Right? She gets to go while all the others stay behind. Yeah, I got them. No, it's we'll go together. Cheryl who's gonna who is going to change the, uh, no no no this way. Who's gonna change the laundry, uh, the trash bags there? Who's gonna change the trash bags in front of the house when Diane and Lois are gone? And who's gonna, you know, like take out the recycling and stuff like that? Yeah. C'mon Bet. Definitely. Yeah. Wanna go out to the river? Wanna go out to the river? Oh Betty girl, are you up for this? OK. Dog power! Alright. Ip. How's it feel? Little rusty? Yeah, let's get new wheels. Cheryl I think the street's OK no one's coming. Oh, look at the, uh, moon! Beautiful! So let's go down to Battery let's go down to the Battery City, OK? What? Yeah, it's pretty, isn't it? Oh, it's so cool by the water, isn't it? Really, what do they what do they make? Really? What do they have rubber wheels? So we're really we're really out of it. These things are about five years old, aren't they? Alright. It's time for some new ones. Where shall we go? We'll go to the one on Canal St. look at how pretty those clouds are. We'll go to the one on Canal, OK? Right near us. Hey, Cher. Cheryl it's closed that park so let's go over to the other one. This animal's gonna need a drink, OK? Ah, this is nice, isn't it? You wanna get fast wheels. Yeah, I wanna get fast ones. Let's do that this week. I can put ‘em on if we buy them. Yeah I've I've changed changed my wheels a few times over the years. I've rotated them. Yeah, mine are that way too even even though I rotate them. So how do we get around now? Can we cut through anyway or... ? I don't think that goes through god look at that a whole new building. Something tells me we've got to go around this way to get there. Do you want to even bother? Cheryl, this is a dead end honey. I gotta fix my skates. Come here let's set her. Look at this. OK. Go on Bets. What way do you? I don't think we can get through. What down and around? Yeah, we can go down where that car is, see where it just came up and they just go down and around unless... I knew she was gonna wanna roll there. Look at how pretty the sky is. Are you upset? What's sad what's making you sad? I wanna really do it. I mean I've always thought in the long run I should go up and shake his hand. That that, yeah, I mean really. I've adopted so many interesting attitudes. So have you from from that horrible experience. That, you know, I I maybe it's like we were just gonna crash one way or another, you know, without a les a real hard lesson. God knows. Yeah, you know what? We ended up with a much better set of attitudes. It's all for the best. Hard to say. Boy, would it be hard to shake his hand and thank him. But that's why I smiled at him, you know, I didn't I just wasn't gonna get into the hostility business with that guy again, you know? You know? Just, it's just too simpy to try to do something like that. I have to come up with a better a more sophisticated response, you know? What Swami was saying today about how this whole thing is like just hanging on a string. We can go down this way. Yeah go on. Cheryl we can go this way. This is open. Does this go anywhere? Not really. Yeah, let's let's go check it out. What? Wow, what what do you think it's for? Let's just look. It's like dirt biking or something? That's neat. What do you think I wonder what it's for? The biking. Bets stay. Yeah. It's like we're in the country. Pretty nice, huh? This park is so great. Cher you like that what Swami was saying? He loves Einstein. Yeah, this really shits for blading, doesn't it? Let's try to get her some water. Yeah, hold on Cher I gotta yeah you're right I gotta I wanna get her some water. It's totally dry. Let me see if there's any water here. The dog's really thirsty. Fuck. Uh, she will but I'm, you know. She can't drink sea water. All the fountains have not been filled. Hey Cheryl I'm. We got to get her some water I mean, she's like, deeply thirsty. It's really cruel to go on. Let me see maybe I'll ask up here. Hey, can I dump a little water in a dirty glass for my dog? Can I dump a little water in a dirty glass for my dog? She needs a little water, yeah. Yeah. I appreciate it. Thank you. They haven't turned the fountains on yet, you know? That's where I usually give her water but. Yeah, the haven't turned the fountains on so I just figured I'd give her a dirty glass with a little bit of water in it hope you don't mind. C'mon Bets. Cool, yeah, we eat here sometimes cause you let the