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Felipe Cussen: New Author Page

Posted 7/6/2015

Here's a fascinating new addition to the PennSound archives from Chilean writer and musician Felipe Cussen, whose new PennSound author page is home to his recently released album, quick faith (records without records, 2015).

Consisting of six short tracks — "quick prayer," "quick mantra," "quick litany," "quick psalm," "quick meditation," and "quick silence" — performed by Cussen on voice and computer with "help" by Ricardo Luna, quick faith moves deftly between musical and phonemic modes, mixing synth accompaniments with heavily manipulated and modulated voice. In a recent interview Cussen provides some insights into his poetics: "All poetry, all language, in fact, has an aural dimension. But sound poetry, as Dick Higgins proposes, is a kind of poetry 'in which the sound is the focus, more than any other aspect of the work'. Some poets achieve this by experimenting only with the voice (fragmenting or inventing new words, producing other non linguistic sounds with the mouth, or incorporating the whole body and the stage, like in a performance) and others draw on analog or digital technologies to record and modify the voice and mix it with other voices or sounds."

To listen, click the title above.

'The Sound of Writers Forum,' 2010 (dir. Steve Willey)

Posted 7/2/2015

Bob Cobbing has been an important part of the PennSound archives since our early days — I remember very well attending the Matthew Abess-curated Cobbing celebration, "Suddenly Everyone Began Reading Aloud" at the Kelly Writers House not long after I started working at PennSound — and his unique aesthetic continues to have a welcome home here.

The most recent addition to our Cobbing author page is The Sound of Writers Forum, a 2010 documentary by Steve Willey, commemorating the press and workshop started by Cobbing in the early 1960s. First screened at Off The Shelf, Slade/UCL on March 22, 2010, the thirty-six minute film includes interviews with John Rowan, Paula Claire, Adrian Clarke, Robert Sheppard,
Peter Finch, Lawrence Upton, Robert Hampson, Sean Bonney, Scott Thurston, Mark Jackson, and Mike Weller on the influence of both Cobbing and Writers Forum. You can watch by clicking the title above, and don't forget to check out our wide array of recordings by and about Cobbing on our Bob Cobbing author page.

Stephen Ratcliffe: SFSU Poetry Center Book Award Reading, 2014

Posted 6/29/2015

Here's a recent addition to our Stephen Ratcliffe author page: an October 2, 2014 reading celebrating the poet's Selected Days (Counterpath, 2012) winning the San Francisco State University Poetry Center's Book Award.

The incomplete recording, which runs a little less than an hour, begins with an introduction by Poetry Center Director Steve Dickison, in which he shares the excerpts from the anonymous judge's statement, which begins as follows: "Like a core sample drilled down through the days, these Selected Days come up with layered and differentiated strata and evidence of time perceived as phenomenally present on the poet/reader's eye/ear and persistent body, move to work steadily and across an extensive sweep of one person's human time."

Ratcliffe then introduces the book and reads several selections, touching on his major projects HUMAN / NATURE, Remarks on Color / Sound, and Temporality, along with other series. He concludes with a new photograph/poetry work, "The Month of September; 9/1-9/30."

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