Shawn on the word--->thing question

To: (Al Filreis)
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 12:45:22 -0500 (EST)
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> The idea here is that the "thing" referred to in Ginsberg's language is
>                       thought.
>                       ^^^^^^^
> --Al

Add to this Francesca's, "The thoughts here, albeit freeflowing, are
translated into ink, into a medium that registers the same freeflowing
thoughts into our minds."  This description of the beats *almost* feels
self-conscious, like they are trying to write in the way they feel the
expansive mind works.  I was struck by this when I read the footnote about
Ginsberg following his interpretation of Cezanne's process.  But how very
different from Stein.  I think there are some similar roots, but Stein's
completely pointing at herself.  Ginsberg, I feel, wants you to be aware
of his process and breathing and expanding, too, but he's a bit torn
because he really wants to point at real events and real people and real
penises and real Angels, too.  (The "sociopolitical tract" fits in about
as well with the Modernists as it does with the New Formalists.)

        "America stop pushing I know what I'm doing"

It's as if we've arrived at some point where the high-modernist
self-pointing process-consciousness no longer has to be circuitous.  "So
much depends" becomes "I depend I am depending watch me depending into the
deep dark night of depending from which I will emerge depending on the
morning singing I depend and singing depends on me depending."  Or
something like that.  But don't worry, we'll circle round again.