Classroom Committee Helps Support Channel 19 on AVN

for language instructoins

To: Members of the Provost's Classroom Facilities Review Committee
From: Al Filreis
Re: Channel 19

Below you'll see a message from Jack Abercrombie, reporting that the CPB Project is helping made video instruction available through Channel 19, and you'll recall that we as a committee approved one proposal made to our Classroom Technology Fund to help get Channel 19 on AVN off the ground.* An example--savor it--of various arms around Penn working together to make real innovation in teaching possible. This will greatly aid language instruction. Thanks to Jack for stitching all this together.

* SAS Computing supported this also; we are providing some hardware.

> Dear Colleagues,
> I am pleased to report that CPB Project will be sending us a letter
> confirming that we can use Destinos and French-In-Action video material on
> Channel 19, the instructional channel support from funds from SAS
> Computing/ETS and the University Classroom Committee, in support of
> instruction.  We will not need to acquire an additional license, or pay an
> additional fee for such a use. CPB understand that we would broadcast that
> material as part of face-to-face instruction and not as a performance
> requiring additional fees.  Of course, it will be up to our colleagues in
> French and Spanish if they have any interest in providing that material
> across the channel.  I await to hear from them on whether they have any
> interest in having this material broadcast during class or after class. 
> Cheers,
> Jack
> cc:  Ben Goldstein
>      Katie McGee
>      John Yates
>      Bob Douglas
>      Al Filreis
>      John Smolen