buy our book

Dear English 88 students:

This is an IMPORTANT message about buying the book for the course.

There is indeed just one book you'll need for English 88. All other
readings are on line.  The book is THE NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF MODERN POETRY,
edited by Richard Ellmann and Robert O'Clair, *second edition* (W. W.

All 88 students are required to own a copy of this book.

Remember that we are only using the *second edition* of this book. The
first edition won't be any help!

In my previous "hello" message I gave wrong information about how you will
be getting a copy of this book. I mentioned that the PennAdvance folks
will be mailing you a copy. That's not true. You'll have to buy a copy on
your own.

There are several ways to do this.

1) You can buy it on the web through the Penn bookstore:
        Go here:
        You'll see this text:
                        Students registered for PennAdvance courses may
                        purchase course materials from the Penn Book
                        The Book Store provides on-line, Internet
                        ordering via a "virtual bookstore" as well as
                        toll-free phone, toll-free fax, and mail ordering.
                        Students may purchase materials by using any major
                        credit card, check, or money order. For
                        more information about texts for specific courses,
                        call the bookstore at 800-325-3252.

2) If you are on campus, or near Penn, you can just go to the Penn
bookstore and buy a copy of the book.

3) If you are anywhere--here in Philadelphia or far away--you can
obviously go to any bookstore and get a copy. The better stores, and/or
the bigger stores, will probably have a copy or two on their shelves.

4) You can just use, of course.

Please try to buy a copy of this book as soon as possible. Let me know if
you have any questions about this.


Al Filreis
The Class of 1942 Professor of English
Faculty Director, the Kelly Writers House
Carnegie/CASE Pennsylvania Professor of the Year, 1999

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