dogs in here. Bets. Yeah, it feels better thank you. Come here girl. That's so nice of you but actually I think this is alright I think she's I think she's doing OK. She's 7. Yeah, they don't have the fountains on yet I usually give her water in there. Here you go, Bets. Thank you. Thanks for your help. Babette. C'mon c'mon. Bets. That's it. Thanks a lot. I appreciate you help a lot. Thank you. Yeah, she charmed her way. Well, why don't we go to the end. We'll be OK. Yeah and then we'll be be close to home but, you know, no they were so nice to her they were like oh, can we get her a tin? I'm like oh no just a dirty glass they're like we usually have a tin for for dogs out here. They were really sweet. Got these guys from the cops here I think. Yeah, I don't want to have another run in. They, uh, with the dogs. They don't like dogs past a certain point. Yeah, aren't they? God, look at that moon, huh? Nice. Good. Good for Kenny G. to have a little aerobic exercise. Let's sit down on the bench here. OK. Halil!? Halil!? His his Finnegans Wake. It's unbelievable, yeah, it's a bummer, isn't it? Depressing. Halil! Fiddler On The Roof when Tevye says... I know he said it in all seriousness too like with a totally straight face. So we should probably head down here because the road is so rough up there. Someone may have a heart attack soon. Look at her. Yeah, her trail. Yeah, why don't they just block the goddamned windows out? Well, then it gives it a semblance of well, we've got a river view but you never get to look at it. I'd put a rear view mirror on top of my computer. Oh boy. Right. When what? My voice is taken out? What's that mean? Oh oh. I forgot. I forgot. Hey were winding down the last hours here on our taping marathon week. What's gonna be the last words said? And we're running down on a week's worth of tape. Like ass. C'mon Bets we're almost there, old girl. She's struggling now. Betty! This reminds me of like when we took her this summer when we took her biking to the to the, uh, pond. So remember she went in the pond she got right up afterwards and ran right home? Ah, they're animals. Damn animals. You filthy animal. Buck. Good girl. Membership in this family has its privileges, pal. The other two are sitting there stewing. No, none. Oh, we'll have our share. I'm not up for anything substantial. We can go out. What do you want to get? Well I don't really feel like crossing this river here. This thing. River of cars. We have to cross this one but, alright you wanna go over to the store? Yeah, c'mon. Ah, cause there's one right here. What selfishness it is to own a car. Hey, would you get me a, uh, beer? I'll wait out here. Here's the money. Uh, how ‘bout a Becks? I'll just wait here, OK? OK. She's a filthy animal. That was great. Perfect. Ugh, nobody's somebody's on the floor. I think, uh, we need to do a general straightening up around here, huh? Yeah, why don't we do that together? Ah, hello Mom hi. So I got your message and I found it so I made a reservation at six for us and the two girls and Bruce is gonna join us for coffee at 7:30. OK? So thanks for having us yesterday. How was Sue's baby? Probably not as good as ours, huh? Was there a lot of comparison going on? But ours is prettier, isn't it? And and and cuter? Sue's is a little ugly, isn't it? What is it is something wrong with it? Is it malnourished? Alright. So I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. No I was I was just trying to get her to say so. No, it was cute. Magda it's Kenneth. That's better. I don't like that negative phrasing from you. OK, so we have a dinner date tomorrow at six. Cheryl can I have the card? It's at the at a place called the World Cafe. World Cafe. Like world as in world. And it's at Columbus Avenue and the corner of 69th St. OK and if in case you get lost the phone number there is 799-8090. Now, um, so it'll be your friend OK and and me and my Mom. Cheryl is teaching tomorrow night. Yep, not tomorrow night. Soon though. Another time. OK. Great. OK, well, great. So, we've got a date for tomorrow at six and I'll see you then. You remember what I look like? I look exactly the same. Alright? Look forward to seeing you. Look forward to having dinner with you. Bye. See ya. Sit down have a have a bite to eat with me and a chat. Have a drink. Well, that was an interesting day, huh? Bruce is funny he gets like hung up on that theory stuff and academic he wants so badly to to have clout in the poetics field as an academic, doesn't he? He never, you know, it's he's so