Ira Abrams award

The Abrams Award carries a prize of $6000 for the recipient and another $4000 for the department. The prize has been given since 1983--sometimes shared by two faculty members. Recipients to date are Drs. Vicki Mahaffey of English, Frank Warner of Mathematics, Digby Baltzell of Sociology, Walter Licht of History, Daniel Janzen of Biology, Alan Mann of Anthropology, Elaine Scarry of English, Thomas Childers of History, Robert Lucid of English, Henry Gleitman of Psychology, Ronald Miller of Regional Science, Peter Conn of English, Dr. Alan Kors of History, Horst S. Daemmrich of German, Walter Wales of Physics, Lawrence Bernstein of Music, Robert Giegengack of Geology, Alan Filreis of English, and Paul Rozin of Psychology.
as described in the University of Pennsylvania Almanac, April 9, 1996, Volume 42 Number 27.


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