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Stephen Ratcliffe

Photo courtesy of Michael Meyers

PoemTalk Podcast #110, Discussing Philip Whalen's "Life at Bolinas. The Last of California," feat. Stephen Ratcliffe, Joanne Kyger, and Julia Bloch

For complete recording and program notes go to Jacket2.

PoemTalk Podcast #79, Discussing Joanne Kyger's “It's Been a Long Time: Notes from the Revolution,” feat. Julia Bloch, Stephen Ratcliffe, and Pattie McCarthy

For complete recording and program notes go to Jacket2.

Tribute Reading for Larry Eigner's 90th Birthday, The Green Arcade, San Francisco, CA, August 7, 2017

On occasion of the publication of the selected poems, with Jennifer Bartlett, Norma Cole, Steve Dickison, Richard Eigner, Norman Fischer, Jack Foley, Kathleen Frumkin, George Hart, Lyn Hejinian, and Kit Robinson.

Complete recording (1:52:07): MP3

Complete reading of c o n t i n u u m in Vallejo, California, October 9, 2016

For more information on c o n t i n u u m, part of Ratcliffe's ongoing series of 1,000-page books, each written in 1,000 consecutive days, click here and here.

This performance was in collaboration with the Thingamajigs Performance Group, Rae Diamond (The Long Tone Choir), dancers Shinichi Iova-Koga (Ink Boat) and Jubilith Moore, and special guests. The event took place from 6am-8pm on October 9, 2016, in a WWII bunker at the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve in Vallejo, CA.