Cause because she's Blair. Uh, she's Blair, I don't know. That's a problem. She's Blair. Oh, she's got a 70 page Quark document that needs to be turned into a a html document and she thinks she can do it in Page Mill. And, you know, she... No, well I mean you just have to know, you know, yet there's, you know, there's much to learn. Yeah, something like that, yeah, it's impossible. Yeah, I get these kind of calls all the time from, you know, people like like Dick Higgins's boyfriend who thinks, you know, he thinks he can just go and hey everybody's on the web! I can do it too! People undervalue html cause, you know, they have simpy programs like Page Mill, which I like but you've got to be able to do other things so. It's annoying. No it's you can't do it all in Page Mill it's just, you know, yeah but it went right through her. Is this place a little neater? Did you put the laundry away? I'm gonna do that. She's sitting there trying to convert a 50 page, you know, Quark document into a web document, like, tonight and she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing. I said I'd help them out but I gotta get paid. It's from it's from work. She led her boss on to believe that that this was something worth doing cause, hey, everyone's on the web, you know, same old same old kind of hoo-ha. Oh yeah, the web it's hot everyone's on it. I can do it too. Well, you can't. It's not... From when? It's only part of the, I mean, that's right it is because you can't do all sort of things and, you know, the other thing is, you know, it's only it's only a fraction of what the Internet is. It's FTPing, it's learning to set permissions, you've got to make sure everything works, it's, you know, complicated, you know, it's very complicated. Well, no, I mean I learned it by doing the number of web sites I've done. File transfer protocol. It's how you move files from one computer to another. Anyway, I don't, you know, I don't want to talk about it right now. How long do I work. And the other thing is I'm a little pissed off, you know, because, you know, I've spent all this time learning all this stuff and getting really good at it and I have yet to really make any money at it so when Blair kind of calls me on, you know, begging for my help, I'm happy to give her help. I'm not, you know, I've spent too much time to just give my all my information away. I need to be paid. Sure would. I told Blair I don't mind teaching her if it was for her own homepage I'd say hey come on over I'll tell you anything you need to know but it's but it's a corp she works for a corporation I'm like, no. Sorry. They don't they don't get my advice. You do you're my friend. That's what she gonna try to do. Do that thing. Interep radio, whatever that means. Of course I'd teach you. Yeah, no, of course I would. If I had enough if I had enough work, if I had too much work man, just like we already did. Sure, are you kidding? I can fuck the secretary. Yeah no, we did great, I thought we did great. Even all you did was even when you just laid that stuff in on Page Mill, uh, we I thought you did, you know, you did a, you know, you did a tremendous job. Are those yours or mine? No you didn't make any mistakes and then I just went in and enhanced it with advanced html commands. But, you know, right. I ain't gonna fuck Blair, I'll tell you that. Blown by the 80 year old. This house is looking much cleaner, isn't it? She was just sitting there, you know, like grinding away, you know, thinking that an html document can look exactly like the Quark document on a Sunday night. Ugh. I wanna get paid for my knowledge, man. I mean, I don't know everything but I know a lot and I spent a lot of time learning it and I need to get paid for for my for this knowledge finally. You know? I'm realizing, you know, Brian McHugh was the same fucking problem. Brian just thought he could waltz in there and learn learn html, you know, in a minute. Hey, everyone's doing it. So I gave the guy a lesson just to get him off my back for, like, four hours and he does he still doesn't know what he's doing. You know, Brian's good on the computer it's just you people think it's too easy so they, you know, they're not gonna put the time in. The fact of the matter is that you it's like it's as complicated or more complicated than Quark, Photoshop, and, you know, all the other ones. Just because it's hot and everybody thinks it's fun, you know, everybody thinks it's easy and they all can do it. Did I sound nice at least? Yeah yeah. God, do you think I should throw this shirt out? It's not only html. There's a million little things that are connected with it like FTPing and blah blah blah, you know, there's tricks and there's there's there's online editing and there's zillions of little things, what's gonna work and what's not and that's what's tough. This is nice this apartment's looking a lot neater. NAFT gets 75 dollars an hour for looking at my computer. I think I should make at least that much operation, you know? I pay those guys 75 dollars an hour. Get me to my ass. Yeah. Well I I that's not going to be the case, you know? If I work I'll get paid. You know and you know how much money I've spent learning this? I mean I might have only taken one course but you know how much time and money and and shit I've gone through to learn this stuff? FMU I'll I'll give my time to, you know, cause those are going in the box. For friends or non profit I'll give everything I've got. For corporations, I'll get paid. OK, good job cleaning up. Hey. Well other stuff. Do you, um, are you gonna come to the zing thing? Yeah. OK, good, you know, your pieces are in there. Sure. Well. Right. OK. OK. The other thing I wanted to know is would you be interested in giving a reading? I know it's something you've never done before but, uh, you know, we have that night at Biblios, uh, you got that in the message. Yeah, I sent you this message about the party last night and there was a reading. Oh, we have a night at Biblios for readings. Yeah yeah and and just for my section alone and I can kind of, I don't know, it's I haven't set a date but if it it may be something you might be interested in doing. Or something new it doesn't matter. Whatever you want to do it doesn't have to be from the magazine. So, so think about it. I don't have any dates set. Just just put it in the back of your mind and and if it's something you're interested in I'd love to have you read. OK, well. Keep keep it in the back of your mind. OK? And call me tomorrow and let me know what's up. Uh, if you if you need this I'll clear some space out for you this week or as soon as you need it. OK? You know, I can I can just push it to the front and do it quick for you guys. OK. See ya. Speak to you tomorrow. Bye. OK, sweetie the whole place is straightened up. Alright? OK? I'm just gonna I'm gonna do some email and then some reading, OK? How you doing alright? You want me to turn this off? What are you thinking about? What? Tell, are you so absorbed in thought? You thinking about how bad my eye is and how I should call the eye doctor? What are you thinking about? Toast! There's you stuffing man. How is this music? Interesting or not really? I'm gonna bring your computer back here. You want me to get it? Do you have some work to do on it? Yeah. I'll bring it back to you. Tell me about this music a little bit. How do you feel after that rollerblade? I'm gonna hang out and read for a little bit and then what? What? After your show? You feel good. It's up in my office. This sounds like the soundtrack to what? Name the captive. I called it this morning when you were walking the dogs. What is this now? Selling a soundtrack? What's why isn't Kathy? Is it really queer? Listen. Where's where's Kathy? Why isn't she calling you back? Who? Oh god. That'll be an eternal phone call. You wanna w the d's with me? You wanna w the d's with me. Oh, right, Cheryl. Amie is not getting off the phone any time soon. I love that music. Um, The Great Gatsby. Did that take place in an earlier time and then move forward? Right. Yeah. You know your music. Do you like this? What part of the Gatsby is this? Like the big dance? Did you? Did you ever read the book? Daisy Miller. How did you know that if you'd never seen the film or read the book? What? Huh? Cheryl? If you can shut the door and the reception's still good. Give it a shot. You make Bets. Make make make. Good girl. It is pretty warm out. Bah ram ewe. Ah. How you doin'? You sleepy? It is to dob. I'm sleepy. Well then. Good night, Munsy. Good night Cheryl. I love you.