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City Planning Poetics

Organized and hosted by Davy Knittle, "City Planning Poetics" holds events once a semester at Kelly Writers House "that invite one or more poets and one or more planners, designers, planning historians or others working in the field of city planning to discuss a particular topic central to their work, to ask each other questions, and to read from their current projects."

Queer City, Jen Jack Gieseking and erica kaufman, Kelly Writers House, February 22, 2018

Complete Recording (1:24:34): MP3

Episode 1: Jena Osman and Amy Hillier, February 24, 2016

What is a map? What can a map do?

Complete Recording (1:21:16): MP3

Episode 2: Francesca Ammon and Jason Mitchell, September 6, 2016

Complete Recording (1:13:49): MP3

Episode 3: QUEER PLACEMAKING with Max J. Andruck and Rachel Levitsky

Complete recording (1:16:13): MP3

Episode 4: URBAN MEMORY with Simone White and Randall Mason

Complete recording (1:13:50) MP3

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the poets. © 2016 all respective authors. Used with permission of the authors. Distributed by Kelly Writers House and PennSound.