Filreis: "Talks" (continued)


Moderator, CUE Colloquy, "How Important Is Teaching at Penn?" April 13, 1994

"Should the DP have published the Holocaust 'revisionists'?" April 5, 1992, Van Pelt House

"The Persian Gulf War--A Discussion," February 26, 1991, sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority

"Forum on Graduate Study and Academic Careers in the Arts and Sciences," February 12, 1991, sponsored by SAS and Career Planning & Placement

"Yes, But Is It Art?--Experimental Poetry & the 'Limits of Taste,'" discussion, September 25, 1990, Stouffer House

"Academic Freedom & the 'New Racism,'" with Peter Stallybrass, April 4, 1989 (at Stouffer House), April 11, 1989 (at Van Pelt House)

"Is There a Classroom Politics?" invited talk, PARSS Graduate Workshop, "Scholarship and Society: Teaching, Research and Social Change," January 27, 1989

"What Is 'Diversity' at a University?" evening discussion, Nov. 10, 1988 (at Van Pelt College House), Dec. 3, 1988 (at Ware College House)

"The Problems of Vietnam Testimony," American Civilization colloqium, October 25, 1988

"Using Computers in the Teaching of Literature and the Evaluation of Student Writing," address to the English graduate student Task Force on Computers and Teaching, November 1987

"Professional Ethics," a discussion led with Mary Johnson, Facing History Foundation, sponsored by College House Programs, Ware College House, April 29, 1987

A debate with Marion Oliver, Vice-Dean, Wharton Undergraduate School, on the topic "Is Reverse Discrimination Discriminatory?" at Stouffer House, March 17, 1987

"Historical Revisionism," a talk, Hillel House, April 1, 1986 "Are Your Teachers Teaching You 'the Truth'?" a talk, Stouffer House, February 13, 1986


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