money on me and I don't have a check so. Do you have any shorts stashed away? We can get it before we go, you know, I've got to walk the dogs first thing. Yeah, we'll get it tonight, uh, we do need it but I just don't have enough cash or check on me. And I gotta, I mean, the dogs have been locked up for like ten hours it's, I gotta clean up after them and walk them so. Eddie Palmieri, salsa guy. That a gritty. That was according to nice last night. Hugely fat or hugely long. Knowing you. But I know what I do want to do. Hop. You gotta hop. Hop. You told Bruce that I was taping everything? No. Alright dogs. Do you wanna go get them? No? Yep. Shorts? Yeah, I don't get it. You you look just great. You look the same as you always have and you feel the same. Is it just because of the pill? Just a little water? C'mon, go get the laundry. Go put some clothes on. I can't I don't want to carry it all myself. It's too much. Yeah. You look good. You look the same as you always do. The dogs you'll you'll just have to wait you dogs. Waited this long. I liked what Swami was saying today about the people on that sinking ship how some people were really frantic and others they had their eyes closed and they were peaceful. That was cool. I love those examples that he gives. What? He's so full of them, yeah. Look at the old Volvo. Looks like our old Volvo. I love those examples I think they're so cool. I think, you know, because you went on the pill you probably put water on and it's probably everything kind of just bloated just slightly, maybe just a little little bit it's not noticeable to the eye but you just feel it here and there. I don't think they're a half size bigger I think they're probably slightly larger, you know, I I just think that's what happens. It's the only explanation. You're not putting on any real weight or growing anymore. These are three fifty a spin. Hey, nice shoes, man. Are they high? They're comfortable, aren't they? That all I wear. I bought two of them. They're warm in the they're cool in the summer and they're warm in the winter, you know? What is that one? How much is this? They don't make them anymore. That's why I bought these cause I had a pair I like so much and, uh, I bought an extra cause they told me they weren't making them anymore. I don't know. Thanks. Alright. Hey look at that. It's a it's a pizzeria now. That's weird, huh? It changed from trendy bar to pizzeria. There's no commitment here, huh? Who's that? He works in there? You wanna meet back about 8 o'clock to do some night time rollerblading? Uh, about ten after seven? Maybe a little bitter later. Quarter after? How's 8:00 sound to be back at the house? Yeah, we'll tool around the neighborhood or I don't think it will be light. Uh, we can go down to the river or something it doesn't matter. I could really use some exercise. Well, everything takes a little bit longer as we know, you know? So if you just hang out a little bit those dogs need a little a serious walk. I'm probably gonna take them out for at least a half hour. You know? They've been cooped up all day, so. So, let's just call it eight so if you got to hang out it's gonna take you're gonna schmooze with Stefano right? Right or wrong? Yeah, it's like 7:15. So I'll see you in 45 minutes. Alright. What is that a bull mastiff? Neapolitan, right. I've only seen them in gray. Bet's c'mon. Uh, it was the style it is the style then. Yeah, they don't clip them anymore but, uh, they're all about six seven years old. That was the style. That's what everyone... yeah. Yeah, she's beautiful. Oh, terrible. You know these dogs, don't you? You have a dog. What do you have? Yeah, we talked to you on the street, haven't we? He's gonna lick he's gonna lick you. He's gonna lick the skin off you. Yeah, she is. Babette, come here honey. You like that or is he too much? This is Babette. This is Ginger and this one is this one is Baron. He's really sweet. They're all right. Babette. This one's a little shy, she's a little shy. Ginny, it's OK. Babette Babette come. She doesn't understand basketball this one. This one is older, you're right. Do you like heavy metal? Ginger be quiet. Babette. Where's your dog? Oh, so I don't know you I've never OK. You look familiar. Yeah, I thought I would talk to you about dogs before around around the neighborhood. So, what are you what are you doing in the city just to... Where are they? Are they playing around? Oh, so you're just hanging around the park. Ginny. I'll tell you something about Ginger, this one. She's a little bit dumb. She's a little dumb. He's very smart and very friendly. Ginger. Bet. C'mon girl. OK. C'mon Bet. C'mon Bet. Bet come. C'mon girl. Bets. Babette. Come. C'mon Bet. Here Bets, c'mon. C'mon. Good girl. Ah, they're friendly. Bets. Really friendly. Baron, yeah. He's too friendly. She's a little skittish this one. Yeah. Yeah, they're terrific. Baron say hi. This guy is crazy. Crazy friendly. Yeah. Alright. See you around. Alright. Ah, they're scared of him. Yeah, I got three. They're scared of him. I met him before you the little boy had him had him out, right? The little boy had him out here before. One is seven four and six. OK, come on now. See you around. Come on Bets. OK Bets, come on girl. Come on. Bets stay. Good girl. Bets ips. Bets no. C'mon Bets no. C'mon. C'mon Gin. C'mon Baron. C'mon guys c'mon guys. Come on. Come on Bets. Hi. Hi. Um, so I had my encounter with Scott Spector on the street. Yeah, I was walking Bets and the dogs and he was sitting in front of Blue Ribbon on the chair bench out there. I just looked at him and I smiled. And he's with that girl and he just looks at that girl and says that's Kenny the asshole Goldsmith. He stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from me. And I just looked at him and I kept yeah yeah, you know, and I just walked on. Hold this major rage. I just finished returning this person's mail and then we'll go. It obviously bothered him a lot more than it bothered me. I was gonna say, you know, I'm actually ready to just say to him, you know, if I saw him hey how you doing? I would. What? I didn't look at her I just looked at him. I just looked at him right in the eye and I smiled. There's another Coyle & Sharpe devotee. He heard the the first time on NPR about two weeks ago and then a laugh out loud. It's the kind of thing I would do myself if I could just keep a straight face. I had a friend who would do this sort of thing whenever he was standing in a line. I usually had to walk away to laugh. Let me just finish writing this person back. To blade? Wanna get out the blades? Yeah. Cheryl it was so weird to me because it's so sort of obvious that he's kind of gone nowhere in his attitude at all with anything. You know, it's like five years later or something and he's just, you know, just the same. It was just really weird. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't I didn't I didn't want to throw shit back I I'm over I'm just finished with that. Yeah, oh it was like remember when we saw him just walking with that girl I was kind of like oh, you know, we each made a little comment to each other? And then we just kind of changed quickly changed the subject? Right? You know? You know, as if it was like, oh yeah, you know, oh, you know, he's an asshole but life goes on. Poor girl, right? You you could see by the rage in him that, like, noth, like he like he hasn't progressed like an iota over, uh, over, uh, the old days. There you go. So, yeah, it's weird. It's kind of like what Swami was saying about you don't steal something even though you know you could get away without getting caught cause you know kind of what the consequences in other words what will stick with you when you steal it, you know? And it's his own worst punishment there. Five years later, he's just still, you know. Everywhere he goes it's yeah. And he. It's truly his own hell. Yeah because I'm not so strong. I don't wanna go kind of real real fast especially first time out. If you want to go ahead you can. How was things at Stefano's? What is it? Tell. Yeah, you're right, she's gonna bark here. We'll call back later, honey, you'll eat later. Dumb dogs. So what did he do? Uh huh. Wow. Who is who is this guy? Yeah, who is he? Young guy? Great. Is it gonna be good? Go nuts? Good. Nice guy? Kind of like me. Kind of like you. Kind of like Scott Spector. She remembers this game. When the blades come on. Nice VCR. Fancy. Hey Bets, membership has its privileges in this family.