first webcast


So, yes, umm, errrrr: our first live webcast is this Saturday evening at 7
PM eastern time.

For those of you on or near Penn's campus, you can of course participate
by viewing and hearing the program on line, using your installed
RealPlayer, from home. But I'd urge you to come to the Writers House at
3805 Locust and just be part of the live audience there.

For most of you, not near Penn's campus, please be sure to have installed
and tested your RealPlayers by then.

Of course you have to use your RealPlayers by then, because the readings
and materials assigned for this week involve several video-and-audio and
several just-audio files that play on a RealPlayer.

The info about our webcasts is here:

Info on getting technical support is here:

A few more messages from me in a moment.


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