New listserv for Building Administrators

From:          Al Filreis, Chairman, Provost's Classroom Facilities
                    Review Committee
Date:          March 5, 1995
Subject:       New listserv for Building Administrators
Copies:        Stanley Chodorow, Art Gravina, John Smolen,
               Ron Sanders

The Provost's Classroom Facilities Review Committee, which I chair,
has created a listserv (an electronic mailing list) for all building
administrators.  The address is:


and anyone who sends a message to it will be sending it simultaneously
to all those subscribed to the BA list.

I and the members of my committee conceived of this as filling a need
to communicate with BAs about CENTRAL POOL CLASSROOMS, the improvement
of which is the single mission of my committee, which serves at the 
pleasure of the provost.  

But we realize obviously that the need for this list generally is great
--going far beyond the needs of classrooms--and we hope that 
you will use it freely to communicate among yourselves, and that
administrative staff will use it to communicate conveniently with you.

We may have missed a few names in the list below.  Please send to me
(afilreis@english) the names and e-mail addresses of BAs we have
missed, and send corrections as necessary.

SUBSCRIBED TO "ba@english"
adp@asc (Debbie Porter -- Annenberg)
mmann@english (Miriam Mann -- Bennett)
freeman@a1.relay (Flo Freeman -- Blockley Hall)
Heary@a1.relay (David Heary -- English House)
dbristow@pobox (Delores Bristow -- Caster Building) (Saul Katzman -- College Hall)
Cogan@wharton (Rachel K Cogan -- Colonial Penn) (Joe Mullock -- DRL)
ashton@wharton (Maria Romeo -- Steinberg/Dietrich) (Charles Bronk -- Furness)
Fredm@nwfs.gse (Fred Mitchell -- Education) (Rodney Webb -- Goddard Lab)
feld@a1.relay (Steven Feld -- Hill House)
hauber@a1.relay (Tom Hauber -- Houston Hall)
fred@sol1.LRSM (Fred Hellmig -- LRSM) (Cass Lavan -- Law School)
tnemetz@pennsas (Tina Nemetz -- McNeil Building)
pancoast@eniac.seas (Pam Pancoast -- Moor) (Barbara A Greco -- 3440 Market)
hugh@cattell.psych (Hugh Bradford -- Psychology Lab)
Disciullo@son.nursing (Donna DiSciullo -- Nursing Education) (Calli Berg -- Stiteler)
addie@dining1.dining (Addie Flowers -- Stouffer Triangle)
Longworthm@wharton (Mark Longworth -- Vance Hall)
Jenkins@pobox (Charles Jenkins -- Van Pelt Library) (Pam Pittinger -- Williams Hall) (Provost's Classroom Comm Group)