"If I were"
a poem by Friends' Central class 2b
written on May 15, 2002
with help from Hannah's dad, Al Filreis

If I were a garden I would grow flowers
If I were a boat in a storm I would sink
If I were a carrot I would get crunched up
If I were teacher I wouldn't give any homework for the whole year
If I were a mailman I would lose my letters
If I were a butterfly I would be get squashed
If I were peanut butter I would go on Gemmika the carrot
If I were a snowman, I would stick Gemmika on my face
If I were a bird, I would sing
If I were the grass, I would make a football field
If I were a bathtub I would flood the city
If I were a clown I would travel all around the world with the circus
If I were a telephone I would call Christina
If I were the library I would read all the books in myself
If I were a beautiful diamond I would get lots of millions of dollars
If I were the President I would call school off in the whole United States
If I were a summer's day I would make it sunny enough for everyone to go
If I were a pair of scissors I would cut flowers and wear them in my hair
If I were an owl I would rest on a cherry blossom tree
And if I were a poet? I would go outside and make poetry.

What I Used to be, Thanks to Al
another poem by 2B

I used to be a chip, but now I am a crumb.
I used to be a tree, but now I am compost.
I used to be a piece of lettuce, but now I'm digested.
I used to be read to, but now I read to myself.
I used to be fat, but now I am skinny.
I used to be a number, but now I am a letter.
I used to be a spider, but now I am Spiderman.
I used to be a puppy, but now I'm a dog.
I used to be a chicken, but now I am an egg.
I used to be a hard egg, but now I am sunny side up.
I used to be an egg, but now I am breakfast.
I used to be a soccer ball, but now I am a soccer player.
I used to be a flying cheeseburger, but now I'm fries.
I used to be a china mug, but now I am broken glass.
I used to be a caterpillar, but now I am a butterfly.
I used to be sleeping, but now I am awake.
I used to act like my brother, but now I never do.
I used to bother my sister and I still do!