A Sample Colloborative Poem created by a group of 16 Penn students, the professor in English 88, and one "visitor" from the University of Virginia

a S L A M by Yosemite, joshua, Alph, jonslot, Gleeman, pbrennan, mleader,
 Goldilocks, Lumper, kaminster, scott, dzurinko, MadKap, espresso, kyedvab,
 simonize, Josh, and Mickey.
dated 04/26/95 at 10:23 p.m.

eggs green ham and
lionore who don't talk
a first seconded by a rising third in the forth quarter with a fifth of J.D.
 Jesus Christ, it's cold in Maine, the plain . O to be in Spain.
no one to derive the jar
worship he lather
green chickens in a red wheelbarrow
worship the lather
drop the jar!
no one to bitch
break the car
lather the worshipper
Green Eggs and Ham
tear down the wall