The Louis Zukofsky Centennial Conference
Columbia University & Barnard College
Friday, Sept. 17 to Sunday, Sept. 19, 2004

Conference Schedule and Program

Linked to the schedule below are a number of the papers presented at the conference. In Summer, 2006, Jacket published a few of the essays from the conference, together with an introduction by Michael Golsten and Charles Bernstein's introduction to the Library of America Selected Zukofsky. The essays in Jacket are also linked below, along with versions of the papers provided to us at the time of the conference. Where there are two links to a single essay, the Jacket version is the  later and final version.

Friday, September 17 -- Graduate Lounge, 302 Philosophy Hall, Columbia

1:30 Registration

2:00 Greetings by Michael Golston, Columbia University

2:15 Welcome from Columbia's Henry C. Pinkham, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

2:30 Opening Address by Robert Creeley

3:00 Tim Woods, University of Wales, Aberystwyth: "Zukofsky at Columbia" (subsequently published in Jacket)

3:30 Mark Scroggins, Florida Atlantic University : "Louis Zukofsky's Bloomsday"

4:00 BREAK

4:15 Session I
Panel: A Test of Poetry
Chair: Alan Golding, University of Louisville : "Pound, Brooks, Warren, Zukofsky: Tests of Poetry"
Norman Finkelstein, Xavier University: "Comparisons "
Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Temple University: "A Test of Poetry and Conviction" (subsequently published  in Jacket)
Bob Perelman, University of Pennsylvania: "'Now Put Down Your Pencils': Anxiety and Touchstones" (subsequently published in Jacket)

Maison Française, East Gallery (Columbia, near Philosophy Hall)
This reception is only open to those with reservations. No additional places are available.

8:15 Marjorie Perloff, Stanford University: "From "A"-22 to Oulipo: Zukofsky's French connection"

8:45 Session II
Panel: Translating Zukofsky/Zukofsky Translating
Chair: Serge Gavronsky, Barnard College: "Zukofsky+Taupin=Apollinaire and..."
Nicholas Salvato, Yale University: "Incompressible Love: Zukofsky's Rudens"
Richard Sieburth, New York University: "Pound, Zukofsky, Calvalcanti"
David Wray, University of Chicago: "Plautus' Tongue and Zukofsky's Ear"

Saturday, September 18 -- All events held at Barnard Hall

9:30 Registration/coffee
registration table is at the entrance to Barnard Hall

10:00 Session III

Panel 1: Design, Media, Film: SULZBURGER PARLOR
Chair: Helene Aji, Universite de Paris IV-Sorbonne: "Useless, Usable, Useful: Louis Zukofsky's American Designs"; susequently published in Jacket.
Jeff Hilson, Roehampton Univ.: "'Magnitudes of Value': Zukofsky, Hawthorne, and the place of the artefact in The Index of American Design"
Brook Houglum, University of British Columbia: "Phonograph, Recorded Verse, and Zukofsky's 55 Poems"
Steve Shoemaker, Harvard University: "Modern Times: Objectivist 'Movies' and Thinking Matter in Louis Zukofsky's poems of the 1930's"
Julian Murphet, University of Sydney: "'Diaphonous': Zukofsky and the Cinema"

Panel 2: Spinoza: HELD HALL
Chair: Ruth Jennison, University of California, Berkeley: "'In wracked cities there is less action': Modernism, Materialism, and Human Agency in Zukofsky's post-WWII "A""
Mikel Parent, Brandeis University: "Zukofsky and Political-Ethics: reading "A" in the light of Recent Spinozist Thought"
Joshua Schuster, University of Pennsylvania: "The Harmonics of Affects In Zukofsky's Spinoza"
Louis Cabri, University of Pennsylvania: "Objectivist Sublimation: Zukofsky, Freud, Spinoza
Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas: "Spinozian Poetics in Zukofsky's Late Works"

12:00 LUNCH

2:00 Session IV

Chair: Craig Dworkin, University of Utah: "The Alphabetic Imagination"
Jonathan Ivry, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater: "Zukofsky's Quincunx"
Robert Grenier: "Zukofsky's Numbers" (related essay subsequently published in JacketI)
Chris Beyers, Assumption College: "History, Affect, Ideology: Louis Zukofsky and Collage Form"