jealous of Charles. It's what he's trained as. It's how he makes his living. But, you know, he's got this big book of his critical essays coming out of a of a university press. And he was saying, you know, there are much heavier theoreticians than Marjorie which, you know, I'm sure there are. Yeah yeah. But. Yeah, she's no philosopher. But, you know, I think Bruce, I don't know I mean it's like I he gets, you know, look because of such weird exposure to theory we've had in the artworld we kind of know the game around that especially in art like you were saying I think you pinpointed it beautifully at lunch, you know, you you're pointing out like the Daniel Burens and the Kosuths and the, you know, and the Andrea Frasers. I think Bruce wants so badly to have academic recognition, you know. I think Bruce is just really really hungry for recognition of any kind of sort, you know? Charles has, you know, he has two books of essays out from Harvard, you know, on poetics and some other and a few other presses he's got a new one coming out from Oxford. But he's, you know, these guys are I guess they're, you know, sort of theoretician slash poet slash artist. He's primarily known as poet but he's also a, I'm sorry, theoretician slash poet slash academician. And, you know, it's just like... Yeah, we'll what I read what I read into it like particularly today about him kind of getting kind of heavy on the theory, you know, side of things is that he just he's just really jealous of him and... He's so great, you know, as he is. Bruce? Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Uh, I think it's... yeah... work... yeah. You've seen some dances that Sally's done that you don't like. Yeah. He doesn't like you either. He doesn't know you nor does he know your work. I mean Susan B. saw your show. He was just really jealous of you. Yeah, that's what I think he's just pretty phenomenal in a lot of ways just, you know, get a grip. You're pretty alright, babe, you know? Yeah. Your your dinner your dinner. And the absinthe party he fit right in. He just just made himself cozy. We loved when Charles Bernstein fell off the chair. That was good. So, last night after Charles Luce's opening, but you I want you to go see Charles's show. Will you go see Charles's show? It looks good it looks really good I like I know you probably hate it but I'm, you know, so I walking down Broadway and who do I run into but Susan Silas and Lauren Lesko. So I went to Metro Pictures with them and Susan was like we never see you. I was like, didn't I just see you at Cheryl's opening? She's like that wasn't really seeing you. I said, yeah, well OK didn't the Sunday after that didn't we see you at Michael Smith's with Jett she's like yeah but that wasn't really seeing you. She's they want so badly to see us. They like us. It was funny to see Gary Simmons. He put on a little weight. A little chubbier but it may may just be the haircut but otherwise it was like exactly the same. It was weird to see him. I just asked how Tiffah was. We talked about dogs. Six years old. Oh, Betty. Betty girl. Why don't you bring one back. Why don't we get a teeny one and put it where the, uh, box is there? Oh, move it down a little bit. My parents had one in their basement just sitting there a teeny little T.V. like smaller than like about the size of the little one we used to have. Yeah. Sitting there we could take it if we wanted. I I'm not the one that says no. I don't care. Get one. You just took them to your studio. Why don't you bring one home then? Why don't we buy another little one? I put one we can put one right on top of the chest there. Why don't you get a T.V.? Why don't you bring your little one home? Do you need both of them? Listen you owe Alix a call. You knew she called yesterday, right? She wanted to hear what you thought of Richard's show. She wanted to go over that with you. I don't really give a fuck. Poor Schwann. So what did you think of Mark Swed today? Dynamic? Handsome? No I mean remember that time when like Suzanne had that group that paid at at her studio? His wife was one of the students. Right. I flopped. Listen, did you ever get back in touch with her and ask for your money? You should try to call her tonight. We could definitely use a hundred bucks. Like def. I don't know you know the Merrill Lynch phone number. You can call. Well, we'll do an investigation. But we could use it. We can always use it darling. So, call her. This minute. Get your money. No, I'm joking. When you when you feel like it.