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from an October 2000 article in Alentis Trade Journal, "eCollege and PennAdvance Pass eLearning's Double-Secret," by NELIA ROBBI
October 12, 2000

"[T]he appeal proves considerable for the pre-college student. Justin Pines, presently a senior at Solomon Schechter Day School in West Orange, New Jersey, received an invitation from the University of Pennsylvania in August of 1999 to enroll in PennAdvance that fall. Intrigued and impressed, he took an introductory microeconomics class during the fall of 1999, as well as one on modern and contemporary American poetry the following summer. From his computer in New Jersey, Pines attended a worldwide classroom, enjoying a lecture, for example, delivered by a poet [Linh Dinh] from Vietnam. 'The ability to interact with people across the globe so effortlessly was mind-boggling,' says Pines."


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