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Poetry, Politics, Proximity: The Third Annual Kerry Sherin Wright Prize Program

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, UPenn, Thursday, April 27, 2006

  1. Jessica Lowenthal and Josh Schuster - introduction (5:10) MP3
  2. CA Conrad - untitled (8:09) MP3
  3. Jamie-Lee Josselyn - "And the World Revolves Around Me" (8:30) MP3
  4. Jenn McCreary - "Inertia" (8:47) MP3
  5. Jena Osman - "Public Figures" (15:06) MP3
  6. Frank Sherlock - untitled (7:08) MP3
  7. John Taggart -from "Pastorelles" and "Unveiling Marianne Moore" (26:48) MP3

You can hear a full recording of the event here.

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