on the experience of reading Stein

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                        UNDER THE HEADING: WHAT'S IT LIKE TO
                        BE READING SUCH LANGUAGE?


Reading Stein for Monica has been "...sort of like when you hear another
language you don't know but the sounds are wonderful."

To this I say: although she was not a supporter of anything-goes
interpretation or reading, Stein would certainly have approved of your
analogy to starting over with language. Make it new!

I'd also say that you don't want to remain in the state of unknowing for
too long. You want to try to learn the new language, pick up its cues,
listen hard for context, and begin to "speak like a native" user.

"I'm confused," Monica also observed, "but full of totally out there
ideas." To which I say: isn't this, surprisingly, a blissful state?


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