debate on Frost

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 23:10:39 -0500 (EST)
Precedence: bulk

Ali                     the poem is designed to offer us the choice
                        of having a wall to distinguish us from others;
                        or not having any boundaries, an idea he plays

Chris P.                the wall-supporting act is a barbaric practice
Kirsten                 the speaker clearly questions the need for the
Jennifer B.             walls are sometimes bad but what's really bad
                        is that the neighbor won't examine his language
Justin                  people love the wall to escape nature
Dan                     he frowns on the annual ritual
Anthony                 he is quite critical of the rural tradition
Bryan                   the neighbor is a droning worker, disliked by F
Robert                  sometimes one needs a wall, but that's the
P.T.                    the communication between the neighbors is
                        bad, flawed; the wall is not particularly helpful
                        in convening them
Sean                    the writing is free and without walls--thus
                        helping prove F's undermining the wall

Dan R.                  it's not a modernist poem & we would be mistaken
                        to think Frost wants the wall down; take the
                        wall away & the relationship will be changed
Sara R.                 why does Frost go back again and again if he
                        hates it?
Al                      he goes back because it's an aesthetic ritual
                        for him; without the wall we would lose the
                        traditional aesthetic, the well-marked-off;
                        he hates modernism, preferring tennis w/ a net
Joan                    B is too strongly against the wall; A leaves
                        room for ambiguity (Frost doesn't just dislike
                        the wall; it has possibilities)
Lauryl                  Speaker knows wall doesn't naturally want to
                        stay in place--but for all its artifice it does
                        bring me closer together.
Scott                   Ideally the wall should go; but it's not an ideal
Natalie                 we need our space & individuality
Ben                     he knows what he's walling out--the neighbor!
Melissa                 the barrier is a form of stabililty
Julie                   (reluctantly)
Francesca               we may not actually need to be separated, but
                        we need to be aware they're there
Alexandra               it's part of the cycle of ritual purification

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