Panel 2: Transformations: HELD HALL
Chair: Joan Retallack, Bard College: "Translate this: Is the Zukofskys' Catullus protospam-poe?"
Margaret Bruzelius, Smith College: "'Poetry in its own Right': Zukofsky's translations Of Catullus"
Steven Yao, Hamilton College: "'dent those reprobates, Romulus and Remus!': Lowell, Zukofsky and the Legacies of Modernist Translation"
Gregg Biglieri, Temple: "Zukofsky 'Ey'd Awry': Quotation and Anamorphosis in Zukofsky's Poetics"

3:40 BREAK

4:15 Session V

Panel 1: Epistemology, Memory, Poetics: SULZBURGER PARLOR
Chair, Barrett Watten, Wayne State University: "Zukofsky's Historicism"
Barry Ahearn, Tulane University: "Zukofsky and the Next Wave"
Abigail Lang, Université de Paris 7: "The Remembering Words" (subsequently published in Jacket
Thomas Nelson, University of Texas: "'A'" is for Archives: Zukofsky, the Long Poem, and Cultural Repositories"
Jennifer Ashton, University of Illinois-Chicago: "English Chinese for BASIC Speakers: Zukofsky's Laundryman and the Critique of Metaphor"

Panel 2: Innovations: HELD HALL
Chair, Kenneth Sherwood, Indiana University of Pennsylvania: "A Test of Contingency: Louis Zukofsky, Reception, and the Contemporary"
David Huntsperger, University of Washington: "Sincerity, Objectification, and Baroque Instability: Zukofksy’s Hybrid Poetics."
Barbara Cole, SUNY Buffalo: "'Wedded Words: On the dim tide' of Feminist Criticism and Louis Zukofsky:" Abstract , Paper
Jessica Smith, SUNY Buffalo: "Valentine for the Future: Zukofsky's Alternate Poetics"
Rob Stanton, University of Leeds: "'Art to me's hear stellary': Re-reading 80 Flowers"

James Room, fourth floor of Barnard Hall
This reception is only open to those with reservations. No additional places are available.

8:00 PLAY: The Backyard Players present "A" 21 (Rudens) at the Theater in Riverside Church
Director: Giles Scott, Stanford University
Actors: Nancy Bower, Josh Lenn, Georgina Ingram, Reymond Wesley, Rich Martino, Don Wood, and Francine Lancaster
(Riverside Church is at 120th street, immediately north of Barnard)

Sunday, September 19 -- All events held at Columbia, Graduate Lounge, 302 Philosophy Hall (except as indicated)

Peter Quartermain, University of British Columbia, Emeritus: "Thinking with the Poem" (subsequently published in Jacket) Graduate Lounge, Philosophy Hall. Introduced by Don Wellman, Daniel Webster College.

10:30 Session VI

Panel I: Identities: Room 511 of Philosophy Hall
Chair: Thom Donovan, SUNY Buffalo: "'The more we're with him': Henry James, Louis Zukofsky & the uncertainties of identity"
Henry Weinfield, Notre Dame, "Oppen's (Bronkian) Reaction against Zukofskyan Objectivism"
David LoSchiavo, Duke University : "Creating out of the Yohrzeit: The Unintended Jewish Identity in Zukofsky's "Poem beginning 'The'""
Peter Whalen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: "Literary Paternity and the Psychological Residue of Abortion: Lorine Niedecker and Louis Zukofsky"

Panel 2: Readings

Chair: Burton Hatlen, University of Maine: "'Thoughts of isolate, beautiful being': A Poetics and Thematics of 55 Poems"
Paul Stephens, Columbia University: "LZ and Aristotle"
Tom Fisher, Portland State University: "Reading Zukofsky Reading Duncan Reading Zukofsky"
Rob Fitterman, NYU, "1-800-FLOWERS: Inventory as Poetry in Zukofsky's 80 Flowers"
Benoit Turquety, Université Paris 8, "Our St. Matthew Passion: Louis Zukofsky and Film" (subsequently published in Jacket)

12:30 LUNCH

2:00 Closing Remarks by Jerome Rothenberg (subsequently published in Jacket)

Chair, Charles Bernstein
g Harvey Shapiro, Michael Davidson, Ron Silliman, Erica Hunt, John Taggart, Geoffrey O'Brien, Anne Waldman, Charles Alexander, Michael Heller, Ken Irby, Meredith Quartermain, Robert Kelly, Bruce Andrews (subsequentloy published in Jacket), Hank Lazer, Jena Osman, Ben Friedlander (subsequently published in Jacket) Susan Wheeler, Pierre Joris, Harry Gilonis, Leonard Schwartz, cris cheek, Hugh Seidman