Mike Magee, "A Kind of Woman"

	her a man for night
	t-shirt waist-high and rising
	"gimme shelter" in drudgery
	of three month watch-your-back

	apprise a dense social irker
	of guy eyeing wheelchair stealing
	*feet, bed and crib, try
	gettin' by with less*

	chair to table, doctor's questionnaire
	his physical story, any
	kids? or kids or kids
	a pony tale of chemicals

	red died follicles down
	to the routes, transdermal
	or moans, a strong gene
	against the (estro) grain

	nice to endometrium you
	tough actin prolactin, just kidneying
	I epithelial for you
	learning to liver with it

	high pressure and depression
	of recent mammaries
	and mutation
	coagulations, its a girl

	waste-thigh and raising
	phantom limbs, drop
	balls and chain, could appall
	fail pull or fill us

	a womanhood
	if a woman could
	ribbing Adam, flesh of her
	flesh and it was good