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PhillyTalks 13 - November 15, 1999

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Introduction by Louis Cabri (7:02)
Complete Discussion (1:11:42)
Complete Recording (1:24:06)

Barrett Watten
Ode to Bourbaki
Tibet (1:20)
From The Grand Piano (6:26)
With Wittgenstein (1:17)
Watten to DuPlessis, 3 November (16:36)

Rachel Blau DuPlessis
From Being Astonished (6:47)
Of This (18:56)

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Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Professor of English at Temple University, is a poet, essayist, feminist critic and scholar with a special interest in modern and contemporary poetry. DuPlessis is the author of Writing Beyond the Ending: Narrative Strategies of Twentieth-Century Women Writers (1986), H.D.: The Career of that Struggle, both from Indiana University Press, and The Pink Guitar: Writing as Feminist Practice (Routledge, 1990.) The Objectivist Nexus: Essays in Cultural Poetry, co-edited with Peter Quarterman, is forthcoming from The University of Alabama Press in 1999. Her poetry is collected in Draft X: Letters (Singing Horse Press, 1991), Drafts 3-14 (Poses & Poets, 1991), and Drafts 15-XXX, The Fold (Poses & Poets, 1997). Some of this work has been translated into French as Essais: Quatre Poemes (Un Bureau Sur L'Atlantique, 1996). Her recent poetry has appeared in Grand Street, West Coast Line, Conjunctions, Common Knowledge, Chelsea, Parataxis, The Iowa Review, Action Poétique and Hambone. In 1990, she held a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant for poetry, and in 1993, she received an award from the Fund for Poetry.

Barrett Watten is the author of Bad History (1998), Progress (1985), Under Erasure (1991), and Frame (1971-1990), a collection of eight previous works. He is also co-author of Leningrad: American Writers in the Soviet Union (1991); former editor of This and publisher of This Press; co-editor of Poetics Journal; and author of Total Syntax (1984), essays on modern and contemporary poetics. He teaches modernism and cultural studies at Wayne State University, Detroit.

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Recording Engineer & Producer: Aaron Levy
Curator: Louis Cabri