Gertrude Stein, review of Alfred Kreymborg's Troubador (1925)

[This review appeared in the literary magazine Ex Libris (published in Paris by the "American Library in Paris"), issue of June 1925, p. 278. For an image (290k) of the Ex Libris page on which the Stein review appeared, click here.]

TROUBADOUR: AN AUTIOBIOGRAPHY, by Alfred Kreymborg. New York. Boni & Liveright. 1925. 415 pages.

There are many histories of us then and now and they are written now and they are often written now. Many histories of us are often written now. Sometimes in the histories of us each one of us is different from the others of us and the one writing the history of himself and us is different in his history of himself and from us. In this history of us of himself and us Kreymborg makes us makes himself and each one of us different enough so that some one can know us. That is very nice for him and for us adn very pleasant for him and for us and very satisfying to him and to us. We are all pleased with him and with us and so we say that he has made a very good description of himself and of each one of us. A history of himself and of each one of us and connections of more than one of us is a very sensitive thing a sensitive history of himself and of each one of us and of some who are ones and one. Always this is a good thing.