From: Jack Abercrombie 
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 15:30:58 -0500 (EST)

Generally things are going well with support for the University 
Classrooms as the following notes will show.

1. TRAINING - We have given 27 training sessions since the first of
the year including faculty and support staff.  Perhaps our training 
sessions are paying off.  Calli Berg, for instance, showed a faculty
member in Education how to use the equipment in B21 last week.

2. EQUIPMENT FAILURES - Except for one Macintosh IIx, all equipment is 
working properly.  We replaced the Macintosh IIx with a machine from a 
computer lab in MMETS DRL.  Of course, we had no computer to replace the 
machine in the lab and thus have done a disservice to those users there. 

3. EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION - Thanks to John Jester for reporting that the 
equipment for Meyerson hadn't been delivered.  I discovered that a few 
days before, but he nudged us to get it there.

4. TROUBLE-SHOOTING - We repaired an Ethernet connection in Leidy last
week.  We also are investigating a VCR that appears to be having 
difficulty on one of the carts in Bennett Hall.

5. IMPROVEMENTS - We are still working on options to improve the screen 
in Stiteler B6.  Pete Morgans believes that the only option is a glued-on 
screen given the limited clearance of the boards over the existing screen 
in Stiteler.