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Mark Van Doren

Mark Van Doren reads from his Collected and New Poems (Folkways Records, No. FL9782, recorded in 1967)

1. O World / Morning Worship / Prophet (3:11): MP3
2. Undersong (4:40): MP3
3. The God of Galaxies / He Loves Me / The Bird Desire (3:21): MP3
4. Sonnet XXVIII / Soft, Soft, Soft / My Poor Love (2:46): MP3
5. The Sign in the Sky / Unresponsive / Woman of Few Words (2:47): MP3
6. The Deepest Dream / Born Brothers / Dialogue in December (2:50): MP3
7. Civil War / This Amber Sunstream (3:11): MP3
8. The Child at Winter Sunset / After Dry Weather / To a Child with Eyes / Goodnight (3:20): MP3
9. The Plague / Family Prime / Homer, Sidney, Philo / He's Coming (3:51): MP3
10. The First Snow of the Year / Sleep, Grandmother (3:14): MP3
11. Dunce Songs (5:16): MP3
12. When The World Ends / Epitaph / Farewell and Thanksgiving (1:47): MP3

* Folkways liner notes from the album: "Mark Van Doren: Collected and New Poems (PDF)

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These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the literary estate of Mark Van Doren, represented by Charles Van Doren. © 2007 Estate of Mark Van Doren. Used with permission of Charles Van Doren. Distributed by PennSound. Grateful acknowledgement is made to the Smithsonian Institution, where the Folkways Records recordings are archived.