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Joe Brainard

I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard, 2012

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Poetry Project, St. Mark's Church, New York (April 15, 1981)

  1. Introduction by Bernadette Mayer (1:28): MP3
  2. Scope (3:23): MP3
  3. Art Note (0:38): MP3
  4. Breakfast Out (1:16): MP3
  5. Roaches (0:36): MP3
  6. Sunday (1:04): MP3
  7. Thanksgiving (0:39): MP3
  8. Evelyn Waugh (0:28): MP3
  9. Holland (Beauty and Sadness and Landscape) (0:31): MP3
  10. Insomnia (2:46)MP3
  11. The Fourth of July (1:16): MP3
  12. Minute Observation (1:09): MP3
  13. Worry Wart (2:51): MP3
  14. Bird Life in Vermont (1:09): MP3
  15. How Jane Austen Drops a Bomb (0:13): MP3
  16. True Love (0:25): MP3
  17. The Zucchini Problem (0:58): MP3
  18. Today (Monday, February 23rd, 1981) (7:03): MP3

Poetry Project, St. Mark's Church, New York (c. 1981), John Zeh Benefit

  1. Introduction by Tim Dlugos (0:42): MP3
  2. Worry Wart (2:18): MP3
  3. Today (Monday, February 23, 1981) (4:06): MP3

Reading "Journals" and "Van Gogh" for the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, New York, and "Train Ride" at SFSU, mid 1970's

  • Complete Recording (24:59): MP3

Reading with Bill Berkson at Intersection, San Francisco, June 15, 1971

The Berkson/Brainard reading here.

At the Poetry Project, St. Mark's Church, New York, March 31, 1971

From Selected Writings (New York: The Kulchur Foundation, 1971):

  1. Sick Art (1:19): MP3 (from Selected Writings, New York: The Kulchur Foundation, 1971)
  2. Van Gogh (1:21): MP3 (Selected Writings)
  3. Art (0:47): MP3 (Selected Writings)
  4. "Here I am, up in the air, drinking a Bloody Mary on my way to Chicago..." (0:43): MP3
  5. Tuesday, February 18th, 1971 (1:16): MP3 (Selected Writings)
  6. I Remember excerpts (26:39)MP3 (new edition, Granary Books, 2001)

from The World Record: Readings at the St. Mark's Poetry Project, 1969-1980

Van Gogh (1:18): MP3

Also of Interest:

  • excerpt from I Remember, recorded GPS, February 11, 1974 (6:37): MP3
  • excerpt from I Remember, recorded Calais, Vermont, July 1970 (4:03): MP3

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