introduce yourselves


The first thing you need to do is write to the listserv and *briefly*
introduce yourselves.

It's okay if over the next two days people introduce themselves, as they
catch up with their mail, even while we begin to discuss the poetry
we're reading in our introductory chapter. (During this course you'll have
to get used to email messages crossing over various topics. Sometimes some
folks will be catching up with topics that are just a little old.)

Tell us just a little bit about yourself. English 88 (or "88v" as we'll
sometimes call it) is an experimental course in a lot of ways. One aspect
of this innovative quality is that the students taking the course range
across generations and levels of experience with poetry! You'll enjoy, I
think, evidence of this wide range in the intro messages.

So....start now. Who will be first.

Write to the listserv address--


--and tell us a little about yourselves.

Looking forward to this....


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