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PhillyTalks 4 - February 18, 1998

Complete Recording (1:41:37)

Jena Osman
Excerpts from The Periodic Table (11:22)
Invention (7:13)
The Character (9:22)

Tina Darragh
Excerpts from Striking Resemblance (10:40)
The 1968 Series (4:37)
Shotline (1:18)
Teleplayer (0:10)
Martine Club de Beauregard (1:57)
Beth and Tom's New House Dream (0:48)
Interpretation Info from the Encyclopedia of Dreams (0:29)
Dreams Are Not Documents of Compromise (1:27)
Rod Smith's Dream House (2:27)
Martine Gives Doctor Freud a Copy of Body Criticism (1:03)
Bill Clinton Plane Ride Dream (2:07)
A Bumpy Fast (1:14)
Donna Haraway Explains Side Dreams to Martine (1:25)
Mashed Litkrit Dream for Jena Osman (3:51)

The text of this program is available as PDF here.

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author. (C) 1998 Tina Darragh & Jena Osman. Distributed by PennSound.

Recording Engineer & Producer: Aaron Levy
Curator: Louis Cabri