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Norman Finkelstein and Harvey Shapiro

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, September 29, 2005

  1. introduction by Al Filreis (10:42): MP3
  2. Norman Finkelstein's poetry reading (25:01): MP3
  3. Harvey Shapiro's poetry reading (31:32): MP3
  4. brief question-and-answer session (6:38): MP3

Discussion at the Kelly Writers House, focusing on the objectivist poets, moderated by Bob Perelman, September 30, 2005

  1. introduction to the objectivists (7:05): MP3
  2. on determining poetic connections between Reznikoff, Zukofsky, and Oppen (5:16): MP3
  3. on Jewishness and the objectivists (1:39): MP3
  4. on discovering Oppen, Reznikoff and Zukofsky (6:13): MP3
  5. the influence of objectivist work on Norman Finkelstein's own work (1:15): MP3
  6. on reading Zukofsky (6:41): MP3
  7. on the trajectory of the objectivists (4:34): MP3
  8. on success, Jewishness, and Reznikoff (6:32): MP3
  9. on Lorine Niedecker (1:30): MP3
  10. on Reznikoff's "Holocaust" and writing about the Holocaust (9:17): MP3
Complete discussion (50:01) MP3

The Shape of Disclosure: George Oppen Centennial Symposium at Poets House, New York, April 8, 2008

Norman Finkelstein, "Unteachable: Ideology and Identity in Oppen's Late Poems" (22:58): MP3
Norman Finkelstein reads Oppen's reads "From Disaster" (0:36): MP3
Harvey Shapiro reads Oppen's "Survival: Infantry" (2:54): MP3
Norman Finkelstein reads Oppen's "Of Being Numerous," Section 14 (1:04): MP3

Harvey Shapiro Singles, from Cat Radio Cafe
"The Old Man Has One Thought and then Another," c. 2004 (3:53): MP3
"War Stories," c. 2005 (3:53): MP3

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