office hours / chat rooms

                NOTE: This message is about our chat rooms.

Shawn wrote, in part:
| My chat room office hours are Tuesday nights from 8:30-9:30, starting
| tomorrow night.  I'll hope you'll stop by!  Generally, I'll be on e-mail
| 9-5 EST.  I'll check occasionally in the evenings and on the weekends,
| just in cast you send me a message late Friday night -- don't be
| if I don't reply right away.  But that's the great thing about the
| listserv "classroom."  If I don't reply, someone else will!


Shawn's mention of our virtual office hours - held in our chat rooms -
makes me think it's time to say something about this topic.

Each Tuesday at 8:30 PM (eastern time) and each Thursday at 10 PM (eastern
time) Shawn and/or I will be available in one of our two chat rooms to
talk in "real time" ("synchronously"). More info here:

Please note that using the chat room is the only reason you'll need to
enter the password-protected "PennAdvance" web site. For all other aspects
of the course you can use the web pages that "hang" off

When you want to come to office hours on a Tuesday and/or Thursday
evening, just go here

and click on "login,"

then log in using your "PennAdvance" id and password,
then click on the English 88 link,
then click on "online classroom" along the left side.

You'll see two available classrooms, one named "The Stein Room" after
Gertrude Stein, and the other named "The Williams Room" after William
Carlos Williams. Unless you hear otherwise, Shawn will hang out in the
Stein Room and I will hang out in the Williams Room.

If you ever have trouble with logging on to the PennAdvance site, or using
the chat room, or downloading your RealPlayer, you can call PennAdvance
help desk any time day or night. More info here:

The intros are wonderful. Keep 'em coming.


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